SSP Asset 60 and back through quantum leap time travel

“SSP Asset 60 and back through quantum leap time travel Episode 1 – 1.481 Aufrufe•Am 26.09.2020 veröffentlicht
Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
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SSP Asset 60 and back through quantum leap time travel Episode 1″
Use of time travel dilation jump gates on Military Mars bases to create concurrent Earth and Mars 3D timeline in order to transport SSP Assets for SSP service duty for prolonged periods of time then once service is completed return them through zero point time dilation age regression to the point from where they were abducted from Earth for service duty. Time travel technology provided by the Time Corporations. (Episode 1)”

“These are small portals that i had seen,, they’re not huge and they are machine run, so there is machinery that creates these types of wormholes that are stable on the base where the jump gateway portals are and it creates a time dilation sequence to a specific point in time where you can be taken
from earth to mars or other planets if there’s planetary
corporations basis there and jump gateway portals
um and basically it’s a very smooth transition, nobody will ever notice that you were missing or that time has passed, because it’s a again it’s a smooth transition it’s done through time dilation quantum leap time dilation portals that are run by planetary corporations and the portal technology is supplied by the time corporations because they supply the portals to a lot of the secret space program factions that work with planetary corporations as well as other ssp factions but planetary corporations gets the most of the time dilation time travel technology because they’re one of the biggest factions in the ssp. The planetary corporations is the main one that gets the time travel technology they’re closely associated with the term time corpse so their association is the closest with time corp so they have a lot of these different jump gateway portals to work with in the
jump rooms within the mars basis r d departments they do a lot of testing and experimenting with time dilation technology so that’s why they get the portal systems
first these portals are used to basically take civilians from their homes and put them into the ssp program which for me was planetary corporations or they will take military personnel like the us navy and from the army there are a lot of different people working on the planetary corporation’s
bases because there are specific jobs that everybody is suited for like for me it was assisting with the neurolink implement implementation to implant neural links into other people’s brains and to check that the neurolink implants were working correctly as well as looking after the holographic medical pods to make sure they were working properly so those were my jobs in the cybernetics labs that’s what
i was specifically tasked to do also some genetics work
where i was where i was manipulating various genetics and making human human et hybrids so working on testing
the neural link implants and making fati human hybrids that’s what i was mainly put to do in my 60 and back
for the 10 to 12 years that i worked for the cybernetic labs, which are connected to the military bases particularly Mars bases, so but going back to these portals.”
“SSP 60 and Back Cloning Facilities on Planetary Corporations Mars Bases Episode 2”

“SSP 60 and Back Cloning Facilities on Planetary Corporations Mars Bases Episode 2
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“Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
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SSP 60 and Back Cloning Facilities on Planetary Corporations Mars Bases Episode 2
A discussion about what type of cloning is done by Planetary Corporations at the Cybernetics Labs connected to the Mars Bases. (Episode 2)”

“From planetary corporations what they do and what they don’t do, so when discussing cloning I had several people ask me a question in regards to this and my experiences and the question was: When the age regression is done is there
any type of um cloning that happens to you when you’re returned um are you returned as a clone or are you returned as yourself? And the answer to that is when the age-regression is being done it is usually the original body of the ssp asset that is returned to earth; not a clone; clones are only made if the ssp assets somehow died during their service and could not be brought back from the brink of death, so ssp assets are usually not returned home to earth as clones they’re returned in their original bodies
as long as they haven’t died and they’re alive they will be returned in their human bodies back to earth when their age- regressed, so if the ssb asset was cloned they would need to be a perfect first generation or third generation
clone of their original ssp asset with the best dna
imprint on file in the planetary corporation’s
genome databases on their supercomputer mainframes
and the genetic databases attached to the holographic medical pods or in some cases clones are made in regeneration tanks as well on planetary corporations, so if a clone is needed for some reason the original ssp Asset died they weren’t able to bring them back from the dead if the cybernetics technicians cannot bring somebody back from the dead
then they will send back a clone potentially f that’s required but it’s not normal to send back clones it’s not how
it’s usually done clones that are not first generation can
have glitches and malfunctions with memory lapses and behavioral issues, so the cloning has to be done in a perfect process with the best dna imprint of the original person,
so there’s no glitches with the clone so there’s no issues because that’s very noticeable if the clone is having glitches that’s why it’s not first generation or third generation it’s something in between then if it malfunctions
because the dna is not perfect it’s not the original dna imprint of the person, if the dna has been copied over
and over again then it’s not going to function as the same dna of the original and that’s when you have glitchy clones
with memory lapses and behavioral issues, the clones are able to go through the time travel dilation jump gates because their dna is the same as the original person.”

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