Dean Henderson – Illuminati Agenda and Nephilim Apocalypse

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“Dean Henderson – Illuminati Agenda and Nephilim Apocalypse.”
“I always knew wordpress was port of the is all connected..When you are trying to escape the Matrix they are lashing out.”
“”The whole internet is under military-industrial-complex.
Controled by The Crown that has its agents in the MIC.
“Wordpress took down your side, because of what you say?”
“`Followings..the books that I bought on Amazon for the last 5 months..I got a huge spike..When you get enough people..When you influence enough people, when you tell the Truth…I think it is an algo. that kicks in.
“Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are private Corporations…Fascism´s all a trap, world wide web, they monitor us 24/7…Internet, starting wirh Arpanet, it was only used by the intelligence agencies..when they came forward with it in 1993…NSA said: wow we can use it as a weapons and brainwash and terrify the population.”
“Facebook, again was started by Darpa, it was called lifelog….human wetworks are part of this… Human are going to be turned into Antennas for the 5g..Serco which is behind 5G which is a Crown Agent Corporation. The Queen has a golden share…Lockheed-Martin…They control a lot of prisons in Australia, New Zealand.”
“Well, the financial system is a construct the City of London, it falls into british mercantilism, an evil kind of modell, which is private central banking, which in this country is the federal reserve, but they own all the central banks of almost all countries in the world.”
“Jesus was fighting these guys, I mean, my understanding is that Jesus was fighting the Illuminati, maybe he didn´t use that word.”
“KC: I agree with you.”
“The Masons are the biggest Biblical Scholars, they are just on the wrong side.”
“Royal Bloodline…We are talking about the Pharaos, in my opinion we are talking about these same bloodlines/people that where in Egypt.”
“Vatican/Knights of Malta Bloodline.”
TheLaserQueen: ​You are incorrect. All royals are draconian reptilians. Not Nephilim.
Karlemids: ​wordpress isnt secure, esp if you have lots of plugins.
Dennis Staser: ​H A L 9000. Arthur C. Clarke I B M.
boltgun: ​Witches everywhere.
“DH: We are being massively dehydrated..5G / 60 GHZ..and that is the oscillation of the oxygene molecule, so they are basically suffocating people… It´s an all out war on humanity. This is a depopulation agenda, this is a bunch of inbreds who think they are better than us, who think they can make decisions for us. They have royal bloodlines..who can hurt us…little illuminati councils..this is really sick.
They are going straight to hell..they are just stupid…okay.
The bottomline is these people are really stupid.
And that´s the tragedy of it all. These crimes against humanity is everyday being perpetrated by these really ignorant inbred not human things, but always keep fighting. Always keep talking…we are having a tough time.”
Dee Getz: ​A.I was created in 1955. Everything that’s happening now has been simulated and they’re just playing it out step by step
Dave Rice: ​manna fest destiny.
Karlemids: ​they need 5G for AI, thats why it must be stopped.
Delta Dog: ​em, most aliens and people are good.
DeepPurple Dream: ​I want an AI teddybear like in the film.
Erin Johnson: ​👍❤ Natural Spirit.
NATURAL SPIRIT: ​Manafest is the key.

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