POWERFUL "Emery Smith" Interview on Free Energy, ET Technology and Black Projects

“POWERFUL “Emery Smith” Interview on Free Energy, ET Technology and Black Projects”
“David Lishin: vor 4 Tagen: Emery Smith is Wise, truthful, brave, and a true hero………… thanks for being so brilliant and courageous…… #1 insider , so much knowledge…… thanks again for putting the planet& humanity first…….. he lost everything – family, $, friends, dog…………just for trying to wake us up to the real reality/ truth………service to others first …his m.o. ………..everyone needs to watch & learn every video he ever has done………definite must see material if you guys havent seen All his info- material. god bless him……… true modern day Hero……You Rock.”
“David Lishin: vor 2 Tagen: so honest & high I.q. & big hearted genuine nice guy… service to others…… he lost so many / much to inform us…… God bless Emery. always. great example of what humanity should strive to be like much love & respect………. thank you.”
“Cynthia Marie Brewer: vor 1 Stunde: Corporations are disembodied entities that have no valid claim whatsoever over human beings or embodied entities. It is a man that makes that law and or policy.”
“Delores Newman: vor 3 Monaten: Thank you. I have been waiting a long time for this moment. I hope I live long enough to see it.”
“TheBloodcleaner: vor 1 Monat: this is one of the coolest guys out there ….put his life on the line ..why ? Heaven awaits.”
“Cynthia Marie Brewer: vor 1 Stunde: Emery it is not just the cracks that are doing this. It is all of society that will call you crazy and dishonor what you’re saying in there some weird way being of trying to be good people. They do just as much damage to the disclosure as those that are doing the horrible deeds.”
“Cynthia Marie Brewer: vor 1 Stunde: The entire reason that all of this stuff is being with held is because of the patent dang, copywriting and trademarking of that which God gives to messengers and is taken without any type of compensation whatsoever including the use and benefit of the top technologies and science.”
“Samsonian: vor 2 Wochen: Emery Smith, all I can say is I salute your integrity and courage. If only the people that don’t agree with what you’re doing had some of that; but they are chickenshits who are content to spend money to get rid of you and won’t even face you. No matter what happens, I and I’m sure a very large amount of people (that know who you are) support everything you do and value the fact you have the papers, guts and conviction to carry this through. We all want you to survive as long as possible; you still have so much to contribute to humanity and more importantly…humanity owes YOU the chance to rebuild your life and be able to enjoy and love people and animals in your life as much as they get to enjoy and love you.”
“TOPAZ: vor 1 Woche: Great interview! A more serious and down to earth Emery Smith!”
“Praxedis Lindsey: vor 4 Monaten: He who controls the Spice…controls the universe…!!!”
“Supratim Roy: vor 2 Wochen: My only question is does India have such compartmentalized black projects?”
“Curt Urweider: vor 1 Woche: I would rather live happy than live in fear , NO QUESTION.”
“SUNGOD SPIRIT: vor 1 Woche: Soooo……… I can order the best camera in the world for just under 1 mil??? heh… sign me up!!!”
“Stuart Hayward: vor 1 Woche: Simply waiting until Mother Earth forces us to change only plays into the hands of agenda 21, (depopulating 90% of all human being’s)
While it’s entertaining to listen to this guy and the others he mentioned, their message is the same, do nothing. “Coming forward” and just talking, changes very little in the scheme of things.
A man can move mountains,’ and each of us have unlimited power if we’d only use it and take action!”

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