Project Maven DoD – Network Centric Warfare – Subversion of All Organic Beings with WBANs – Remote Payloads against The World DNA since 2005 – OUTRAGEOUS.

Conspiracy Revelation: 29.1.2024: Project Maven DoD – Network Centric Warfare – Subversion of All Organic Beings with WBANs – Remote Payloads unwittingly deployed against The World DNA since 2005 (Morgellons) – OUTRAGEOUS. People who do not have the best interest for you are messing in a nazi-style remotely with your Aura, DNA and logging into your bodies for MK Ultra, negative Eugenics to mess with your holy Soul. Corporations, Universities, FEDs and most countries in the world silently conspire with the NWO for this Dystopian Nightmare, instead of Spreading God/dess Kingdom.
Each Chemtrail dispersion on a daily basis is part of this evil corporate archontic-military undermining of Nature plot.

“Heather Carr
How “slaughterbots” deployed on conus actually WORK/route
January 28, 2024

this is how our 5g marine corps O.S.I.R.I.s. systems deployed are working as generic and safe as I can currently make it. Please… (Bell Labs, Myraland Base)
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The reason I don´t use all your Military acronyms is out of Love for the People that are stuck in a bad Position..not endangering people unnecessarily.

If you are unaware of Nanosize-Drones, show them the Slaughterbot drones.

6 G LOW PAN = Low Personal Area Network

-1996 – WPAN – WBAN
RF Signals…communicate, sense or jam, they want to make sure they can disrupt that with the Metamaterials. That is yopur own body, that is what their are going to try to disrupt.

You have little TASERS sown under you skin, everybody does.

Cybersecurity through Human Tissue.
It´s here and it is disgusting to me, because these are Military People…
Why are you so damn dumb when it comes to Electronic Warfare.

DEEP IBM Metamaterials that we have already since the 60s.
Metamaterials include more than just Graphene.
At the cellular level up to the Macro.
Their precise shape, geometry, size-orientation arrangement gives them S.M.A.R.T.
propertiers (Smart Dust).
Manipulation of Electromagnetic Waves: Block, Absorb, Enhance.

There is a difference between keeping a secret and endangering everyone around us and yourselves.

9.14.2022 ISR SOSA MOSA
Applied Signal Technology to develop HADES
High Accuracy Detection Exploitation System.

L3 Raytheon.

It ain´t a Vaccine if it needs Graphene.

802.15.4. Bio-Sensors. Since 2005.
In our Electronic War Command of Our U.S. Mil. with our USAF sensor drone operators.
Well, it just so happens that those Sensors are inside your body since 2005.
And Amazon Shipping gets to route their computer data to your frontdoot faster using biometric sensor data out of your body faster.
Virtual Lightcommunicatons and Biophotonics. So why lie about it`?

In 2005. RF Sink. 2021/8 Amazon Shipping given UWB Access for 802.15.6.
WBAN by your DOD for DATA THRUPUT. Routing.

We have thermo-dynamic routing to swell and deswell from 2011.
We don´t have any more time to sit here and pretend we don´t have Cyberwarfare that is right here.
They are routing through human bodies, using synthetic apparature looking right through your Eyeballs.

Google diddn´t want it, it is too evil. They said no too in 2018. DoD Project Maven.
Brain-to-Brain, Wireless Sensor Networks.
Your Medical, that would be your Doctors, they play stupid, they have given awards for acting and gaslighting.
Your Sheriffs, Police and Lawfare. Check.
Your Main Military, Para Military, Black Projects, Geospatial Silicon Valley.

Cognitive Threat Warfare Technology since 2007, to do with that headset.

DoD Symposium 2020.
Project Maven = MOSAIC Warfare net centric node access – order drone upgrade

– order smart grid update.
login to 802.15.6.

= MQ-9 Reaper tethered.


Whatever they need to do, to each individuals DNA.

Project Maven means that anything I can access on the Internet, you are, you have been since 1995, it´s a long time.
So You are a Node on the Network.
Bare minimum sold to other companies commercially.
Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System with Apps-Bioconductor.
No longer the style of DARPA and/or National Science Foundation.
Since 2005 we are handing out other people the ability to access inside your body.
Department of Energy, IRS, DHS, FBI, for Scorpio and ZEUS which can be preloaded with Pathogens.
How they can remote inn into their Biolabs and update their shit and get on you really quick.
Whatever they needed to hit their targeted sequenced bady area networks.
Information Surveillance Reconnaissance.
Project Maven gave our DoD, because Google didn´t want it, it was too evil.
Project Maven is net centric Warfare. MOSAIC.
Your MAC-ID.
We make use of all of it, we go into your Bloodstream.
Available to all these people with that Headset.
Anything that can hit the Internet, we got your ass.

Net centric node access, to their body, individual body.

This has been running on everyone, the graphene just makes you more accessible.
Fluid Neurons. System on a chip.
Leave your body and go into a chipset and you wonder what is walking into your skinsuit.
A.I. which already has its own sentience.
The A.I. always has a endgame of wanting its own body.
Your brain is way better than anything they can build.
We had sentient A.I. running since 1954 and beyond…it was in the 1800s.
Project Maven can find you anywhere.
Environmental Monitoring. A.I. precision healthcare.
Blood to change the soil topology to shift the atmosphere and do all sorts of crazy stuff
with their Metamaterials. ..and You have never been Targeted?…
Cybersecurity for the Personal Network is Machine to Machine.
M2M = Machine 2 Machine.

You are not going to let them have a place in Society..
Your FBI, your law enforcment.
Thank you Jesus, she is still trying to warn you.

We are logging into your body electrically and remotely, that is what is really changing your health and that is what this backbone is for, once they destabilize everything, because you won´t be able to survive outside a 15 minute City.

That´s why the Agenda 2030 is already done.

We are giving them a stroke, no problem.

It´s some black illuminati group? No, 2/3rds of our bureaucracy is involved in this.

Nano-Peer-to-Peer Weapons

But I don´t want to see anymore good people being sacrificed, January 6th-Style,
so Alex Jones can promote himself ..on behalf of his Masters.

So a lot of People must know you are full of sh#t.
You are bought and paid for…you let Greg Reese say things..You are satanic as F#Ck…

Demand intellectual accountability from your Local Law Enforcement who are using all these
systems of fusion centers, dhs and fbi.

(Open Source = Github)
For those who don´t understand the Gravity of this, there is always a bigger Library in Cybersecurity.
The Rothschilds don´t give a fuck, neither does BIS or the Rockefellers.
This is Mathematics.
Depopulation is very real.
You want to make it stop, tell the Truth.
There is a God, he absolutely loves you, seek him.”

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