Biblical Characters are Based on Egyptian Pharaohs

“Biblical Characters are Based on Egyptian Pharaohs”

“Every biblical patriarch was an Egyptian Pharaoh.”
“Archaeology experts have found absolutely no evidence what so ever that Hebrew Jews lived as slaves in Egypt or of their exodus from Egypt…… The plain truth is that Moses didn’t lead Hebrew slaves out of Egypt anymore then Chilton Heston did….. There is not one shred of archaeological evidence for the existence of Moses or of any of the bible’s main cast of Hebrew characters – from Abraham to Jacob to King David to King Solomon…… There is however plenty of evidence for the existence of Egyptian pharaohs who these biblical characters are based on…..
Evidence shows that the ancestral patriarch of the Hebrew Jews is Amenemhet the first and that his biblical name is Abraham. Since pharaoh Amenemhet worshiped the god Amen, are Amen and the biblical god the same god?
Since Yakubher is the Aramean name for Jacob, Egyptology experts interpret this as factual evidence that the biblical Jacob and the hyksos king Yakubher were one of the same,
Moses closely matches Thutmosis the third, even the names Moses and Thutmosis are almost identical.
King David reigned for 50 years, Egyptian history reveals that pharaoh Psusennes also ruled Canaan for 50 years at the same time as the biblical king David – both battled the same enemy called the sea people or philistines.
Pharaoh Siamun and King Solomon reigned at exactly the same time and fought the same enemies in Canaan called the Matani, the Hittites and the Philistines.”
“Charlie B Ed: Of course ..and they’re based on even older folks.
Wheelee Macky: and every egyptian pharaohs are based on sumerian characters.
Dennis Van Leijden: That´s why People still use “Amen” after prayer, derived from Amon or Amon-Ra. Also names are eerily similar.”
“Andrew Retrogroove: and the Egyptians descended from the Annunaki..”
“Kevin J. Blackman: Verified ✅”
“Mark van Leeuwen: Egypt was before Jesus.”

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