Seriously Is Earth a Prison Planet For REAL Remote Viewing Confirms This
“Seriously Is Earth a Prison Planet For REAL Remote Viewing Confirms This”
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Conspiracy Revelation: 20.1.2020: Absolutely right…This is the correct deduction. Oblivion should not be, on the other hand a burdened incarnation limits the playfulness and jauntiness, people would be heavily depressed from the start, if they knew the gruesome subjugation mechanisms in the Matrix. Come and Go and Enjoy, yes, that would be right.
Not all the Brilliant Geniuses are working for the dark side.
Look here…
“But Big Picture, the Galaxy and the Universe is teaming with life of all kinds and some of them are kind and benevolent and some of them are ruthless, mean bastards…and there is millions and billions of these things. Planets, Civilizations. Earth has been invaded more than once. Right now we have an Alien Invasion Force…”
“Good Guys, Great Guys get thrown in jail, like Mandela, good beings that could change the course of the Planet get captured by the bad guys and thrown in jail, but you can´t just kill the guy, because in Spirit these ET-Races they know the Spirit just can come back and reincarnate on this Planet or on some other Planet. So they have got Technology where they can capture the being when out of body and the far side institute is calling this death traps or implant stations.
Beings are being captured and brought to Earth and dumped and then it is our job to pick up a new body, but we get the mind-wipe because they don´t want us figuring out any of this stuff…they don´t want us to know our true history, they want to have a completely contained experience, so they can with propaganda, lies and deceit and false teachings, they teach us everything physical and spiritual, but within a contained arena. So everything we are learning about life after death and betweenlives, they can control that…we get intercepted or greeted by these beings, that are very very ancient, millions and millions of years, billions of years of experience in the physical universe on how to contain renegades and non-conformists and criminals and spiritual beings that don´t want to play along with the way they want you to play along. Out there in the Universe…there is a lot of different factions, good guys and bad guys out there, if you take out one faction: this is called the reptilians with their grey minions, the orions, whatever, the dracs, the faction with their control and domination agenda in the known Universe..that´s what they do..and they feel good about it, they don´t know have any karma.”
“This physical Universe experience should be one more dimensional plane the beings can come and go and enjoy…but no, this place is brutal…teach us all kind of bullshit and they can drive us insane literally, through pain and other bullshit, pain and implants, deception, confusing the mind, fractioning the being, split us apart, because the consciousness can stand the pain. It´s all kinds of complicated stuff. A race of evil, control and domination type beings. They want us as prisoners, they want us as ressources, they use us, they use our emotional energy, they get off on that, they literally enslave us, selling physical humans as slave in the intergalactic slave trade, right now, right now, it is going on…selling our dna samples, for all kinds of reasons, for slave labours. People are really mentally sharp, they are really intelligent genius.
The Deep State Shadow Government, they are looking out for these children, these real smart children and when they start indoctrinating them, when they are young and some of them will go into the Secret Space Program, some will go into other programs that will help fascilitate the domination and control of the Planet. And those geniuses grow up and ..coerced..they were forced into service…and now all the brilliant geniuses on this fucking Planet are working for the dark side. We call it the dark side, the dark side don´t call it the dark side, they call themselves luciferians, the enlightened ones, the lightbringer…and we live the story.”
“There is a lot of mean fucking powers that be on that Planet…that psychopath mentality that rises to the top…Bill Gates, most Billionaires, it seems, are evil, they are dark, selfish, greedy,… does power corrupt?.. Is the power corrupting them or are they so corrupt that they were able to make so much money came into power. …Gaining a lot of Power, did that corrupt them? ..Absolute Power tends to corrupt absolutely. Earth Prison Planet, I think so, they don´t want us to know any of this stuff.”
“Those wardens of this Planetary Prison Planet are in control of the Extraterrestrial Space Travel, the super-advanced high-tech stuff, time travel, portals, and they are interactive, they are not in prison, they are the wardens and I think they are very few (at the top), they are the controlling elites, everything else is compartmentalized and there are different factions of the elites fighting each other and these guys over there have their shit compartmentalized. I mean I am talking about high-tech advanced technologies and extraterrestrial space crafts and all that stuff and they have got their shit, their greed, cause they are criminal fucking minds, and these guys over here are they are criminal fucking evil motherfuckers too
and they work together to keep the rest of us ignorant
and they are fighting and fighting for the top positions.
BUt some of us up there are free to travel and do what they will or not? There is another story that is going around, that this whole earth planet is quarantined, so even the wardens are having a hard time getting off-planet…so the Reptilians.”
“They are breaking down your resistance to bullshit.
Your internal bullshit detectior isn´t going off, that´s fucking true, buzzers going off…and then they are laying in some bullshit it is going to blend well with the truth…and the people are so loving. Yeah, so you get this love shit. ..Using Truth and Love to implant your ass and manipulate, dominate and control you, has that ever been done, noooo.
Let´s use Truth and Love and Light. Good Deal Boss.”

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