Surgical Robot "Spirals Out Of Control", Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes

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“Surgical Robot “Spirals Out Of Control”, Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes”
“Robot surgeon ‘spiralled out of control’ after hitting nurse while doctors shouted at each other during pioneering operation that went catastrophically wrong and led to death of father of three…
A surgeon has described the tense atmosphere in an operating theatre as a pioneering robotic heart operation went catastrophically wrong.
At one point one of the assisting medics had his arms knocked by the robot… He missed a training session in Paris using a cadaver and another session at his own hospital because he was busy with other surgery…Mr Pillay said he thought they had ‘gone to the coffee shop’ for a break..Tensions between the surgeons led to shouting between them, he said.”
“According to reports, this first-time-use robot not only physically assaulted a living medic while attempting to conduct its programmed surgery, but also implanted stitches into the patient’s heart in a manner that physicians present during the fiasco described as not being in “an organised fashion.”
“A situation that can only be described as total chaos, with human surgeons, doctors, and nurses having to scream at each other in order to overcome the “tinny” sound coming from the robot as they were trying to control it, the attempted surgery ended up being nothing short of a complete failure. And in the end, retired music teacher …the guinea pig patient in this medical experiment, ultimately lost his life.
Lead surgeon admits that he was ill-prepared to operate the surgical robot, having skipped multiple training sessions
During a hearing that followed this catastrophe, lead surgeon Sukumaran Nair admitted that he lacked proper experience in controlling and using the surgical robot, stating that he was “running before he could walk.” In other words, it was truly a case of medical negligence and malpractice on steroids.
As later revealed by the U.K.’s Daily Mail Online, Nair not only missed a critical training session in Paris that would have taught him how to properly use the surgical robot, but he also wasn’t present for another training sessions that later took place at his own hospital, claiming that he was busy with another surgery at the time.

I had no idea of their timescale and that they were not staying for the duration,” he’s quoted as saying. “The proctors leaving was a crucial moment. The loss of that vital assistance was a major blow at a critical time.”
“Overseeing proctors were sipping lattes while surgical robot punctured…After the surgical robot improperly installed the stitches, they had to be removed and replaced by the real-life doctors who were still present, extending the surgical time and further putting Pettitt’s life at risk.”

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