Dark Fleet Torture & Punishment Prison Barge Ships in Space

“Dark Fleet Torture & Punishment Prison Barge Ships in Space”
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In the Dark Fleet Torture & Punishment Prison Barge Ships in Space information is provided about how Dark Fleet uses SSP Assets to remove other rogue agents, criminals, etc. As well what the torture and punishment looks like on the Dark Fleet barge ships.”
“I had also witnessed a lot of the torture interrogation
of what the assassins do on the dark fleet barge ships those are prison ships in outer space, they have many of them who they perceive as traitors who’ve defected from dark fleets… or whoever they deem dangerous…it’s still old-fashioned punishment.. basically corporeal punishment… this is physical punishment um and I call it corporeal because
you feel all the pain you feel everything that they do
when they torture you and interrogate you…electric shock torture…by using electric prods or tasers I guess the taser prod is a reminder that what I used in dark fleet… I have a military-grade taser prod, I have never used it on people and never will, it’s only for self-defense if i’m ever attacked
that’s what the taser is for to protect myself..1000 volts of electric shock…It´s not fun if anybody got electrocuted by such a thing by such a weapon because it could cause
a heart attack…it could cause a stroke, it could cause
a shock to the central nervous system, so that is a weapon
that is to be only used in self-defense, not to go attacking people..I am not pro for attacking people with those kinds of
teasers um it’s only for self-defense, if somebody is attacking or trying to kidnap you you protect yourself with that, you can taser them, you can hit a person with it and knock them out because it’s military grade steel um if an animal is attacking you not just a person there’s animals to out in the woods if you’re camping of some something
accidentally attacks you like a bear it’s for self protection nothing else…remove the various e.t mutant abominations that did not turn out correctly in the genetic experiment hybridization programs um dark fleet does not do these kinds of experiments but they clean up after other factions these mutant abominations include et species being bred with animal dna and also being infected with the zombie viruses which makes the mutants aggressive and deadly, so they have to be put into stasis fields and pods and then stored in cryogenics tanks or be exterminated if the mutations cannot be corrected
the genetic mutation projects happen in underground lab facilities on Earth, Antarctica, Mars and other Planets that black ops programs and planetary corporations runs in terms of who owns these secret research facilities…and clean up other factions messes, other ssp faction messes, because they do play around with genetics and creating mutants that are too aggressive, sometimes things happen and they’re too
aggressive…to fix the mutations, remove the viruses, so the assassins have to come in and clean it up they’re military trained to come in and clean up the mess so there’s no
evidence left of the labs or what happened in those
labs, it’s all cleaned up it’s all erased it is wiped off
the face of whatever underground facility it was
in it’s all cleaned up wiped off removed no evidence of it..”
“I learned that the electrical taser prod disrupts the frequencies of the electromagnetic fields around the smartsuits when someone is cloaked, so tasering a cloaked person wearing a smartsuit with a large electrical charge temporarily destabilizes the electromagnetic field frequency
of their smartsuit and makes them visible to the naked eye i had been taught that a large electrical charge helps to
decloak unwanted visitors who can materialize through the walls of someone’s house and take them out while they are in
shock from the electric shock of the taser prod, so you can literally if you’re psychic and you sense that somebody’s
infiltrated your home and you have an electrical prod that can cause electric shock you can temporarily disrupt somebody’s smart suit that’s cloaked, because smart suits emit electromagnetic fields and frequencies that cloak the person who’s wearing the smartsuit so that can be temporarily
disrupted with some kind of electric shock, so first time you can shock them with one thousand volts temporarily disrupts the electromagnetic field of their smartsuit,
next time one thousand volts won’t work it’ll need to be four
thousand or ten thousand so every time you have to shock them
you have to amp up the voltage because the smartsuit adjusts
to picking up whatever it was um electrocuted with in terms of voltage it just adapts and the cloaking field becomes stronger next time,, so you won’t be able to shock somebody with the same electric voltage that you used before you have to ramp it up, because it won’t be effective, because the smartsuit technology the nanotechnology will adapt and you’ll need higher voltage next time to be able to disrupt the electromagnetic cloaking field of the smartsuit so um and again electrical prods are weapons they can literally be used as weapons to hurt people, so on earth it’s only used as self-defense, it’s not used as weapons it’s illegal to
use it as a weapon, it’s not on mars the ssp assassins
dark fleet assassins use it as weapons to incapacitate somebody or take somebody out with it if they need to.”
“I also found out that mk ultra programs had used electric shock therapy to break people’s minds this was done in the
1950s I don’t know why but that fact came to mind when remembering dark fleet torture and interrogation methods on the barge ships.”
“How dark fleet tortures their prisoners on the barge ships
with electrical prods being pushed into male
and female prisoners genitals and electrocuting them until they scream with pain, so electric shock therapy
and electric torture had been done on prisoners
in mk ultra programs and prisons, so dark fleet is using old-fashioned methods of punishing their prisoners to teach them
a physical lesson of tremendous pain what it feels like to
feel tremendous pain, it’s unbearable they end up screaming.”
“Most people are naive and have no idea about what depravities the three letter agencies use and torture
as well as dark fleet on their barge ships, so three letter agencies that I´m talking about cia, fbi, nsa and others three or four letter agencies and some of this torture is very much old school like mk ultra..”
“that they consider traitors that have defected from dark fleet for one reason or another after the torture and prison sentence is done on the barge ships the prisoners are put
into the regeneration tank where all the signs of torture
is healed but the memories of the torture are not blind wiped, the ones being punished get to remember it all, in very painful reminders not to screw up while in dark fleet service, you’re taught a very heavy lesson you if you go up against dark fleet.”
“The physical scars are removed but the mental
pain and scars are left behind as a lesson
to keep in line and not defect as traitors from dark fleet…and central command…so it’s not a very easy lesson to learn or for somebody to witness that happening to other people, these memories are very much dark..”
Conspiracy Revelation: 16.10.2020: I left out Your victim victimizer-part…as a one-sided view. It´s too common among people..and to think you can´t go against them…depends on who is on your side…if the biggest and most powerful entity of this Universe, the great dragon mother, is on your side you can go against anyone, if there is a justifiable reason. Normally the criminals are those who do the torture not the victims…keep your mind straight.

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