The legend of Vladimir Terziski…. (Year 2000) (Mail-Archive)

“by Jim Dilettoso, AlienZoo resident ufologist – 05/29/2000
The legend of Vladimir Terziski” (Year 2000) (Mail-Archive)

“The big question in Vladimir’s mind was not whether or not they had built
UFOs, but whether or not aliens had helped. Having read Morning of the
Magicians, I was well-versed in the concepts that the Third Reich had used –
magic, astrology, sacred geometry, llamas, and priests from Tibet who barked
at the moon to get more power. I didn’t know if any of it was true, but I
appreciated Vladimir’s quick wit and tenacity.

To me, the issues were much more fundamental. If Werner Von Braun et. al.,
the key Nazi space scientists, had worked on flying disks and levitation
machines – with or without aliens – why did they build rockets and tin cans
for NASA? Had the aliens abandoned them? Were the Germans holding back this
secret knowledge? Was the Third – or Fourth – Reich alive and well in
Brazil, building UFOs, commanding the New World Order from the
Bilderberg-Hapsburg empire and keeping the traitor Nazis under their thumb at
NASA? If any of this was true, then world politics far superceded any
provincial rocket building.

Vladimir had a wealth of impressive knowledge of physics, aerospace, and UFO
propulsion theory. But was he bamboozled, or was he putting in the plumbing?
The pictures and blueprints he had were seemingly genuine. Other UFO
investigators were also on the bandwagon. Valery Uvarov, Victor Kostrikin,
and even famed Russian Cosmonaut Marina Popovich were convinced of their

As the years have gone by, Vladimir Terziski has become famous in these
circles. His two-hour lectures, followed by three-hour question-and-answer
sessions, can hold just about any standing-room only crowd. He’s frequently
dismissed as a kook…”

“For further reading:
Sam Russell interviews Terziski in 1993
Terziski’s claims of Vril and Haunebu battlecraft and spacecraft explored
UFO online’s look at German secret weapons and the connection between UFOs and the Nazi regime.”


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