Paul Hellyer talks 9/11, the banking cartel, global warming, and Roswell

“Paul Hellyer talks 9/11, the banking cartel, global warming, and Roswell”
“Near Death Experiment: Am 26.06.2017 veröffentlicht.”
“It was kind of ironic here that it was the CIA bringing in German Nazi Scientists and engineers in one hand
another group and CIA out looking for Nazis which got into the country somehow to throw them out, but that’s the way the
world works and just about them some UFO crashed near Roswell New Mexico and they were as will you well know, this group knows, were not the first crashes, but neither in the United States nor in the world, but it was the first ones that got prominence and it became a watershed in publicity in my early days in this business the first question people would asked me is: do you know about Roswell? And I was pleased to be able to say that I had some small inkling of what had happened. It was
on Tuesday July the 8th 1947 at 11:00 a.m. mountain time that Colonel William Blanchard commander of the Roswell Army Airfield put out a press release saying that they had recovered a flying disc and this was reported in the local papers, that was the truth, hours later Brigadier General Roger Ramey said
no that was a mistake …and that was a lie, it was not only a lie and incidentally I don’t think the Brigadier General did it on his own, I think he had been ordered to do it … but it was the cornerstone stone lie and what has become a culture of untruths and disinformation, well, then as you know President Truman and established MJ-12/MJ12 with virtually dictatorial powers in respect of UFOs of the et file it passed the National Security Act with its provision of right to know which I really didn’t take us seriously for quite a long while as I do now. I think it has been used to screen a lot of people who might otherwise have been in the loop and to make it very difficult
to really find out exactly what has been going on, meanwhile the group that was backengineering one of the vehicles captured at Roswell, moved to Nevada and set up operations there and of course there were secret operations. (Paul Hellyer)(2017)”
“To go out and take a look around and I guess both the Area 51 and S4 and they reported back exactly what was expected and that was that they were backengineering one of the crafts that had crashed near Roswell and this was really I think the experience that led to the general making that famous statement in his last address to the people of the United States his farewell address, where he said to beware of the military-industrial complex and what he was really talking about was to be aware of the fact that a lot of very highly sensitive things , including the UFO and the ET file was perhaps in the wrong hands, I wish he come out and say that, but I can understand why he didn’t, it was what we call political language and
unfortunately unlike what most look with like most prophets we did not pay any attention to him we’ve read the speech many times we pulled it from it, but no real action was taken and that dear friends is in my opinion one of the principal reasons why the world is in such a mess today. Meanwhile this original Council of Foreign Relations planned.. reinforced by Nazi scientists had picked up some allies, most important the Bilderbergers. Bilderbergers started as a European group and then spread ..they had some noble ideas of new unity, in the early days, but then they came a self interest group and the most secretive and in my opinion one of the most dangerous secret groups in recent history. (Paul Hellyer)(2017)”
“and they came back and set up the trilateral commission and
then you had the three, you had the Bilderbergers, the trilateral commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and
in my books I called them the three sisters. Most important the Bilderbergers and their associates the Bavarian Illuminati
brought a new dimension to the whole thing and from that group really came what I and others have called the Cabal, they are the Apex of the Cabal and they include the banking cartel, because the major bankers of the world are all represented in the Bilderbergers and then next to them was the Oil Cartel and
then next to them or the CEOs of the transnational corporations , then the intelligence agencies: CIA, the FBI, the NSA, all-seeing eye, the MI6, the British MI6 and the Israeli Mossad
and more and then I a huge huge slice of the U.S. Military and together they have been running the United States and much of the world for decades and the end game is a New World Order which was announced by George Bush Senior when he was the president and it sounded like Utopia, it sounded like peace and prosperity for everyone in the world forever and had a wonderful ring to it, but he must have known as a former director of the CIA some at least and maybe much of the score and what is really planned is an unelected totalitarian government of the world and you can call it what you like, people have called it fascist, they called it Nazi and recently some people have been calling it the Fourth Reich.
(Paul Hellyer)(2017)”
And the success they had had helped in large part by organizations like the New York Times, Washington Post, life and and other important news outlets which had attended at representatives at the Bilderberg meetings and which had taken
their oath and were playing their game. Well, the cabal learned from Hitler’s mistakes, instead of attacking in one country after another and getting the whole world upset and against them and immediately putting up resistance they decided that it would be that the pen was mightier than the sword and that
their strategy would be a combination of monetary system the banking system and trade agreements, in order to achieve
control according to professor Carroll Qquigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University. The cabal’s plan is the
brainchild of a clique of international financiers, quickly wrote, in tragedy and hope, in 1964, and I would like to quote from that: The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole, this system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world, acting in concert in
secret agreements, arrived at in secret private meetings and conferences, the Apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements, in Basel Switzerland. A private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. If you want to know how a
secretive they are not even Prime Minister’s, Presidents, Secretaries of Finance or finance ministers are allowed
to attend their meetings and they keep no minutes, this surreptitious scheme has been very successful in a globalized
economy, even Canadian officials and governments have swallowed it hook line and sinker instead of using the Bank of Canada which we own outright and which served us so well for 35 years, it helped create the money for the Government of Canada to get us out of the depression, that was there, I know, and then to help fight the war and we made the 4th largest contribution of
the Allied side and then after the war to help with the infrastructure requirements of the country, including this enlarged Seaway trans-canada highway, great new airport terminals and the dew line, the Uline for those of you who are not familiar with it was the distant early warning line that was put right around the periphery of the continent most of it
being in Canada so we paid the lion’s share of big high-powered radars to watch for Russian planes that might come her brother Soviet planes at that time might come across our lines and to help us establish a really first-class social security system and all of that was done without the accumulation of any significant amount of debt and in 1974 they changed the system , the Bank of Canada abandons its shareholders have started taking its orders from the BIS in Basel Switzerland and it’s been downhill ever since and we’ve been going into debt and when my good friend from the U.S. … told me how much interest we had paid, I really didn’t believe her, I had it checked out by the parliamentary research Bureau and we had from 1974 fiscal year to 2013-14 fiscal year paid one point one seven
trillion dollars in interest and all that unnecessary, if you can if you translate that into US terms you’re talking probably about Thirteen Trillion Dollars which is a lot of money when you get money from somebody who creates it out of nothing instead of having some of it at least created by your own central bank and now we find ourselves in the position where the Canadian government is trying to pass a Canada infrastructure bill, the Senate almost managed to get further
consideration of it but finally capitulated this last week and the principal aim of the bill unstated but true, will be, to allow the international banking control to bring back some of
their millions or billions of dollars in assets that they’ve had hidden offshore for the simple reason of not paying taxes, so there would be more taxes left for the rest of us to pay, especially the middle class and the poor and translate
that paper well into real assets on the ground by buying or building airports and ports and transportation systems and so on and getting an annual return of 739 2%. (Paul Hellyer)(2017)”
“So all we know is that the Cabal is out to get Trump and most
of the U.S. intelligence agencies, not all, there are lots of great people, but most of the U.S. intelligence agencies on balance support the Cabal and their New World Order, in some areas it is difficult to gauge how President Trump.. and because the U.S. is largely responsible in the first place, the plan of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex has been to a
continuous war, my friend Carol rosin who worked with Werner von Braun, the rocket scientist and was a spokesman for him
and Carol’s said that in his last year’s he said they have to have an enemy in order to justify these insanely large of military expenditures and so first it will be the Communists then it will be the terrorists and then it will be the ETS and that of course is the way that it seems to be working out but when the Cold War ended there weren’t enough terrorists the war to warrant a war and there could have been even fewer… (Paul Hellyer)(2017)”
“You won’t find it the kind of reading you like but it’s the kind of reading you should do if you want to know just how rotten the banking system really is and briefly a banking system has started out being able to lend that
same money twice and get interest from two different people maybe when they buy curriculum was first chartered reached the stage under Milton Friedman and deregulation where they’re lending the same money to 20 different people and
collecting interest from 20 different people organizations or governments, all at the same time, put another way they’re taking ninety five percent off the top, we had an investigation here recently in Montreal about the Sicilian the
Mafia that were taking two-and-a-half percent off the top of city contracts, here’s the banking system taking ninety five percent off the top of every loan they make and one of the two things that contain can tame the Cabal is a massive change in banking we have to change the balance of power and there’s only one way and that is government created debt-free money, a massive infusion and Canada should be leading the way instead of sitting on the sidelines, because we have done it, we know it works, we own our bank and we could start it in about two weeks, if we had a government that would read our history and then accept the responsibility we have to Canadians and to the world, to show what has to be done, the present Cartel is like a snake, it gets a country like this, it wines around it until it strangles it and that’s what happens to one country after another, including European Union… so the governments have enough money to
do the things that are essential for the needs of the people and this is becoming more and more necessary all the time as we have artificial intelligence and robots robots excuse me not rabbits, robots to do the work force I was
reading something the other day where robots are going to eliminate 50% of the employment in an industry, huge, well what are the other people going to do, there won’t be enough tax money to support them and so there’s something for them to do if we get the government in the money creation business, so they have some flexibility and that is to restore this beautiful planet, to undo the damage that they have done to it to provide more health care, all these pensions to look after people who need help, whether it’s the older, the disadvantaged, students who have problems, there are all kinds of positive things to do, but they mean government expenditures and not money that’s going to come from private enterprise and that’s the reason we have to get the system changed. I guess one of the reasons that War hasn’t happened in the u.s. is because one of the members of the cabinet is a former partner Goldman Sachs and it was a major fundraiser and that’s enough to make anyone think it’s cynical about the politics but the other thing is the reduction of military expenses. I know my time is just about up, so I’m going to race along here and we’re going in the wrong direction every US friend who says well they have to replace the money the armaments that they’ve used in the Middle East and I say we should go in the opposite direction and now an issue that concerned me when I went public in 2005 has come true. I was afraid that we might have the United States Air Force tackling some ships from outside the planet and that wasn’t possible for years, because we didn’t have the technology, but now they do and they’re starting to shoot down Alien ships and we don’t know who’s and we don’t know what the likely consequences are I know this I have a picture I got the other day of well not the other day a while ago of an alien ship being lifted out of the ocean by the United States Navy, so we must sign the treaty on the prevention of the placement of weapons in outer space, this treaty is the most important document of our time, two things are paramount, the US must recognize that war is obsolete, it can’t be fought, not successfully and start sharing power with China and Russia and all countries must change their priorities from spending more on armaments to spending less and changing priorities in favour of peaceful and humanitarian pursuits, global warming is out of control and we’re building pipelines that can only be amortized in 30 to 50 years and we’re fracking and we’re drilling more in the ocean, we must be suicidal, we’re out of our minds, our only war should be a war to save our planet and this is possible, in my book I said we had 10 years, now 7 years to win this war, we have the technology, the technology for cold fusion exists, we don’t have to invent it, it´s there, all we have to do is take it and do the adverse of what we did in World War 2, in World War 2 we took every automobile plant in the in the continent and every refrigerator plant and every washing machine plant and we converted them into
armaments and this made it possible to win the war, today we have to do the exact opposite and take those armaments plants who are keeping the wars going and convert them into plants to make those little boxes cold of zero-point energy that you can put into your car or your tractor or your truck or your airplane or your ship or your home and provide all the power you need and it would employ millions and millions of people, it is the only way that Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau can keep their promises and fire as far as jobs are concerned there is no other way there isn’t there’s nothing horizon which would come close to it, so we have to change the banking system which would provide us with the money to finance the zero point revolution that is necessary for the future of our planet and of our species, well, the species in particular and if the planet might survive so one has to be a little bit sympathetic to Trump, the Cabal is determined to stop em another or to get them, so it will be difficult to define the Cabal that it must be done as my book argues. Congress must resist rescind or at least suspend the National Security Act, so we can get the truth out
because there are thousands of people there are honest people who want to tell the truth and let us know what’s happening, but the penalties at the moment are just so great that they can’t take that risk, the Cabal in my opinion is very corrupt and as Dr. Steven Greer´s Book unacknowledged proves it.. in the end it is a moral and spiritual battle led by the West, led by the US worships the wrong gods, we have to turn back to the creator and his wishes for our planet and our people to change the balance of power, in favor of the poor, the unemployed, the sick and the disadvantaged as possible? Yes, is it probable? That depends entirely on us as individuals, we are writing our own histories and we will get what we produce, thank you very much. [Applause] (Paul Hellyer)(2017)”

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