CENSORED REVEAL! Extreme Harm from “Public Health” & Govt Actions

“CENSORED REVEAL! Extreme Harm from “Public Health” & Govt Actions”
“First published at 15:37 UTC on June 18th, 2022.
“#CarnicomDisclosure #CensoredReveal #ExtremeHarm”
“Ramola D Reports
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“Please note: This is an AUDIO recording, not VIDEO, thanks to mega hacking…
Powerful and candid panel from a highly aware and attuned panel of experts who reveal that Public Health, Government, Military and Justice actions over decades and in recent times have succeeded in endangering health, safety, bodily autonomy, the human genome, and human society in profoundly destructive modalities which can only be termed human trafficking and crimes against humanity.

In the spirit and tradition of Clifford Carnicom’s exclusive research and disclosures regarding the nano and metallic and synbio content of the aerosols which continue to drift down on us from geoengineering chemtrails and which show up in the bodily fluids of all below while also evident now in the blood of the vaccinated and in a series of diseases, such as Morgellons, which Major Green is striving to raise public awareness about and address at government agency levels, these researchers share freely the fruit of their knowledge and expertise to inform all on the state of affairs in the environmental, health, and surveillance technology landscape today.”

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“My primary focus is the nanotechnology, also warning people about the synthetic..genes..and how they can be integrated into our genomes…and owned by those corporations, whether it´s China, Gates or Department of Offense (Defense)” (Artificial War Mongerers)(Remark from Conspiracy Revelation)(2022)(19.6.)

“They were so shocked by what they saw.”
“Graphene-like substances, Nanobots. They were releasing payloads.”
“Actually saw Teslaphoresis happen..with the Pfizer…before our Eyes…”
“UC Berkely, NIH..it´s irrefutable..These are war crimes…Biotech Companies…”
“Hybridization with the neural network of humans, it also suppresses the immune checkpoints.
We have the admittance of..Gates..they are using it for surveillance and predictive policing.”
“There is penalty-back-pay if you are not part of the program..so we need to all take it seriously.”
“No one cares..smart devices…and optogenetics, they were only using it to harm humans, only using it to harm humans.”
“Blue purple violet lights…A puke ray, the intensity of the frequency, it increases the intracranial pressure ..so much that it makes you vomit and disorient..it is a weapon that is used in crowd control or in individual targeting.”

“How can you have possible control over your future…I have never, in my life, experienced the level of censorship that I have in the last few months. Not only our instagram accounts have been taken down, but basically we could not share posts, links,..could not even go and do acts on Google, Facebook…Tiktok…other candidates could, we could not…could not even share on Telegram…”

“Forcing us into losing our bodily autonomy…people have never been so motivated like now..in the last 1,5 years..people are waking up…what we are trying to do is to create a new parallel existence that is not dependent upon the criminal, suicidal system that is at the go right now..”

“RD: There are 2 Systems at work…What they are putting into the body to control the body, so it´s all interconnected…Morgellons, Lyme..”

“He is an ex-marine..I was so sick, it was disabling to me, sometimes, after I was coming back from conferences…emfswell..His technology uses resonance and crystals, it´s natural, but actually it stops the chaos, it´stops the damage on a sub-atomic level… it just stops what happens to your body once it is coming through you,.. for me, night and day difference in my life. I can now go in those cities, I can go now to the conferences and ..I am ok…not just me that gets tired…wow, no headaches,.. they can sleep, they can focus, they are not moody, they are not irritable, their vision is okay again, they have no more ringings in their ears, all those things, this is torture, right…”

“All this dismissal by Doctors..”

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