Sunny days are few because of relentless spraying…2017 Important Anti-Chemtrail-Meme Revisited 2020…

“Sunny days are few because of relentless spraying…2017 Important Anti-Chemtrail-Meme Revisited 2020…
Today a cloud of chemical & biological particulates covered the entire sky.
This is the willful destruction of Earth´s natural ressources.
It is also part of a global extermination program.
Geoengineering-Induced Diseases:
-lung cancer
-huntington´s disease
-Autism Spectrum Disorder (parasite-based)
-Parkinson´s Disease
-Heart Disease
-Chronic Bronchitis (Aluminium main negative payload)
-Morgellon´s Disease
Known Ingredients:
-Mold Spores
-red/white human blood cells
-unknown biological matter/synthetic biology
-nanoaluminium (10000 times proven – everyone can check while taking a bath or even when seeing the alu particles on their skin during chemtrail days (Enhanced Update by Conspiracy Revelation 10.8.2020)
Rather than dropping dead on the streets, the casualties are slowly dying in their homes & hospitals:
The survivors are infected with nanotechnology (from Arpa/DoD NDQ/CIA/CFR/NSA/Zionazi-Bolshevik Inc./Corporate Masonic-Jesuit-Nazi-Crime Syndicate and CoIntelPro2-Perp-Network/NWO/DIA/Pentagon Alphabet Inc./Big Tech/Silicon Valley/Bündelfaschisten Brd Robotron Gmbh) for AI control via the Global Information Grid (GIG) AKA Human-Computer Intelligence Network (HCICN)
They are allowed to live & work in the worldwide concentration camp in exchange for the submission that includes the persecution of those capable of resistance (Stasi 5.0/Staazi 5.0)
These activities are directed by a custodial group of Extraterrestrial & Human Psychopaths.”
Conspiracy Revelation Archive: 10. August 2017: The Last Phrase fits perfectly.

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