Tony Pantalleresco: AI "god"; removing nanodust; respiratory remedy

“tony pantalleresco: AI “god”; removing nanodust; respiratory remedy”
“Published on Feb 14, 2018”
“We all have so many particulate matter and particulate dust inside of us that we are now becoming a resounding antenna, transceiver, in other words it’s a two-way transmission, you’re transmitting.. your DNA and ..
you’re also receiving messages, so when you’re looking at the concept of a transceiver and how this 5g can now
directly interface with your brain, okay, the cell phone is already directly interfacing with your children’s brain
and your brain , if you have one, cellphone and brain, that didn’t come out exactly where I thought, but it works either way
if you have a brain and a cell phone it ..”
“What you’re gonna be looking at now is the possibility of a direct interface with god, not the Living God, no, no, no, not the
living God, not the one that made everything in the heavens and in the earth and I’m not talking about that God, that’s the Living God, that’s the one you should be listening to , but I’m talking about the new God the new kid on the block: AI, AI may be sending transmissions to you and maybe affecting different parts of your brain, it may even be data mining you sending signals to you to make you think and believe that you are getting something from God. I’m gonna put it to you just the simplest possible
perspective you can get: test it before you accept it, test it before you accept it, even biblically for those of you
of the biblical orientation whatever your denomination may be, it says they test all things and hold fast to what is good, okay, test it, before you accept it, because you are going to be hit in ways, you can’t possibly imagine those who have been hit with nano poison like myself. I can tell you stories.”
“Just give up…that is not from God, that is from a corrupt program trying to interface with you , to create a control
over you or a tether to again put you in a compromised position, so that you become completely deactivated , completely
compromised when you’re looking at all the things are going on today, but what you’re dealing with today this is
something that’s already been happening for quite some time, the technology that’s here today has been here to
subvert you in every way possible from DNA unraveling, DNA breakdown, genetic code, mentally, in the way you think, in
the way you feel, programming from television which is another form of frequency, the radio music you’re listening to, that’s all frequency, programming hypnosis, these are things that have been going on for the last five and a half decades, to corrupt
almost three generations, to turn them into something they were never meant to be, so I’m pointing this out, because this
is around if it’s not already happening with some of you it’s going defiant, you have to be defiant, you have to stand up for yourself and for what’s true you have nowhere to go, there’s no place to run, there’s no place to hide, you can’t
stick your head up your backside and hope the boogeyman walks by okay..”
“I can tell you this for a fact, what’s going on in the global level is this is becoming exponential people all over the planet have contacted me who are targeted individuals, having Nano poisoning. I’ve had Australia, I’ve had New Zealand, I’ve had India, I’ve had Asia, I’ve had all throughout Europe, I’ve had the Caribbean, across the United States, for sure across Canada and it’s not just one or two people anymore, it’s a steady daily email. .. you’re not going to eat foods that have a high concentration of nano metal in it or you are going to mitigate them or you’re going to neutralize them, you’re not gonna eat foods that have high levels of soy in them, soy causes brain shrinkage that’s one of the things that it does cause, plus the glyphosate compounded
with it and the Nano with it, makes it a very very very lethal food, look at your vegans that live and thrive on that
stuff, they’re not too bright, a lot of them in fact, a lot of them have the mentality of a kindergartner, overly
emotional, highly irrational, where do you think they’re getting that from, this is all as a direct result of brain damaging
genetics is going on what they’re eating, this is the reality today, like I said I’ve often said vegans are stupid and
they are stupid, because of what they’re doing to themselves and the chemistry doing to themselves and the chemistry
that they’re putting into their body, making them stupid, don’t be stupid, you know , be aware what you’re eating don’t
get caught up on this Guru crap that’s in this health industry and what they’re telling you what you should
be eating , if anybody’s still today referring to organics or some kind of safe panacea holy jumping, we’re like
about 30 years out of date here, if you still have this perspective that you’re eating something organic today look up
in the sky, take a hard look at the X’s and the lines and the different patterns that you’re seeing up there,
what goes up must come down, when it rains, when it snows, where do you think those particles in the sky are going to,
where do you think they’re coming where do you think they’re going when they’re coming down on the ground, into the water,
.. into the soil..”
“It doesn’t hurt to have a little faith in the Almighty, it doesn’t hurt to have a faith in the Living God, in this
situation, in all situations actually, but especially this one, because defiance is going to take you a long way. I tell
people all the time, be defiant, ..don’t allow political, a medical, genetical group of people dictate policy about who should live and who should die, last I checked they’re not God. Bill Gates is not God, Bill Gates is a mortal life-form, it has a shelf life, just like everybody else and when one day meet his time, his time frame will meet him and he will reach earth, just like anybody else, he may be .. transfer his consciousness a data base, that is possible, but now he’s trapped within the confines of that data base, in other words he’s in jail..he’s not a free entity, he’s in jail in order to maintain that consciousness, it has to be contained in a database or it gets lost, he’s basically turfs, he is not God period.
Elon Musk is not God either he’s an inventor and he’s a pioneer in a lot of things, but he’s not God. Mr. Trump is
president of the United States, he is not God, he’s a man in service, but he’s not God, our prime minister in Canada, God knows, he’s not..Don´t get caught in 1 Dimensional thinking..Turn of the distractions in your life.., they developed their you can be the next Tesla, you can be something better than Tesla, work together, collaborate…keep it simple.”
“that can activate the wrong genes… garbage poisoning a society of people with so-called health food…get that in you and
understand this is the hijack..there the Millennials out there they’re just too stupid, they won’t get this, period, they get it because they cut off with some emotional thing that they feel like they’re defending an animal, the animals are dying just like everybody else and they’re dying from the same hing everybody else is dying from and that’s chemtrails, soy is not a food you
should be putting your in your mouth, even the pea proteins that they’re selling should not be utilized by children at all, in fact nobody should be using them, the pea protein products should have the exact same properties as soy, no different and will cause
.. irreparable damage to your genetic code, especially through your lungs and through your pancreas.”
“When you are telling people sometimes some thing, you gotta remember you’re disrupting their little world and now
all of a sudden when they if they do have enough brain cells to rub together, you know, then and only then do you see
that reality happening they wake up like wow I had no clue man you were right holy jumping and landing first to get
into a fear factor, you know, intimidation and fear, get overwhelmed then afterwards they get angry, good and ticked and then
afterwards they get activated, they become activists, that’s what you have to be concerned with people that want to
hear it or that will be hear it share it with those who don’t want to hear it or share it ..they’re not
ready for it and when they are ready for it then it may be too late who knows, but offer it, share it, talk to them and then
from there they can do whatever the want to have no control over anybody, don’t try to control anybody,it would be to your
interest not to do that, just tell the truth, move on, all right, I hear the music, so we will see you Thursday, but till
then cooperate, solve the issues, save the planet. All Right, see you ..take care.”

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