DNA and Genomic Sequence Profiling Genetics

“DNA and Genomic Sequence Profiling Genetics
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In this video I discuss how my knowledge from working with DNA in the Cybernetics Labs helped me to understand my own raw DNA data when it was sequenced through Genetic Genie.
I also had an Ancestry DNA test done for ethnicity estimates so I discuss that experience and the ethnicity results.”

“For me it was the raw dna autosomal dna that was truly the gift because i was able to like i said put it in genetic genie for the methyl methylation testing and um confirm what i already psychically knew that i had a r29 7r mutation plus plus so that was a very interesting experiment for me to be able to do not just find out my breakdown of my ethnicity heritage but also to find out more about my medical health and to actually get an answer for why i can be more aggressive than i should be and why i get unexplainable anxiety from almost nothing where there shouldn’t be any anxiety but i do feel it i also have a bouts of insomnia
sometimes that’s unexplainable i just suddenly get tired
out of the blue so this mutation explains quite a lot i’m not saying i’m blaming everything on the mutation that it’s causing all of my problems it also depends on what environment you were raised in how you are as a person so
a lot of these factors can um determine how you handle stress why you get anxiety or depression…”
Conspiracy Revelation: 16.10.2020: It also depends if they put you in the TI-Program…all these feelings can be caused by Directed Energy Weapons steered by Aggressive Draco A.I. and DNA-Database-Resonant MK Ultra.

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