5G – War on Humanity – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

“Whoever controls the Internet controls all those devices, they call this the Internet-of-Things. I was warning about
this, way back in my books, long before it was rolled out, the Internet of Things, but they want to go one step further which is to create something called the Internet-of-Everything and that is when they attach the human brain, the human body brain to the Internet via artificial intelligence and to do that, to create this Internet of Things and to create this internet of everything, they need telecommunication power of 5G and
that’s why it’s being played out without any testing won’t take no for an answer. (David Icke)”
“Now every thought, every emotion, is a frequency, gives off a frequency, if you can fire at people that frequency which is absolutely possible through this 5g technology and 5g level of power you can make those thoughts that those frequencies represent and those emotions manifest in people if you want to start a riot for instance then you fire the frequency that would make people responding in fury and anger and rage and you’ll get your bloody riot, we need it a little spark and off you go, this is not what’s coming there’s already being done, but 5g allows this to be taken on to a totally new level of effectiveness, the idea too because of course as what I’ve been
warning about all these decades becomes bloody obvious in terms of what’s happening, they know that there’s going to be a reaction against it of what this 5g web grid is about on that level is firing out frequencies that will make people docile.. and not respond, make them like zombies. this is where we come
back to the conductivity of the body, it’s an antenna, it works as an antenna when it’s left to its own devices and these people are using those antenna properties to make us decode and
interact with these frequencies, meant to dictate our mental, emotional and well as physical state. Now if they’re going to
do that and they’re going to do it globally and that’s the idea that there can’t be any escape from it, it’s any escape from it
and you’ve not got everybody in your electromagnetic web, so as well as these little and tunne all the way down the streets pumping this stuff out they’re doing it from space. I have been warning about this for so long… details about the twenty thousand satellites earmarked for beaming 5g radiation at us from space and why this is a bad idea. (David Icke)”
“They have to have the power of 5g the first two 5g test satellites were launched by SpaceX in February 2018 hundreds of
other satellites are expected to be launched in 2019 the full set of 20,000 satellites could be put in orbit or in the next two years to put this into perspective as of September 2017 there were 1738 operating satellites in orbit around the earth this means that the number of satellites possibly within two
years will be 11 times greater than what we have now. (David Icke)”
“5G – War on Humanity – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast”
“Renee Debevits: vor 1 Woche: Here in Florida the wealthiest area where President Trump has his Palm Beach home refused to allow 5G on the island! What does that tell you?”
“EXPOSURETV3: vor 1 Woche: It’s time to leave the cities and head to the hills and become self reliant and grow your own food… I Live In The Woods.”
“Paula Cannon: vor 1 Woche: Cover your number plates put on a mask let’s pull down every 5G tower and light and keep smashing them to bits until they stop putting them up this is down to the people WHOs WITH ME ;)
“Rob Alston: vor 1 Woche: The muppet sheeple have been zombified and won’t care..”
“Richard Gray: vor 1 Woche: All those beautiful trees, many of which have been around for over 100 years, being culled and for what?! So snowflakes with a bad attitude and no respect for anyone, smartphone zombies, can download movies a mere few seconds quicker? There is no hope for humanity.”
“Jefferson Betini: vor 1 Woche: My concern and fear is the ignorance and disinterest of many people about the danger of 5G.”
“Prisoner Press: vor 1 Woche: Yes it is a giant kill grid. They’ve herded mass amounts of people into cities, and now they’re building antennas all around and throughout them to cook them alive. Extremely similar to what Hitler did, but on a more massive scale…”
“Cal Mit Mit: vor 1 Woche: 5g is a genocide.. global…”
“Eric Linz: vor 1 Woche: And it rains down from satellites in orbit. Like laser beams each communication will be direct and targeted to a specific location.”
“Sanguine Shade: vor 1 Woche: For fuck sake Eric Linz, it can be made omnidirectional just like any micro wave shut the hell up!”
“Gone Fishing Kingfish: vor 1 Woche: In the near future you won’t need a smartphone because you will be a smartphone.”
“max lex. vor 1 Woche: Even a child could see how obvious it is,adults are afraid to admit it real..thanks David.”
“Big Chief: vor 1 Woche: This is sickening! As long as we’re under government control we’re slaves and there will always be wars. We need to get rid of evil governments!”
“Pat Fitzgerald: vor 1 Woche: I brought the ‘thumbs-up’ count from 666 to 667 … just thought I would mention that.”
“Joker: vor 1 Woche: Just destroy every 5G antenna you see!
Use them for target practice!”
“love theworld: vor 1 Woche: I’ve been thinking they are not trying to make AI robots they are trying to turn us into them. Gender neutral.”
“MrParkinthedark: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): Something seriously wrong with 5G, youll notice they keep delaying it too…. All bad news, 4G works just fine for me. If they somehow trial 5G, I will refuse, Ill stick with 4G.”
“MrParkinthedark: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet) :
Something seriously wrong with 5G, youll notice they keep delaying it too…. All bad news, 4G works just fine for me. If they somehow trial 5G, I will refuse, Ill stick with 4G.”
“Flynn Vornigold: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): There is a way to stop “this” and “them”. It requires knowledge, sustained care, courage, and action..”
“Lena !: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): In Sweden brain cancer has increased with 167% since 2001. Plus mental “health care” now consume 5% of the Swedish GNP. And noone act to obviate the causes, such as EMF. Happy Nobel Prize 2019!”
“Cheryl Ambrose: vor 1 Woche: Mental health care etc is bo**ocks…they take normal human emotions and turn it into a mental illness…”
“Iconclastic Fantastic:vor 1 Woche: Swedenistan is finished anyway.”
“ron power: vor 1 Woche: This is the beast system.”
“Maria Soleada: vor 1 Woche: First of all WIRELESS IS ILLEGAL. It has no right to enter our houses / apartments and no right to ASSAULT OUR BODIES in or out of our living spaces !”
“Viking Raiders: vor 1 Woche: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Native Europeans.”
“Elizabeth Saint: vor 1 Woche: SMART clothing. Micro-level dust size Listening devices Wear 100 percent wool and 100 percent flax only 🙂 Q”
“Pfirtzer: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): It is quite easy to solve the 5G problem: just don’t buy smartphones, don’t use wifi,talk in person to people. Most of people don’t know how to communicate with eachother face to face.”
“MrZillaman73: vor 1 Woche: Straight from Israehell to the Goyim but not for them?”
“Wee Man: vor 1 Woche (bearbeitet): The mysterious hum sound heard arround the world , was diagnosed as tinnitus when they switched from analogue to digita£ – Because its the only practice known to medical science.”
“RankingRobert: vor 5 Tagen: thanks for your 3 decades long commitment David (and congrats for not losing it)”
“Necr0v0id: vor 3 Tagen: G is for Genocide!”
“Barsh Ko: vor 3 Tagen: 5g, not for me! It is already happening now has been for years just finally heading full throttle into their 5th age!………like that “V” series, movie with alien holograms, Nano viruses pre programmed by A.I (Inter dimensional entities) Nano tech in the atmosphere watching listening to your thoughts with the Matrix Quantum computer (The Saturn machine) with Smart dust … get that parasitic black goo out of you while you still can, but maybe don’t let the devil know you’re cashing out on your bad moment to moment learned habits, because who do you think the devil is ; )”
“Gary Hewitt: vor 3 Tagen: Sadly,the majority are sad bastards who rather play with a phone then smile and say goodmorning.”
“leddie leady: vor 4 Tagen: looks like i’m going have to go out and buy myself a lead suit.”
“Elizabeth Saint:; vor 1 Woche: The zombie effect is OBSERVABLE today on school children who work their ASSIGNMENT in classrooms and after school on their computer on homework that is computer based. ”
“Edna Blackburn: vor 1 Woche: God is coming …”
“Sirius All Stars: vor 1 Woche: The European Union massively encourages Member States to invest public money (taxes) in companies deploying 5G networks. So it’s totally clear which side they stand.”
lucky sol: vor 6 Tagen: WWW.DISMANTLE EVIL CIA.COM 👺”
“Lari-Pekka Lampinen: vor 1 Woche: Government doesn’t run the world, Your perception does.
“T D: vor 3 Tagen: Tell that to the Palestinian children Gaza Orphans you friggin Doink!”
“danceabout1: vor 1 Woche: satilites would be taken down by our cosmic brothers,… i dont think theyd let them fry us.”
“Kevin Ashcroft: vor 1 Tag: Just another distraction that western “liberals” are keen to create ; to persuade the materialists to comfort buy and so boost the economy.”
“rustyscrapper: vor 2 Tagen: Canada has had 5G internet for years. I keep hearing about this and I really don’t know what is true. My home internet has 2 wifi options, you can connect to 3G or 5G but the 5G is faster, the 3G has better range, or so Telus says.
We don’t have 5G wifi boosters on every street pole yet though. I can see why if 5G can cause health problems having a city just plastered with powerful boosters every block is going to have a lot stronger effect then one little household modem.”
“Barsh Ko: vor 3 Tagen: Vegan hipster yuppie smug farts could probably save the planet!”

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