The U.S. and E.U. are complicit in Israels Warcrimes.

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“The U.S. and E.U. are complicit in Israels Warcrimes.”
“It´s a shame on the European Union.”
“What Israel has a done is a massive Warcrime.”

“wydadcasablanca58: The killing is been going on since 1947. The whole world is watching.”

@1948nakba.p Israeli Genocide Army open fire on Gaza crowd seeking food, ‘killing 112 people’ More than 112 people were have been killed on Thursday after Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd trying to secure food aid near Gaza City, with Joe Biden admitting an imminent ceasefire is now unlikely. Israel admitted its troops opened fire. Kamel Abu Nahel, a Gazan witness, said he and others went to the distribution spot in the middle of the night to make sure they got food. Source: The Telegraph 02, March 2024 #usa #uk #news ♬ Criminals – F.O.O.L

Israeli Genocide Army open fire on Gaza crowd seeking food, ‘killing 112 people’
More than 112 people were have been killed on Thursday after Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd trying to secure food aid near Gaza City, with Joe Biden admitting an imminent ceasefire is now unlikely.
Israel admitted its troops opened fire.”

“The IDF is the largest Terror Organization in the World.”
“Just Brutality and Savagery.”
“We are all seing this.”

“Source: The Telegraph
02, March 2024
#usa #uk #news”

@trunewsofficial Zionism Will Be Destroyed by Jesus Christ FIND OUT MORE! LINK IN BIO! #TruNews #RickWiles ♬ original sound – TruNews

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@oopsi000 SUCCESS OF IRANS OPERATION “TRUE PROMISE” Scott Ritter: Iran’s Retaliatory Attack ‘Reestablished Deterrence’ to Hold Israel, US in Check. Israel believed that it could launch a strike against Iran and suffer no consequence. That is no longer the case,” #uk #iran #iran🇮🇷 #palestine ♬ original sound – Magic

@aljazeeraenglish This Israeli demonstrator believes his country is treating Palestinians like Nazi Germany treated Jews in the 1930s. Thousands protested in #TelAviv against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government’s war on Gaza. #news #breakingnews ♬ original sound – Al Jazeera English

“I’m against the government, which behaves like the worst fascist that has ever been.”

@zephyron369 Brazilien vs Isreal #interesting #interesting #maps #krieg ♬ Suspenseful and tense orchestra(1318015) – SoLaTiDo

Conspiracy Revelation: 15.4.2024: I know the horror of U.N. Luci Trust Banker Mafia Rockefeller Crime Inc. NWO Rome-Masonic-Jesuit Vatika-Zionazi-Bolshevic Inc. first hand, so I know exactly how it feels. That is why came into existence, because they tried to destroy me, they tortured me with USAF DEW Scalar Weapons, burned my skin, did sleep deprivation torture, (all on GERMAN territory infiltrated by NWO US Mil Zionistic German hijacked Gov!) they remote strangulated me 4 times from 2011 to 2020 (11.2.2015 Putin involved (3 days after Rauni Kilde NSA-kill) – 14.6.2018 Trumps Birthday – 4.1.2020 (One day after Soleimani kill, Kirtland AFB could be involved, because one of their Agents (Gaia TV) remote viewed me one day before) and 1 time (21.12.2017) they tried to rip literally my Soul out of my body (DARPA/CIA(Verfassungsschutz = CIA Branching)/NSA/DOD/DIA/KGB/BND/NASA/NAVY/USAF/FBI CointelPro/Pentagon/Kreml/Big Pharma (all controlled by Zionists and MIC)/NIH/CDC/Alphabet Inc and the Billionaire Ultra Fascists) and now they earn anantarika Karma. (=>Wounding a Tathagata, trying to kill an Arhat/Boddhisattva/Buddha/Christ Conscious/Krsna Conscious/Enlightened Being)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
They really tried to make an example and tried to crucify Iesus a 2nd time. Zionazi-DoD already assaulted in 2005 with Morgellons/WBAN Genetic Biotech… (Zio-Merkel-Bush-Nazi-Axis-of-Evil)

Imagine people so stupid, possessed, enslaved (just following orders (still guilty of genocide and warcrimes)), zombified, remote controlled, savage and cruel that they would try to destroy their own Messiah.. again and again…

You will be exposed totally like you tried to cruelly micromanage each individual on this Planet, what really is a gross breach of cosmic law.

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“Germany has gone full Nazi.”

Conspiracy Revelation: Zionazi.

freedomgott2024: Exactly, I repeat this for 10+ years, but majority is ignorant and brainwashed.

“Ruby🍭🤌: Anti-Zionismus ist nicht Antisemitismus, mal abgesehen davon sind wir Syrer selber Semiten.😁🙏”
“Meike Millar: The same happened to a Greek politician Yanis Varoufakis. Seen his vid earlier.”
“Dee: Germany once again is on the wrong side of history.”
“Nyper Cro: Germany never got off nazi.”
“Johnny Rotten: It’s called Zionist global capitalism, it’s all western countries,.. it’s because national interests are not welcome and anti-capitalism is not welcome.”

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“🪷RusLana🪷: The conference there were problems too. 2500 police came and closed it.
RachelReenstra4Real · Creator*in: Wowwww.”

“Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner opposed the Zionist state of Israel. He was a critic of a Zionist state, and any other ethnically determined state, as he considered ethnicity an outmoded basis for social life and civic identity. To learn about Rudolf Steiner’s view on Zionism …read the Steiner article below: Magazine for Literature, 66th year, No., 38, 25 September 1897”

“The Zionist movement is an enemy of Judaism. The Jews would do best to look closely at the people who paint ghosts for them. -Rudolf Steiner”

“lola @lola19803789.4 Std.
My dreams are controlled, implanted, triggers are inserted for mind control…”

“Redpill Drifter✔ @RedpillDrifter – 7 Std.
Who are Zionists?
We invented Communism.
We are behind radical feminism.
We are behind multiculturalism.
We are behind anti-Christianity.
We are behind a one world government. We are the “divider and conqueror”.
We are the race baiter and the slave trader.
We are censorship of free speech & the Truth.
We are a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation.
We are the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore.
We are the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
We are usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money.
We are the MSM, Hollywood, Tabloid.
We are open borders.
We are eminent domain.
We are the military-industrial-complex (MIC).
We are an unregulated nuclear state.
We are an international terrorist.
We are the re-writer of history to our advantage.
We are “war by way of deception”.
We are the aggressor, yet always the victim.
We are the eternal radical GROUP.
We are the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent.
We will defraud your country without conscience or consequence.
We are your last, your current and your next war.
We are the international banking cartel under the moniker of nwo.”

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