Healing Technology of the SSP and Science of Manifestation

“Healing Technology of the SSP and Science of Manifestation
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Workshop with James Rink and Mike Emery on May 28, 2020 discussing Med Bed Tech, Holographic Examination Tables, Regeneration Tanks, as well as a lecture on the science of manifestation by Mike Emery.”

“Ich möchte erwähnen, dass Menschen 150000 Jahre in Atlantis alt werden konnten und auch die Technologie hatten, um
das Alter umzukehren. Es gibt einige der Städte am Grund des Ozeans und in der inneren Erde, die so alt sind.”

“HET = Holografic Examination Table. This was what the Germans called it in their secret space program.”

“A more advanced Tech is the Soul Transfer Tech..the Crystal Chairs…That technology is from the Greys.
This is ET Tech….and I was initially told that the SSP did not have access to it, but apparently they do, according to Ilana ..and. there is a lot of ethical issues here, especially if they just can take you and put you in a cloned body that violates of universal laws in my opinion, but apparently there is a way of doing this and they have a Stasis Unit where they can hold your Soul energy and move it around between Vessels.”

“This technology can also be used on cloned personnel, to transfer Souls between clones.
The Soul would be placed in a Stasis Containment Unit where electrical field holds the Soul until it
is ready to be implanted into the Cyborg/Human augmented Soldiers and Scouts.
During this time the soul energetic and vibrational patterns could also be changed in the egg like
electric stasis holding chamber, so the soul cannot remember most of its old memory engrams.
The original physical vessel may be either destroyed or placed in regen tank stasis while the Soul
performs tasks in another body.”

“This is why a lot of this SSP has to come to an end.”

The neurolink brain wave interface to the holographic virtual databases for file classifications
on different agents, mission intel, ships, planets, aliens, etc. The neurolink implants are also used to create telepathic connections to be able to interact with onboard ship systems using the mind technology connection.
Pilots use the neurolink interface to merge with super computers in ordder to program flight
parameters into the ships for navigation and operate the ships this way, as well as communicate with others
telepathically who have neurolink implants. These implants can also act as language translation devices, and also
augment the brain to have photographic/eidetic memory, or open natural star gateway portals with the mind
in order to trave to different plantes or star systems.”

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