Report #63: Richard Lighthouse – NASA Engineer Discusses Satellite Weapons, Civilian Abuse
Conspiracy Revelation: 18.8.2018: Very impressive infos, he explains it more clear and obvious than many others and how he irrefutable makes clear how the USAF, FBI, Alphabet Gangs are corrupted to enforce the silent holocaust against millions of Targeted Individuals that are falsely accused to not interrupt their worldwide “long-term” genocide and silent take-over and transformation of humanity into a zionic zombie-robot slave matrix.
“When the 50th Space Wing became the first operational wing at .. Air Force Base in 1992 was the exact same month that Harlan Girard
targeted individual reports that he was being hit with microwaves coming from a satellite straight overhead, absolutely directly overhead and he certainly was not the only one he’s simply the first one that was able to document it and so it becomes very
apparent that the weapon was never intended to intercept ballistic missiles because those satellites would sit there
for years and years and be unused so they decide that to use it for something that they already had planned to do was
to target individuals on the ground, particularly those that had a background in political activism or were whistleblowers.
(Richard Lighthouse)”
“From the 90s through I think the early 2000s and so forth and this is also what he discovered that satellites were being used in large part. (Ramola D)”
“..and in fact there are commercially satellites available that are weather satellites
that will measure snow no depth and water in a wave motion in the ocean more accurate to one centimeter, less than one
centimeter and you will find a number of websites on the internet that will tell you we can we can measure precisely the
snow depth at any location in North America from one snow season to the next to determine exactly how much snow is on
the ground. (Richard Lighthouse)”
“ replace the existing satellites…Donald J Sullivan who received the patent for the Vircator weapon is now working at the
next company Raytheon K Tech to build the next generation of microwave systems that in my opinion will be used also to
attack civilians on the ground and I’ve made it clear that that is certainly my opinion and that they have no intention
of using this as a counter electronic system, it’s designed to target civilians and it’s simply stepping up this illegal
program to the next level.. champ stands for counter electronics actually I forget the entire acronym but I think a
choice of words would be civilian harm attacks using microwave pulses that’s what champ really stands for.
(Richard Lighthouse)”
“Both Ed Snowden and Julian Assange .. I state the background information and that the policy and agenda of the
Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA makes it clear that they are a target, if you’re a political activist or a whistleblower
that those are their two primary targets and Ed Snowden and Julian Assange would certainly be at the top of that list, so
based on that deduction I have encouraged both of those gentlemen to please come forward and even if they won’t admit that they are being targeted they could certainly come out and support the TI community and this is basically what William Binney and Kirk
Wiebe have done is without making a formal announcement that some people might question they’ve had the courage
to at least come out and say we’re very aware of the TI community. (Richard Lighthouse)”
“You make some very good points Ramola and I think I can respond to that in two ways: number one is that the Air Force and the 50th Space Wing openly brag on their website, and I have documented this, one of the technologies that is critical to be able to target locate and attack someone on the ground that is moving, requires the latest technology in GPS and timing, okay,
so it involves navigation of satellite, GPS, accurate, very precise coordinates of the person or object on the ground that’s moving and timing, a timing system that gives you a very precise altitude to the top of their head, okay, three things are necessary.
There is only one organization in the entire world that has the network of satellites that can do that and that is the
United States Air Force, okay, the second thing: the US Air Force 50th Space Wing openly brags that they are the sole provider to the entire US military of guidance navigation and timing systems and that they have the most precise ones in the world, they openly brag about it ,the key component that is necessary for the technology to work, they’re openly bragging that they have it and that it’s the best in the world, that’s number two, number three: the Air Force Space Command openly brags that they track and
catalog everything in space that’s as small as a basketball… 1400 active satellites in orbit and 22,000 pieces of space debris, the Air Force Space Command, this is the same group, they track and know exactly what every satellite is doing what signals
it’s sending what country launched it, so here’s the question that we ask these Air Force personnel if you’re not the
ones operating the microwave satellites then you obviously know who is, so tell us…it´s their full time job. (Richard Lighthouse)”
“It´s just listed as Technology at and I’ve identified five primary weaponized systems that are
primarily operated by the US Air Force out of Schriever Air Force Base and I won’t go into the details of how we can deduce that, but the systems are synchronized and the main thing that is required is the precise GPS coordinates and again that
goes back to the Air Force bragging that they’re the sole provider of that information and so that that precise GPS
coordinate can be set at the speed of light to anywhere in the world and be told: hey, there’s a cell tower that’s
close to this person hit it ,there’s a drone that’s that’s flying above Houston Texas, here’s the GPS coordinates we want
you to hit right now, push the button, all that is synchronized, once you have the key piece of information that is
necessary is the GPS coordinates the navigation and the timing that’s necessary to run that system and a
network of satellites that can relay it at the speed of light and the only organization in the world that has that
capability is Air Force Space Command. (Richard Lighthouse)”
“Ramola: So again it comes back to U.S. Airforce Space Command, because it makes satellites integral to this operation of
That’s correct without the satellite GPS coordinates these systems would not function nearly as well .. possibly not at all they certainly couldn’t be as accurate as they are does it also bring up the question of implantation and RFID chips embedded in the bodies of targets to provide accurate GPS tracking.
.. that’s another good question, it appears that up until a few years ago and I’ll quote Dr. John Hall and and he
has certainly interviewed far more people than I have spoken to but in his opinion up to maybe ten years ago most
of these people were tracked using implants and about that time they got a computer system set up and
synchronized in neat networked out of Schriever Air Force Base such that it could aggregate the data of tens of
thousands of people at the same time and the reason we know that is there’s a very short video by a medical doctor
named Dr. Bill deagle ..and ..I believe he still lives in Colorado, but back in 1994 he was
actually a medical doctor at Schriever Air Force Base, soon after it opened, so when
it opened, it was fully operational in 1992 and he was there in 94 and if you watch this five-minute video he will
tell you how impressed he was with the massive underground city that is the complex underneath Schriever and
Peterson Air Force Base and he repeated he said it is very impressive, they have an entire city of Technology a
quarter of a mile underground and they have the world’s fastest computer system and this was in 1994, they already had
quantum computing, something that IBM is trying to produce right now, according to Dr. Deagle they had
more computer power at Schriever Air Force Base than the entire rest of the world combined, think about that.
That is correct and we’re not the first ones to to figure out some of the illegal programs going on at Schriever
Air Force Base under the guise of national security, it appears that the CIA is funding these and keeping the lid
on it, we’ve also determined that that there are a large number of suicides that could more properly be categorized
as murders and this appears to be how they’re keeping the lid on things at Schriever Air Force Base it, there’s a
good website called military corruption dot-com which tracks an unusual number of what appeared to be staged suicides
associated with military activity in Colorado Springs and we strongly suspect that this has to do with whistleblowers
and people that tried to come forward and this was the method for silencing them, unfortunately, but that is one of
the things that we were digging into right now…it´s about time that sort of a policy about name them and shame
them started to occur. (Richard Lighthouse)”
“Ramola: that is extraordinary information… these kinds of crimes can’t be hidden forever.”
“Report #63: Richard Lighthouse – NASA Engineer Discusses Satellite Weapons, Civilian Abuse
Ramola D Reports
Published on Apr 17, 2018
Deeply informative and compelling discussion and disclosure with Richard Lighthouse, NASA engineer with degrees in science and engineering from Stanford University, as well as independent research in theoretical physics, who shares the current discoveries he has made from his research of patents and military programs, of USAF Space Command being putatively involved in the use since the 1980s of sophisticated Star Wars satellite weapons systems used secretly and without public knowledge in political monitoring, surveillance, and remote electromagnetic anti-personnel assault of civilians worldwide.
Sharing his discoveries of patents, and pointing viewers to information posted already at Technologies on, a new human rights organization dedicated to exposing and addressing the criminal abuse of military technologies on civilians, Mr. Lighthouse delineates a timeline of weapon creation, patent recording and attribution (to the USAF), and subsequent seamless withdrawal of weapons into “classified” or “National Security” compartments, in tandem with public and documented reports of civilians reporting remote electromagnetic assault on their person from satellites, starting with well-known American citizen Harlan Girard.
Given the wide reports of abusive electromagnetic anti-personnel technology use on civilians worldwide currently, Richard Lighthouse also discusses other weapons systems such as magnetrons used in conjunction with satellite GPS tracking and cell towers, smart meters, and portable weapons. Additionally, he addresses information emerging newly from perusing lawsuits and ACLU reports related to the FBI’s Known and Suspected Terrorist List program, which wrongfully lists innocent civilians to be considered “Non-Investigative Subjects” and coded “Silent Hit.” More on this subject may be found at”

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