The Link Between Pharaohs and ETs – Alien Artifacts Discovered in Jerusalem

The Link Between Pharaohs and ETs – Alien Artifacts Discovered in Jerusalem
The discovery of several remarkable relics could change the way we perceive ancient history. The artifacts were allegedly discovered in former house belonging to Sir William Petrie, hidden in a secret chamber behind a bookshelf. A pioneer archaeologist, Sir Petrie excavated many of the most important ancient Egyptian archaeological sites.
His most famous findings are housed in the Petrie Museum in London but it seems he kept his most important ones to himself. It is believed he found them inside a secret chamber inside the Great Pyramid in Giza.
Among the many items found in the secret room were two small mummified bodies with long, slender arms and elongated heads with large eye sockets. Could these be the remains of extraterrestrial beings?
Another interesting relic was a disk-shaped gold object the size of a small plate. The object had a transparent top and an intricate mechanism inside. Unknown symbols were etched into its sides and they do not appear to be Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Last but not least and perhaps the most shocking is an item similar to a pharaoh mask. However, instead of the typical human face we might expect on such an item, this mask features a head that is identical to what we call ‘gray aliens’. The left side of the mask contains symbols that could very well be depicting alien encounters and what appears to be a spaceship.
Could these relics be the sought-after connection between the ancient Egyptians and an alien civilization? Strangely enough, Petrie mysteriously abandoned his efforts in Egypt and spent the remainder of his days excavating sites in Palestine. Perhaps he had uncovered clues that led him there.
It’s higly unlikely we’ll ever see these relics again as sources claim that shortly after their discovery, the artifacts were supposedly taken by representatives of the Rockefeller Museum.

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