"The Nazis Were Sabbatean-Frankist (Crypto-)Jews"

“The Nazis Were Sabbatean-Frankist (Crypto-)Jews”
“Germany was the least anti-jewish country in Europe”
“The Germans didn´t even know what was going on.”
“The Americans are guilty of the greatest atrocity.”
“Most of the stuff you get in the press are absolute lies.”
“They give you 10% of the Truth, the rest is all Distortions.”
“They demonize people so that you are filled with anger…and people do get very angry because of these things and they don’t even know what they’re angry about
because they’re not told the facts and never will be told the facts because the press is totally in the hands of the bankers because news is a high budget capital-intensive operation. You need a lot of money.”


“Why The Rothschilds Invented National Socialism – Eustace Mullins”

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