Report # 88: Jian Liang, MK ULTRA Whistleblower on Surviving Modern-Day MK on Wall St, Gov, Military
“Report # 88: Jian Liang, MK ULTRA Whistleblower on Surviving Modern-Day MK on Wall St, Gov, Military”
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Am 18.10.2018 veröffentlicht
Empowering and thoughtful conversation with Jian Liang, an IT and mechanical engineering professional, and author of the book “MK-ULTRA NEVER ENDED: Absolute Mind and Soul Control In Government, Wall Street, and the Secret Space Program” recently released and testifying to remote RF mind control, abduction, torture, MK ULTRA splitting-of-personality into alters that are exploited for sex trafficking and slavery, covert implantation, and black operation usage in extremely unethical MILABS programs of genetic breeding, drug trial, and military espionage.
Explaining that her hope by coming forward is to educate the public and empower others, Jian Liang details the story of how she came to realize she was being trafficked against her will through methodologies of remote radio hypnosis, MK ULTRA operations of torture which created alters, drugs, and electronic dissolution of memory—which sounds like the documented and classic CIA 1960s usage of RHIC-EDOM or Radio Hypnotic Intra Cerebral Electronic Dissolution of Memory, used to create Manchurian Candidates…”
“The story revealed in her e-book reveals an extremely sinister side to the financial services industry Jian has worked in; Jian states that many in mutual funds and investment banking are being mind-controlled by MK ULTRA means, as also politicians and military personnel, in order to maintain control over their words and actions and thereby preserve control over the world economy, foreign policy, and the world power-play status quo. Those “controllers” or “handlers” behind such controlling MK operations on all including on her comprise the Illuminati, the secret societies, Satanists and others who are running extremely evil torture, child abuse, human sacrifice, and SRA operations worldwide. Owing much to the deprogramming psychologists whom she has worked with and who helped her recover buried experiences of torture as well as encounter unlikely alters created and set in place inside her—who could be activated by post-hypnotic triggers—Jian stresses the importance of deprogramming in a safe space with qualified and trained psychologists, but assures all putative MK Ultra survivors that deprogramming can indeed be done, and that the programmer lies which help anchor the alters during hypnosis and torture can indeed by dislodged by truth, faith in higher powers such as God, and belief in the core purity of one’s own true self. Jian also mentions how detoxing helped remove harmful nanotech from her body and how personal scanning helped her find implants. Keen to help others, Jian is setting up a website where she hopes to collect useful information for all. Please visit her website for more information, or write to her via email with information: and We briefly mentioned military black operations but did not discuss this in detail. Hopefully Jian will return for a Part 2 to cover this too—she has revealed a lot on this in her e-book.”

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