This Game GOT BANNED In China! | Plague Inc | Fan Choice FRIGHTday

“#Thinknoodles #plague #coronavirus
This Game GOT BANNED In China! | Plague Inc | Fan Choice FRIGHTday
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“CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 MEGA BRUTAL | Plague Inc: Evolved #13
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“Plague Inc: Official Scenarios – Fake News (Mega Brutal)
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In an online world, a compelling narrative can spread like an infectious disease! In the latest official scenario, you can create your own fake news story and bombard the world with disinformation, logical fallacies, and mudslinging until the whole world is deceived!”
“I wouldn’t mind getting a little bit more plausibility before we go too much further down the virality side of things, so I want to make sure we get as much funding as possible, so let’s go for hiring fake experts, pay established experts in relevant fields to come out
in support of misinformation, significant in support of misinformation significant increase in plausibility and now let’s go for BOTS networking utilize BOTS to automatically boost account spreading misinformation with large numbers of
followers lending them credence, funnily enough I’ve seen some research on this and how different organizations or
political entities, different governments for example might actually be using bots very effectively to boost the presence
and make things seem viral and once something seems viral, it actually can become viral, it’s fascinating psychologically, does see how this plays out in social media, so this is really cool, we’re not gonna go for Community development’s we’re gonna start bringing this into a lifestyle and identity of the blue-collar workers that they absolutely
despise the immigrants and those stupid Communists who are trying to ship them.”

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