China wants to SHUT ME UP!

“China wants to SHUT ME UP!”
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“serpentza: 777.000 Abonnenten: And not just me, anyone worldwide who says anything that the Communist party doesn’t like…”
“This is a thing that China has now if you are caught
colluding with foreign powers who even knows what that means you’ve got a friend who works in the police force in
New Zealand, all of a sudden you are colluding with foreign powers, they can make this stuff up, but this is a very very in your face demonstration of what China wants, they want to silence, intimidate and stop any criticism of the ccp and they’re one China ideal, these arrests have of course had a chilling effect on any sort of pro-democracy protests or outspoken activists and things like that and rightly so.
I mean put yourself in the position of someone like myself, for instance, I now know that if i make more videos critical of the chinese government, it’s too late for me anyway, but let’s just say I was thinking about making a video critical of the chinese government but i have business in hong kong or i have friends and family in hong kong or i have to travel through hong kong right as part of my travels to japan or
wherever, i would now think twice about making that video because i know that if i get put on that list and i
travel through hong kong or to hong kong, I could
be arrested, detained for whatever, they can do the same thing, this also explains why even more people do not want
to be seen publicly saying anything..if you speak out against the ccp, not only do you put your freedom and your families freedom at risk, but they also put together campaigns to
try and shut you down using western laws it happens to me all
the time it’s quite ridiculous the amount of effort that goes into trying to silence this one little youtuber all
these people that are rallied together to criticize me and expose me and and call me a racist and do whatever they can to try and shut me down, it’s mind-blowing how much effort
the ccp is putting in to silence any kind of voice against them, it’s childish, it’s ridiculous and it’s laughable, but at the same time it’s scary, because they’re very effective.”
“every time a chinese person …or not even a chinese person, anytime someone speaks up against the ccp one of the things they always say is like: “oh, he’s being influenced by the cia or…foreign forces are influencing you how often they say that about me, they’re like he works for the cia, the cia pay him, come on, i mean, i’m a south african, how am i working for the cia.”
“i want to personally say a big thank you to everybody who has the courage to speak out, we’re part of a very unique small club and i hope more people join…”

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