Will Vaccinated Individuals Die in 3 Years?

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Will Vaccinated Individuals Die in 3 Years?
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“If the immune system is going to attack us, then it’s going to attack it now,
after the vaccine we’re going to get in trouble right away that is when the
clotting and those things happen, that is what happens,
molecular mimicry is going to occur now, in the clotting case or in the cardiac tissue damage case and there may be more damage vascular damage and other damages that we still have to figure out, but if immune system has become tolerant then to become intolerant after three years there is no clock for it to say: “Hey naive T-cell, at helper two cell T-helper one cell, the
memory cells, you guys are given three years to then become active, that does not happen.
Now I want to address a bigger problem in this whole theory the bigger problem is we are
saying we are getting away very easily by saying that the nucleus will have
dna will have integration of the newer incoming rna, automatically because of certain enzymes,
here is the bigger problem, the problem is: When a cell has the dna changed, that cell is actually
assumed to be a cancer cell
and so there will be doctors here who’s going to say: Well, there are crispr technologies which
allow the gene therapies to occur, they don’t become cancer cells and correct. Crispr technologies can cause
cell modification which can cause cell to die, because the modification is too bad or become cancerous,
but it has to be very very specific that what gene will be spliced out, what gene will be spliced in,
the enzymes to do that
, the models to attach there are all there, meaning it’s a complete machine.
If we say now that the vaccine itself is a crispr machine then all bets are off then i cannot say
this would work or not work you cannot say because then what we are saying is in the vaccine versus what is in the
vaccine are two different things so that discussion i cannot hold, but if we have changed the dna,
this dna has gotten an extra gene in it now, this cell has become cancerous,

our cell which develops such thing, their genes are, their dna is proof-read all the time, proof-reading,
even the lowly virus sars cov2 has its own proof reader.
We have sophisticated proofreaders, if our proofreader says that this there is a change in dna,
the cell has become bad, the cell would kill itself, apoptosis would occur, that is one
and keep in mind that you should say: Well, there are people who get cancer so clearly apoptosis does not occur in all
cases, agreed.
// Conspiracy Revelation: 9.12.2021; Bioweapon enzymes and Biotech-Gene Weapons of the Stanford/Arpa/DoD/Big Tech/Big Pharma-Zio-Rockefeller-Cancer-Mafia Alphabet-Criminals are inserted, like Ecdyson or Agrobacterium Tumefaciens from the Gates-Mafia (herbicides), in case of Morgellons, so Apoptosis does not occur, it must be artificially induced via CBD for example, but the Chemtrail-Transfection-Smart-Dust DNA-Trojan is still present in all people. (Aerial Vaccination since 1999 via Chemtrail dispersal (DNA-Trojan deployment by USSOC/Arpa/USAF/NIH-Fauci-DIA-Medical CoIntelPro2 Criminals from the Pentagon), by the NWO-Biomed-Pharmamafia-Zio-Criminals) Only the Bioweapon-Switch is not active in all people. //

“If normally apoptosis occurs all of us who are sitting in some light mostly the sunlight we develop gene dna damage all
the time and apoptosis or repair occurs all the time so we develop cancerous cells every single minute and then we
fix them, other possibility, imagine the apoptosis does not occur and the cells start presenting abnormal
gene’s abnormal results on its surface the spike protein the pieces of spike protein, our natural killer cells dendritic cells
t cells they do not tolerate that (>>they are subverted by Morgellons, that´s for sure<<, it´s a dna-trojan), they would connect here they’ll say what the heck is this they would kill the cell, immediately that is what you’re seeing
with the blood clottings and with the cardiac tissue damages, so saying that somehow dna change would
sit in a person for three years and then some note would occur and they would become ready is not possible
an immediate damage is possible and molecular mimicry is possible…”

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