10 Reasons You Should Delete Facebook

I doubt that this will convince many people, because the take-over of society via Globalism (Deceptive Capitalism on Steroids)/Technocracy/Skynet/Neuro-Society/Artificial Intelligence/NWO/Internetocracy/Transhumanism/Mobile Radiation Cabal/ Chemtrails/Facebook/Zion/CIA/NSA/DOD/DARPA/DIA/Corporate Military Alphabet Crime Shadow Gov Inc. has long been finished and quasi perfected, especially in terms of maximum division and extreme censorship, but it belongs definitely into the conspiracy chronicles.
“10 Reasons You Should Delete Facebook”
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Facebook has had a rough time this year, to the extent that people have been deleting their profiles. Here are 10 reasons why you should think about doing the same…”
1. Addiction
2. Data Mining
3. The Facebook False-Narc-Self
4. Extreme Politics / Political Polarizations
5. Fake News – Fake News spread 6 times faster than real news
6. Behavior Modification / Mind Control / Brain Intrusion
7. Productivity Loss / Time Loss / Stress / /Time Stealing
8. Tracking / Spying / Implanting / Predictive-AI
9. Happiness / Social Neglect
10. The Facebook Trend and Hype might be over.
/ Less up to Zero Feedback. (2019/2018/2017 Censorship Algo 1:1000 – 1:10000 (Organic Virality only with audacious pricings – very little to no Cyberterror from U.S. Military – except December 2017 with a CoIntelPro2/Zionazi/ARPA/CIA/DIA/DOD/NSA Pentagon Psywar Malicious Narcopathic Chaoswitch Aura Rifat Style Satanic Panic Projection (Torsionfield up and down torture -shock and awe- tactics) (Main Dark Archontic Repto Zeta Node – Lemurian Vampire Dark Crystal Tech) – Major Metaphysical Demonic – Attack Series and June 2018 nano-remote choke attack) in comparison to 2011/2012/2013 ~ 1: 500 – (Organic Virality without payment, but the price to pay was getting a lot of Cyberterror and Trojans (Deploy.Akamai.Zombiehost) from U.S. Military) / Uneffective Internet Networking.
(Except if you are a Plutocrat and willing to pay for virality aka Market Distortion via unfair means)

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