Will COVID Give You Heart Disease?

“Will COVID Give You Heart Disease?
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There have been scary articles about how COVID causes long term heart damage, even in people who have completely recovered. Or who thought they had. As a YouTubing cardiologist, I thought I should take a closer look.
Heart Doctor Dissects: Coronavirus and the heart. Part of the If It Ducks Like a Quack series, where I examine medical claims and evidence.
Don’t forget to watch my recent video about how COVID is causing a lot of sloppy science…”
“Incidentally that video the youtube lifted the shadow ban on it about 10 days after it was released, so my co-video
literally did get a second wave.”
“so first came a blockbuster study from Germany that used
cardiac mri to image the hearts of people that have recovered from covid, so these are not sick people, they’re well,
they’ve recovered and they announced an alarming 78% of people had inflammation of the heart, which of course sounds terrifying and the news spread faster than Covid through a bingo hall and certainly went faster than any cardiology paper i’ve known it went round the world in a day or two
and it led to things like sports leagues like the pac-12 and big ten uh being cancelled in America due to understandable concern about the athletes being at extra risk because even if they’ve had a fairly mild case of covid competitive sport
works your heart work hard, so they didn’t want to put the
athletes at extra risk, then the head physician at penn state said that one-third of big ten athletes who had recovered from covid had myocarditis on a cardiac mri scan
that’s the same thing as saying as the german studies saying myocarditis is inflammation of the heart, so together these studies led to not only footballers being benched but
huge amounts of fear which i’ve seen amongst my friends i was inundated with texts after this news asking if they should be worried and there’s been a surge of requests for cardiac mris in well patients in america perhaps contributed to a little bit by some of the cardiology bodies adding to
the hysteria. Now if you had recovered from covid and
you’re feeling fine but then you read 78% of people just like you who don’t have symptoms were found to have this
myocarditis in their heart you’d want to get a scan too
but this is if it ducks like a quack so of course.”
“the german study was immediately criticized online
for statistical impossibilities…It was just not biologically plausible, it was just way too tight, now a different version was immediately published..”
“now myocarditis is diagnosed on cardiac mri yes but in association with symptoms, palpitations, abnormal heart function, chest pain, abnormal blood tests, but none of these
were seen in the study.. now as someone who’s analyzed thousands of cardiac mri pictures there is a bit of
subjectivity involved here one of the things we do is measure parameters of inflammation and mycardoditis does cause these numbers to go up…”

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