War room: Comply now and be a slave forever

“War room: Comply now and be a slave forever”
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“It’s a war of suppression and enslavement and people are fighting people, there is a resistance, so it has all the trademarks of a war, that’s why i’m calling this the war room.”

“There is only one thing I cannot, I could not handle in my life and that is living without freedom, I must have freedom, so if you’re going to throw me out of your modern society, well, go and do that, I don’t care anymore and the truth is I never really cared
much, I don’t like modern society and you could say well what if you get
sick, yeah, I know that might happen that’s why we need to build an
infrastructure for ourselves outside of so-called modern society.”

“We need a breakaway society desperately, yeah um, the good thing about this
is that it’s not difficult to find physicians, doctors, specialists, nurses,
I know and people like that uh who really want to join such a
an off-grid, if we can call it an off-grid kind of society,
because they are moving out of you know they are resigning in the thousands.”

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