CIVIL UNREST Forced Relocation – NEW
“CIVIL UNREST Forced Relocation – NEW”
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“This is is a conversation not meant to cause irreversible trauma, but there is trauma involved because reality of where we are is traumatic and there’s just no other way around it in my opinion and I can tell you that I suffered deeply and I do suffer from time to time and I’m very sad but I recognize that we have to stay I feel like I have to stay in this world that we’re in and at the same time still need to be human so we need to dance.”
“We are connected with people that work with
people out of the Pentagon and so from time to time we’ll get some information so I thought I’d share it with you because I
don’t want to have truth trauma all by myself so here it is intel drop: carelessness and cowardness has cost us, our nation, those who could save it aren’t sure it’s worth it.”
“..We are on our own..”
“I have had the chance to talk with young people I like their DC investigators who just aren’t trained for intelligent work intelligence work and who don’t realize that the Cold War
never ended, but rather that Russia fell into the hands of gangsters whose focus brilliance whose brutality and attention to detail is beyond their capacity to understand. They were trained to play checkers and we are being done in by a classic game of 3d chess, as for Trump, he had been profiled by the costa nostra long ago as a vehicle for money
laundering an inheritor of the roy crone meyer lansky criminal empire which was a bear shadow of what arose when the soviet gulags opened their doors into Israel and the United States gulags still emptying into the u.s. through
Kushner’s visa selling deals bringing people with endless cash from drugs and human trafficking and a brilliance of focus not seen in America the land of the soft and the lazy.
In nation after nation we see failure of governance with struggles only between opposing criminal operations fighting over rare earth elements, suppressing green technologies, robotizing the world through 5g and AI and turning the human
race into cattle.”

“..and that’s what’s happening so we’re going to talk about this.”

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