The Epidemic of Fake Disease

“The Epidemic of Fake Disease”
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“when the doctors themselves often reinforce this belief but is what they believe actually true in both cases we know that in fact the likely outcome of them undergoing those initial tests is that they’ve been harmed more than they’ve benefited, we know that for stable asymptomatic patients like Kevin stents do not prolong life nor reduce the likelihood of having a heart attack and in fact I don’t think anybody would
put a stent in Kevin today, but this scenario would have been very common a few years ago, don’t get me wrong for unstable patients people having chest pain people having heart attacks stents are life saving and one of the best therapies we have in medicine in fact, but not for patients like Kevin for Mary the biopsy did show cancer but it’s a cancer that might never have caused her any symptoms whatsoever…and developed
this long-term… swelling for no net gain…”
“So today we’re just going to talk about two concepts lead time bias and overdiagnosis…”
“This is overdiagnosis and it’s becoming more and more common as our tester becoming more sensitive and we’re able to pick up abnormalities that we would have never previously been able to detect.”

“Disease, from the Latin literally meaning without ease, is not present if the pathology is not causing any symptoms, nor adversely affecting the person’s life, so this is what I mean by fake disease, treating these will not only not help the patient, but may even harm them which is the one thing that doctors are definitely not supposed to do.”
“Sophie then has radioactive iodine treatment as part of the ongoing therapy of her thyroid cancer which is generally quite safe, but has one major side effect, now Sophie is a singer, she’d had a pretty exciting
life, touring the world as a backup singer for various groups and had never planned on settling down, but recently
she met a guy and they had settled down and then decided to have kids and she knew full well that the age of 42 it was pretty late, but for the last year her fiance and her had been trying, but then when this came along the thing with radioactive iodine is that you mustn’t get pregnant, add to that her voice never recovered from the operation which obviously, as a singer, was devastating. The Thyroid became underactive, so she has to take replacement medications and she’ll be on those for life with all this going on, not only the radioactive iodine´, but the whole stress of the situation, she lost a year and she feels that that was her last chance to try to get pregnant.”

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