Emery Smith What I Have Seen Would Change the World As We Know It

“Emery Smith What I Have Seen Would Change the World As We Know It”
“New Technologies that are already here some of the things that I’ve invented and some of the things that many many inventors that I know thousands who are just scared to come out with it you know because you know it’s very it’s a very scary thing you know it’s very hard to go up against the government I can tell you that and go up against the corporation’s which run the government yeah and then there’s the religious factor in there too which we
won’t get into.. “nobody wants to be the first” I’m going to be the first.. (Emery Smith)”
“Brilliant..a member of the audience asked why would benevolent extraterrestrials help in a secret effort inside an underground facility whyl other extraterrestrials may have at some stage been tortured or even killed?”
“Yeah, it’s a good question, it’s changed a lot since .. the stories you’ve guys been hearing yeah and you’d have to understand I went in in the in the late 80s 1990 it would have had happened I think is it was more beneficial to keep the extra-terrestrial alive and gain information than to torture them or you know cause we were more interested in torturing homeless people and Runaways and things like that in these deep horrible facilities and utilizing their
DNA as basically just using them as science experiments, so as for the ETS now, the ETS are so compassionate the
ones that I have worked with that they self-sacrifice.
(Emery Smith)”
“They want us to get better, they don’t want this planet to be destroyed this planet is honestly like the Disney
world of the universe. I mean they come to fly my to look at it okay it’s like you know it’s an amazing planet as such a diversity of species and amazing other elements you know that they don’t need but it’s not not all
planets are like you see in the movies. I’ll tell you that much and they’re more interested I think in volunteering these extraterrestrials, the ones I worked with that either were .. they crashed here or and they’re like well how could they crash I said you know once you’re into 3d ok there’s many dimensions you fall under the same laws in the 3d ok and you might have some more advanced stuff than I do but you can still get
shot ok you can still fall and crash and burn and this and this happens from time to time and I think I believe you know through my experience that these ETS volunteered to help and stay because they felt so bad for us because of the trajectory that we were going to was not one we were going to come out of and then they would be forced to come in and help and the thing is people want to know why they just don’t come right now and help like because they were once us and we have to evolve and make mistakes and learn to become better and conscious
beings, in order for us to get to this next level whatever you guys believe in to go amongst the stars and and to
become …active citizens of the universe. (Emery Smith)”
“We need to speak up, we need to have more meetings like this, we need to educate, because it’s all about
educating the world ..educating the children especially right now, the most important thing ….they’re the ones that’s gonna like to make the change… I mean we’re gonna start …we’re the catalyst, you guys are the catalyst , but we also need to teach the younger ones and guide them in their right way and say hey we don’t need to hate this person, because ….. and we need to start eliminating the ego with with the corporations and the countries and stand up and tell the truth and come forward and I came forward because I wanted more people, more scientists like myself to come forward, which they have, since I’ve come forward there’s actually three more they’re coming forward. This year that you’re gonna see and to… validate some things so it’s a it’s an exciting time but it is hard to take that first step because I mean look what happened to me I lost everything … I mean they knew I
was gonna be a problem, but at the same time I they need me for something, just in case. (Emery Smith)”
“Well I’m concerned about… the different types of religions out there because you know you’re taught something your entire life .. and it’s just going to school of public schools and things like this your tots up your whole life and then you you think you know everything and as my mother said you still die stupid. [Laughter] … and she says you can learn everything but you’re still gonna die stupid and I said not me
…no and I wouldn’t … but it was a funny thing and this is what’s going on is .. you learn this you believe it when your heart so much and you know we’ve all been through this in certain small ways and and and I think a lot of you can relate to this where you believe in someone or you believed in something and you invested in this and you got to a point, after many years, maybe a couple decades even, and it was wrong, you were lied to you know, it wasn’t exactly what you believed it to be and it’s a letdown and then you have to make this decision , okay, this might be wrong what do I want to do do I just want to go kill myself or do I want to move forward and be productive do I want to get with some people and try to work and understand why this happened … and that has to do with education and allowing the people to understand thought I heard something and allowing the people to understand … why is this craft sticking out of Antarctica right .. Gaia is gonna do disclosure… Gaia, the planet is melting here and you’re not gonna be able to hide this stuff much longer and it’s gonna be there and it’s gonna be for everyone to see…the Pope came forward and did say something to the fact that extraterrestrials do exist and they are children of God and then that was it so they’re getting ready they have the world’s largest observatories I mean they’ve been studying the Stars…
(Emery Smith)”
“.. asked about the healing process that et’s use is not something that is simply the power of belief that heals them or are they utilizing, a technology to heal themselves as well?”
Now they have technology like we have technology even a lot of their crafts are grown and they an actually you know heal itself but the bodies that they have now and the suits that they use have like nanotechnology.. that are that’s
inside their bodies that can repair something very very quickly, so if you were to break your bone … within
something very very quickly so if you were to break your bone you know within seconds there would be these nanomites
in there of some type of material that would you know put that right together yeah yeah and then it would you know
make sure you can run away or get away.. absolutely I have been injected with nanomites, recently at one of the conference’s few months ago at Denver where they just bumped into me three agents at different times through my suit and they tagged me and we have pictures of that I think online, someone has …and these things could wreak havoc in your body and track you, but luckily I have a team that specializes in this and I immediately went to them, had these things removed from my body, but yeah they can wreak havoc , they can do lots of things even sometimes a cause cancer and mind control and make … say things and do things that you normally wouldn’t do. (Emery Smith)”
“UAMN TV: Am 24.01.2019 veröffentlicht: Emery will expand on his experiences underground in one of the worlds best kept secrets. Furthermore, Emery have extensive experience with advanced technology (E.g. Anti-Aging technologies, Trans dimensional technologies, Biological Consciousness Assisted technology, etc.) and Extra Terrestrial Biological Analysis, working with otherworldly creatures, ranging from samples to full-size beings.
They are trying to perfect portal technology by not using earth grid points. So they are trying to do it electronically. He was part of a program on a team, Smith was a medic that went through these portals to different civilizations, possibly different planets to collect just very small samples of plants and minerals and dirt.”
“Jamie Gorman: vor 1 Monat: Zero Point Energy/Free Energy, and Anti Gravity tech both exist, are both hidden from the public! Imagine when this is finally released. Countries and Cities will live in the sky. No more lives lost to natural disasters.
Cherrie Mckinstry: vor 1 Monat: Remember the Star trek episode of cities in the sky. The privileged..
DeaDio TheáTheo: vor 1 Monat: Astroboy animated movie too. The sky cities will be only for the privileged.”

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