Tavistock and the New Age – An Interview with Dr Eric Karlstrom

“Tavistock and the New Age – An Interview with Dr Eric Karlstrom”
Published on Jan 7, 2016
The World Beyond Belief episode 170
“”Only 1500 people, but well over 30 spiritual groups from all over the world..to form a kind of United Nations of Religions.
..I had to do an investigation of the New Age Movement.., going back to Helen Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society and Alice Bailey and then the Rosicrucians going further and the Freemasons and all these secret societies that have been kind of manipulating politics from behind the scenes for centuries. I think in order to bring their one world government and one world religion…and of course Hitler himself was very much in the Theosophical Society of Blavatsky and he was also part of the Thule Society which is one of these occult, you might call it satanic secret society, even C.G. Jung, the famous Psychiatrist or Psychologists said ..Hitler is possessed..that is where he got is charisma and his diabolical effectiveness…The Term called Theurgy which is summoning Spirits, I come from a scientific point of view, but it does seem that there is a spiritual world as well, we have been, in our modern world, kind of brainwashed, intentionally in kind of looking into the wrong directions. (Dr Eric Karlstrom)”
“This is what I am finding out. ..
At the highest levels there is kind of intellectual attenuation that goes on..Madame Blavatski, she talks about Root Races .. and the Lemurians and the bla bla bla …and then they start talking about the Arcturians..People from Arcturus .. they start talking about Pleiadians..this is wild crazy stuff, there is very little to no scientific basis to that…
This is stupid, all of this is stupid, you have to be stupid or not well-educated to buy into this stuff, you have to be kind of egostistical and the bottom line is they want us to think we can be Gods, as just like the Serpent Story in the Garden..: Surely you will never die and surely.. you will be as Gods, that is the basis of the New Age Movement..You are gonna be Gods.. we are Gods, they think and we are going to live forever..That goes into the Transhumanism, because they are actually moving us to the point that we are going to merge our bodies, if that happens I think it´s going to be a permanent Hell for me, that kind of Immortality is going to be a permanent hell… You kind of have to throw away your commitment to rational thinking, to buy into it and for all the other kind of new age… Blavatski, she is a very enigmatic figure, she is a bit of a fraud…she said she could levitate and do all kinds of things..in India, but it´s hard to know, because she was an embittered liar…The beginnings of these movements were not really impressive… (Dr Eric Karlstrom)”
“There seems to be fragments of good in it, how do we find our way through the New Age maze that makes up so much of our society?
(Dr. Paul Marko)”
“Rudolf Steiner..he was very much into the occult. ..There is a book the trail of the Serpent..in 1936..she was a british lady.. and she was a high level in one of these secret societies..and she talked about Steiner..as himself being possessed by one of these demon spirits, just like Blavatski and Bailey. The people that really want that extra kind of power, sometimes they succeed and then they apparently they seem very smart and prolific, but what is driving them is not really themselves, I guess, ..this kind of possession thing..the worship of the serpent..so yeah that puts the Waldorf experience in a whole different light and.. again it is so easy to be fooled, in so many aspects of the new age movement, we have been fooled…People at all levels of society: CEOs, people in intelligence work, people in gopvernments, they have been fooled. (Dr Eric Karlstrom)”
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.11.2020: You are also possessed…don´t blame great figures from the past…that contributed to a huge wisdom reservoir…
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.11.2020: You fanatical Christian fundamentalists are neither the Soul-U-Tion…rather another hit of distortion in the grand scheme..
“In H.P. Blavatsky Secret Doctrine they say: When the church curses Satan they only curse the cosmic reflection of God.”
Sat means existence…
“Everything that is true in Christianity is also found in Brahmanism and Buddhism. (Arthur Schopenhauer) [1567]”
“Christianity is in far greater opposition with Judaism than with paganism. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) [11344]”
“Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all end-time sects. They need the destruction and annihilation of man and nature to justify the return of a fictional person. Their joint trim seals the abnormality. [13188]”
“Christianity has been Judaized and is more concerned with “social change” (the satanic agenda) than with spiritual development and salvation. Christian Zionists commit themselves to the rogue Zionist state. (Henry Markow)”
“Christianity as a historical reality should not be confused with that one root to which it reminds by its name: the other roots from which it grew were far more powerful.
It is an unparalleled abuse when such decaying structures and malformations called “Christian Church”, “Christian Faith” and “Christian Life” are identified with that holy name. What did Christ deny? – Everything that is called Christian today. (Friedrich Nietzsche)”
“Jesus was not a Christian. He is not the founder of Christianity. Jesus never encouraged people to worship him. Christianity is a religion created in the name of Jesus, and is much different from the actual Truth that Jesus taught. Were Jesus alive today, I don’t think Jesus would be a Christian. Jesus is still one of best-kept secrets because his truth has been grossly distorted by those who claim to speak for him. There is a religion-free Jesus who belongs to all of humankind. Christianity does not own or have first rights to Jesus. His truth has universal significance. It’s often the case that you have to disentangle Jesus from Christianity in order to uncover his Truth. (Jim Palmer)”
“In no other thing one has to distinguish the core from the shell as much as in Christianity. (Arthur Schopenhauer)”
The New Age agenda was created and orchestrated by Luciferians from the Theosophical Society and later picked up by the dark psychologists at the Tavistock Institute. The cultural Marxism that has been imposed in America and the West by the predatory class grew out of this structure and still massively influences all aspects of life today. Through popular culture, we have been and still are being deceived and manipulated by the culture that was created for us by the dark occultists from Tavistock View this video to find out how much your past experiences have not been spontaneous or innocent and definitely not you own.
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Visit Dr Karlstrom´s websites:
erickarlstrom.com ”
“Aldona Gholamzadeh
5 months ago
You question all of it, but you don’t question the christen religion and now everybody knows it’s bullshite written by Vatican.”
“nicole garcia
2 months ago
They were questioning the Vatican by the way.”
“The Nose Behind The Curtain
8 months ago (edited)
It’s not Fascism it’s ((COMMUNISM))! How can you have a conversation of this kind & not mention the fact the Frankfurt School & Tavistock have Judaised the west?! Karl Marx crypto “jew” AKA Moses Mordechai Levi! Most of them were “jews”. 85% of the ((Bolsheviks)) were “jews”! Banking, TV, music, porn & everything else are controlled by the Synagogue of Satan! No mention of the Yinon or Kalergi plans! Limited Hangout much?!!!”
“Halvor Raknes
2 years ago
1:02:38 Another false dichotomy. To hold contradictory ideas in your mind does make you double-minded. That the simplistic gloss version. The deeper, precious version, which happens to coincide with the true interpretation of the gnostic concept of Abraxas (which all who call themselves Gnostics appear to have misunderstood and interpreted as license) is to persevere, grindingly, in that conflicted ontological space until a synthesis emerges. Now, that usually calls for more patience and perseverance than people can muster, so few have experience with that kind of epiphany.”
The obvious limitations of these interlocutors as authoritative, or informed even, figures when it comes to spiritual maturity and ethical competency becomes clear when one realizes that both of them revert to Old Testament truisms with little independent reflection on their part at all, and no integrated references to the uniquely New Testament teachings of Jesus and its comporting ethics.It is imperative now to establish a true and sustained relation to the Godhead, which is where we must anchor ourselves for imminent oncoming turbulent developments. That will take some dedicated effort on the part of many who may consider spending less efforts on researching the conspiracy trail.”
“Vanguard Sound
11 months ago
Great interview…The US is still a British Colony.”
“Traci Sundari
1 year ago
First of all Vishnu is infinite space and maintain matter and Hindu philosophy is the oldest and most enlightened teaching and he is an incarnation of krsna who is the one superman god, second you Christians only criticize and have no solutions and are full of hate and it seems you pray for death and you are racist against all other faiths. The people that put this site together are uneducated and full of hate. Stay away from me with your emotional plague.” ⚠
“Meegs B
6 months ago
SUPER conversation…
John Smith
1 year ago (edited)
Tavistock institute of medical psychology is a evil subversive organisation . The bus that was blown up during the 77 false flag event was diverted to tavistock square and blown up outside the tavistock clinic.”

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