“Putin are Trump and whoever actually enemies when like I said they’re down there yucking it up the coffee shop okay so I want you to notice and pay attention to how the military and our governments have made everything about religion if you’ve got those eyes to see and ears to hear you’ll start picking up on that okay it’s in everything page 93 of the book soul catchers now that’s a pretty heavy hitting term right there soul catchers it is about your soul it always has been. Soul catchers and recording the entire life of every human listen to this you may have to rewind this and listen to it again just to get a hold of what is really being said here okay a cybernetic researcher in England developed an implantable microchip called the soul catcher its purpose is to record the electrical signals of the body for a person’s entire lifetime this means that every thought every heartbeat will be saved for eternity. Many civilian researchers don’t know that a much larger wireless version is already operational everybody’s so scared of the chip the chip the chip the chip and haven’t we all come along down that line I know I was like oh it’s gonna be a
chipper it’s gonna be you know whatever nobody is actually sure what the mark of the beast is going to be just to put it out there bluntly but when it comes if you’re a real if you’re a real and true Christian let’s hope you already gone in the rapture but otherwise maybe you were lukewarm riding the fence and then you click then went whoa I see well everything you know just like the show in the movies now you get it right I’m gonna tell you something I still believe the mark of the beast will be seen openly.
Satan is proud, I don’t think it’s gonna be some secret thing you know he has his that have already bowed down and there serving him and doing his will okay but I believe there’s going to come a time it’s going to be open you know where you’re going to receive it you’re going to be forced to receive it or reject it, your free will is going to be on the line you’re either going to take it or you’re not and I dare say if you’ve already lost your mind right now to his hivemind system how are you going to have the power to stand over here and say no I don’t want the mark of the beast right if you’ve already given him your mind how are you then going to say no to an actual mark on your hand or your forehead all right it’s already it’s already crunch time you guys everybody’s waiting for is coming is coming it’s far off but like I said a couple messages ago you know the Lord Jesus Christ I
already told pastor Phillip we’re already at the time of the mark of the beast and that’s what I said Satan has his elect the Luciferians who’ve already decided in their hearts they’ve already made up their mind who they want to serve but anyway let’s go on so they’re nothing you don’t have to be so scared about the chip because they’re already doing it wirelessly everybody’s looking at the chip but then they’re not roofer looking over here to know that they just doing it through frequencies to both ways okay so they said however if the neural link programs are not just recording a better name for the system would be the Soul Stealer or Body Snatcher, turning humans into robots so it’s put out there that it’s just recording everything you’re doing and thinking in your heartbeat and all the stuff what if though it’s not just recording and it’s also programming and
changing and have an effect on you you see there’s some truth right there this
is appropriately part of a military system called Satan silent assassination through adaptive networks and we already have known and seen and some things…that they’ve already admitted that the AI artificial intelligence is off the charts they don’t even know how to program and control it anymore it’s it’s updating controlling and running its own self alright…so taking you over and hooking you into the hive mind you were becoming a brainless slave to Satan’s system no free will no thinking for yourself he’s been testing his system for a long time now tweaking it and people have been being brought online already I see them almost daily like there’s no brain up there there’s just mush that they’re
dealing with and they’re and they’re just mimicking back the stuff that the fake news media puts out they’re not thinking for themselves if you speak something different they’ll rip you a new one and do not go and do the research and look into anything so those people are showing that they’re already online with Satan so I really don’t know how they’re gonna stand up and say no….What I want you to see us all these different people and see how their eyes are just whited out like a zombie like a demon like nobody’s home the lights are on and nobody’s home that’s what they look like right they’re all out there in these waters the sea of people right that Satan wants to control Satan is having his minions spray all of us with nanotechnology through the chemtrails he sneaking it into our food and medicine the scientists all say oh it will be great we will be connected right into the computer network which is another word for hive mind. The truth is he doesn’t want you to think he will not give you free will like God does, he will control your mind through frequencies and technology that’s what it’s called hive mind and I learned this from Kennedy in school hot because I don’t know I guess I miss it in school, but she taught me that in a colony all the little worker bees they do the work and they die, it is the queen that lives that’s a picture of Satan so he wants you to be his little busy bee just be a worker bee and then die and I what I have to say about all that is get the mind of Christ I keep saying this that’s 1st Corinthians 2:16 come to Jesus while you still have free will and you can still think for yourself.”
“He says they love their religious metaphors in the department of defense
now I want to tell you something I’ve already been revealing about Robert
Duncan that he’s not a professing Christian at all and he’s really using a lot of the Greek gods and mythology in his book and he’s belittling and mocking God in his book, so there is an ulterior motive for why they let him write that book ok now he’s downplaying the fact that they have set everything up based on religion and that is what has always been about.”
“He was being forced to go into the cloning centers ever since he was little and now he’s out there sharing this information I don’t know if he’s still alive or if he’s already been taken over and dead or whatever but he has been sharing truth he already shared that they could download a person’s consciousness onto a chip and put it into a clone and just programmed the person going forward from that point going forward say they killed off the person and they had all their stuff on a chip and they just popped it into a
clone of that person but that person’s really dead then they put it into the clone so the clone knows all the same people all the same experiences all the same stuff and then going forward they just programming from a computer, they’re already doing it, all right and Phil Schneider gave his life to share the truth with us, he shared that the aliens which are fallen angels, the demons, Nephilim-Titan mixture are feeding on us and that they call us bags of food and this reminds me of the unsaved Jews or the imposter Jews,
however you want to look at them that are calling us useless cattle, click doesn’t it click, doesn’t it make, sense uh-huh.”
“The seeds grown from plant like pods replace sleeping people with perfect physical duplicates with all the same knowledge memories scars etc, but are incapable of human emotion or feeling the human victims disappear forever. I tell you this matches with what Donald shared to us also he said it’s when he would fall asleep and hit the rim sleep that he would be switched on at the cloning Center said that they hadn’t made a clone of him there he was at his own physical home and when he would fall asleep then
they would flip the switch and he would be at the cloning centre right he said also people that experienced a in this people that experience what’s called what the world calls sleep paralysis…think about what goes on when you sleep and how many movies warn you don’t go to sleep what was that Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street that whole thing
was who stay awake stay awake don’t go to sleep don’t the boogeyman is gonna get you when you go to sleep right why is that because when we are relaxed like when we go to sleep you’re more open for attacks… Donald’s shared that they’re growing people at the cloning center in about five months now and that floors and throws most people off trap because they’re they’re still stuck over here with this a sci-fi this is not real they can’t do that because they’re not telling you on the fake news on the mainstream media fake news that they’re doing all of this so because you haven’t heard it there then you don’t believe it meanwhile you know Satan’s running his game yeah I remember him sharing something about them taking some skin cells and somehow sparking them through frequencies or igniting them to stimulate them together to start growing we’re not talking about getting the egg in the petri dish and get the other thing and do whatever how they were doing that as they purport it to grow Dolly the lamb no we’re talking about a different type of cloned okay now he said sometimes they just take a person’s body say one of them let’s just take
Rockefeller for example he’s about to die cuz even though they’re trying to find eternal life and go around God to do it they’re not trying to do it through Jesus Christ they’re trying to figure out a way to live forever so let’s say when one of those old cronies starts to die they’ve got their stuff already recorded it they’ve been doing it on their own selves on themselves as Kennedy would correct me so they just take that and maybe they put it into a whole totally different person they can do that too that’s why I thought about the body snatchers because they can take a real live person and override their junk or put their stuff their consciousness into that person and as well they can just keep cloning themselves and pop the thing into a clone maybe for all intents and purposes we believe they died but maybe they’re still rolling in a different body they called them sleeves they call this a container see they’re doing stuff all the movie goes on and says the
duplicates only live five years remember these seeds that came down from outer space and duplicated that person and took over that person took over that person and the person no longer exists that also reminded me of what Donald and Phil hared about how that little scary-looking thing that supposedly sits on the Queen’s lamp shoots out his whatever probiscus or something and it goes into the person’s eye and then it goes up into their brain stem or does whatever all in that person just ceases to exist it’s like a parasite that takes over the host all of that reminded me of this because it said that the person the actual person ceases to exist you can also pair that with the fact that they know how to remove a person’s soul, they have a process and they are holding them in containers and if you don’t know these things first of all you have got to go and search our website and put in
clones and you’ve got to go catch up on all of that information first before you just say they can’t do that that’s fantastical you better go watch those messages and do your homework and pray about it alright so it goes on the duplicates live only five years and cannot sexually reproduce, consequently if unstopped they will quickly turn earth into a dead planet and move on to the next world. Donald also shared that those clones that they’re growing so quickly don’t live very long because they start breaking down they’re not the same as a real human body that the Lord God Almighty created, so they break down quickly interesting how there’s all these similarities right and we also know that the aliens Fallen Angels Nephilim Titan whatever that whole mixture is, soul, that they have been experimenting on humans and that they’ve been trying to figure out how to live on
forever and how to keep their race going because they can’t reproduce now you could say well then how they mate with the women and a lot of people get stuck on that they forget about the when they take on a human appearance and they look like humans and all of that but a lot of this is brought out in the Book of Enoch which is not part of our Bibles, so I’ve sort of gotten to where I don’t really speak about that a whole lot and so then it just leaves loose ends and so I will at least say this God didn’t reveal everything to us but he’s given us enough that we can put it together and know okay so one of the duplicate invaders claims this is what humans do use up resources wipe out indigenous populations to destroy ecosystems in the name of survival the novel has been
adapted for the screen four times the first film invasion of the body snatchers in 1956, 1978, 1993 and then in 2007 look how many times they’ve been retelling that story they really want to drive that one home look how many times
it’s been redone and put out there okay here’s here’s the latest.”
“If you read that right there in the King James it says a watcher and a holy one came down from heaven it sounds like two different beings right well how it should read
this is from the interlinear Bible is a watcher even a holy one came down from heaven let’s talk about the same thing a lot of times King James will do that it’ll say what it is and then it’ll give a further description but the way that it’s written there now ..but it makes it sound like well who’s what’s what one it was a holy angel a watcher is what Daniel calls it came down now continuing with the book of contents tricks, illusions and the psychology of magic. Chapter 3 has designing Demigods, active in NSA, CIA, DoD systems, a demigod just so you know is a being with a partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity the offspring of a god and a mortal, of a fallen angel and a mortal woman or a mortal raised to a divine rank and the mortal would be raised to divine rank, because it made it with a fallen angel or because it deified himself like what’s-his-face Nimrod and his mother / wife and Tammuz .. and they were worshipped as gods and they continued to be worshipped as gods to this day by our military and our governments and the Luciferians the Vatican the Jesuits the list is so long you guys.”
“So here’s the thing God already knew he knows everything from the beginning he knows the beginning right the end
from the beginning he knows it all so he knew that Esau was going to reject him and sound will care about God and his
blessing and his things right in his way, so the Luciferians loved Edom because Esau did not care about God in his
blessing let’s go on the table of contents further says the ghost in the machine and demons of destructions. They have a
program called TAMI. T period a period m period I when you look at that unscrambled that for sure is making fun
of God’s name I am. Then they have a program called Christ
we already talked about the one called Satan they have death doctors and Angels of Death and when I’m time talking about
our governments in our military have named programs after all the things in the Bible after all of these religious Christian terms and you have to ask yourself why all right why are they using everything from God’s Word the spirit realm is real and Satan is mocking and mimicking God and he’s been naming everything after biblical terms and trying to bring in confusion many people don’t really study the Word of
God to even understand all of this so when you’re reading Robert Duncan’s book or something from Ronnie Kilde or
whoever you’re not really getting it, because you haven’t really studied God’s Word and really sought him and reached
out to Jesus Christ for this stuff to pop off the page to you so pray for God to give you spiritual eyes ins and ears
to hear and see what he’s saying to you okay let’s look at Exodus 12 23 for the Lord will pass through to smite or strike the Egyptians and when he sees the blood upon the lintel and on the two side post or the doorpost this is talking about the door of the Israelites homes being spread with that blood when they work in captivity to Egypt it goes on and says the Lord will pass over the door and the interlinear just says the Lord will pass over and will not suffer or will not allow the destroyer to come in to your houses to strike or to smite you this is a picture or this is talking about the destroying angel or the death angel do you see they were making programs after this since you want us
why it’s because it’s coming out of Scripture
and here’s another scripture reference about that second Samuel 24 16 and when the angel stretched out his hand upon
Jerusalem to destroy it the Lord repented him of the evil the interlinear says the Lord repented as to the evil, so
he stopped him and said to the angel that destroyed the people it is enough stay now your hand or stop your hand so stop and the angel of the Lord was buy the threshing place of Arana the Jebusite when you read that you have to
read the whole passage before and behind to get the full bite or to understand what’s really being said the context of
it right you find out that King David had taken a census of the people so he counted all the people up to find out
how big his military was and that was a sin because who was he supposed to look to and trust in who fought for him who
fought for Israel the Lord God Almighty, he’s the same one who fights for you and I.. seventy thousand men died because of the sin of the king and you can read that whole..
they continue as says voodoo doll no touch torturer all
of this that they’re doing with the directed-energy weapons they’re doing it from far around the world through
satellites and frequencies and they’re not having to be right there to touch the person Dawn of the Damned that is about the RAPHAIM and let’s read about that Isaiah 26 19 and I will
tell you that I have brought this out thoroughly
probably in the nephilim teaching series if you want it to look at that more okay says my dead men shall live together
with my dead body shall they arise awake and sing ye that dwell in the dust for your do is as the dew of herbs the
interlinear says the dew of lights and the earth shall cast out the dead and the interlinear says and departed
spirits that’s RPHAIM shall make the earth fall you don’t get the full picture in the King James for some reason but the interlinear tells you more departed spirits will make the
earth fall, this is prophetic so because you could say well …Satan he was fallen angel angels are spirit beings then he made the earth fall we fell into sin right but this is a future time okay now they also have something called operation Noah’s Ark downsizing the human race that goes
right… and remember they have their fake weather reporting agency called NOAA is the acronym for that and remember
because they have us a fake weather program because remember they’re creating and manipulating Leyton the weather through their chemtrails and their frequencies and HAARP and their you know radio frequency to all the stuff that they’re doing
messing with the ionosphere and spraying out the chemicals and met up I amazing everything with their metals that they’re spraying out, so anyway they have their fake weather reporters all right page 223 says many CIA DoD scripts for
neuro communication wargames use religious metaphor the Holy Ghost and I always say from what I can tell it was he was always called Holy Spirit, is often called Colonel Casper the ghost now if you are as old as me I’m fifty now… God’s
angels and demons are often called Gabriel’s visit and satanic cults and see what they’re saying here is they’re
using all these religious terms but they’re doing all this through technology so now you have both. God can still send an angel actual angel to speak to someone or they can do it
through a 3d hologram and make the person believe that Gabriel came to see them you see now you have to you God
told us in his word test the spirits to know if they’re of God right…most of the church’s asleep and doesn’t even know
how far Satan has gone with his tricks and what he’s doing his witchcraft alright.. religious metaphors from Roman to
Christian permeate the naming of many military weaponry, such as an angel fire for an anti-missile defense system on jet fighters HAARP HAARP for a global communication and
directed energy weapon system in Alaska and ain’t just in Alaska it’s around the world maybe that’s the only one named
HAARP but they have many of those facilities. Medusa or Gabriel voice of God weapons using electromagnetic induction they’re plainly telling you that they’re trying to mimic God with a voice of God weapon alright look at this picture.”

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