"Owners of Arizona's infamous 'Alien Ranch' sell up for $5 million after 20 years 'battling evil extra-terrestrials from another dimension who sexually abused them'

“Owners of Arizona’s infamous ‘Alien Ranch’ sell up for $5 million after 20 years ‘battling evil extra-terrestrials from another dimension who sexually abused them’
John and Joyce Edmonds say they have been attacked by aliens for 20 years
The couple claim the ‘grays’ appear on their land in Buckeye, Arizona, regularly
John, 58, claims to have slain 18 of them with a samurai sword and fought hundreds more
Joyce, 53, say the creatures molest her as she sleeps in the couple’s bedroom
They are desperate to sell Stardust Ranch but have listed it for a steep price-tag
The couple wants $5million for the five-bedroom, 9-acre property
Originally, they listed it for $1million but have increased the price since finding internet and TV fame with their alien stories.
By Jennifer Smith For Dailymail.com
Published: 22 October 2017 |
The owners of an Arizona ranch are desperately trying to sell the property where they claim they have been terrorized by aliens for the last 20 years.
John Edmonds and his wife Joyce say the aliens, which they call ‘grays’, have been attacking them for years on the property in Buckeye, Arizona.
John, 58, says he is left no choice but to slay them with one of many samurai swords he keeps around the house but claims their bodies vanish immediately afterwards, making it impossible for him to preserve them for research.
They first put their home on the market 11 years ago for $1.1million but, after appearing on television shows about the extra-terrestrial and finding stardom on chatrooms and internet hubs devoted to aliens, they have raised the price by almost $4million.
The owners of Stardust Ranch in Buckeye, Arizona, are selling the 9 acre property for $5million because they say it is terrorized by aliens.
John Edmonds, 58, claims he has slain 18 of the ‘grays’ with a samurai sword. His wife Joyce claims she is molested by the aliens in her sleep
This is a photo which Edmonds describes as ‘actual undoctored’ proof of the ‘gray’ ETs which terrorize them.
Now they want $5million for the 9.67 acre property. They believe there is a portal which links them to another universe on the property which the ‘grays’ travel through.
Another of their theories is that a spaceship or UFO is buried beneath the property which was built in 1977.
He says the aliens pop up at random, sometimes in groups, to attack him. Fifty-three-year-old Joyce says the mischievous creatures have even sexually molested her in her bedroom.
The extra-terrestrial disturbance has not stopped them from running Hopeful Hooves..
They make no secret of their experience in a realtor.com listing for the property which even uses it as a selling point.
While he has only one apparent picture of the aliens, Edmonds has taken others which he says shows the scene after he has killed them with one of the samurai swords he keeps on hand. He claims their bodies immediately vanish after they die
The sprawling 9-acre plot of Stardust Ranch in Buckeye. Its owners say there are portals to other universes which aliens use on the grounds
The owners say they first realized there was odd activity on the site when all of the furniture ended up in the pool on their first day there 20 years ago
Despite the fact that aliens, known as ‘grays’, roam the grounds, the couple say they are able to maintain the property as a functioning farm …The aliens, however, torture their horses by mutilating them, the couple said.
One of the water features on the land. The owners say they want to take their horse business to Maine to escape the aliens
Edmonds claims he is left with odd and unexplainable injuries by the alients.
‘The current owners purchased the property 20 years ago to run a horse rescue.
‘Over the years, they have experienced a series of strange events that continue to this day,’ their realtor said.
Bizarrely, they did not include photographs of the house’s interior on the listing.
John regularly complains about the aliens and the damage they inflict on him on Facebook.
Over the last 20 years, Edmonds says he has killed 18 of the ‘grays’. He claims he has been mutilated by them and that some of the animals on the property have also suffered inexplicable injuries.
When he and Joyce moved in 20 years ago, they were not told of any alien activity.
Their first clue came on the first day in the home, all of the old owner’s furniture which had been left behind ended up in the pool.
John claims to have sent some of the tissue and blood to independent labs to be tested.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5004715/Ranch-owners-list-home-saying-tortured-aliens.html
poshseb, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago: They suddenly disappear when slayed. How very convenient.
ben, france, France, 3 hours ago: Wonder if the Aliens will buy it,or get a mortgage.
michlham, Haynesville LA, Vatican, 4 hours ago: What a great marketing gimmick. I kill aliens too all the time! Of course i can’t prove it. Haven’t you heard. They disappear.
Wayjamus, Twixt here and yonder, United States, 4 hours ago: The asking price is out of this world…
Alexandra Sands, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago: Ha. Ha. I had a good laugh at that.
Pilot1806, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago: I would love to see the DNA test results on that blood next to the sword.
Mia Moniker, Charleston, United States, 5 hours ago: I wish the aliens would just take me away from all these crazy earthlings.
Craig Argyle: And no sword would slay what I have seen! These are just scammers after money.
Freddy Gruizinga: If anyone is brave enough to buy me this ranch, i’d live there among the starbeings!!
Hill Barrell: Yes but NOT for $5,000,000.
Lorna Miles: They are solid beings like us and they travel via plasma or something like that to travel through solid objests.
Craig Argyle: I have seen that they are solid when manifested. ..My first ever experience was a shadow figure at 14 I´m now 37 and could literally write a book from the amount of strange things I have seen and heard over the years. If only I was educated enough and had the cash and mojo to do it. But as you say. Need to be careful…
regenboog, Amsterdam, 10 hours ago: How come there isn’t proper footage of the Grays? They have been bothered by them for years, but the only picture they have is a blurry picture of a ‘gray’. Hmmmmm. I don’t think this is a good selling point though… And then raising the price even? If there is ET life, I think they’d better look for some cleverer human species.
Lynn, liverpool, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago: If they weren’t so greedy id maybe think differently.
Ted loon, UK, United States Minor Outlying Islands, 11 hours ago:
The sword with blood pic makes me think of something with lots of haemoglobin. Something I wouldn’t have expected little grey aliens to have.
xena i love you, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 12 hours ago: When I was abducted the aliens said I was going to see the end of poverty and disease this year with there help
Ted loon, UK, United States Minor Outlying Islands, 3 hours ago: That’s their way of telling you you’re going to live with them.
Captain Synical, Trowbridge, United Kingdom, 12 hours ago: Nice scam to increase the price.
scifi, frankiefoot, United Kingdom, 13 hours ago: he would make more money if he caught one.
JustAnotherVoice, New York, United States, 13 hours ago: Ok they are bonkers but whoever buys that property for that price is even crazier.
cyberthoughts, Los Angeles, United States, 14 hours ago: HM, I live in Az. Never heard about this. One would think it would be on national news. Interesting that the so called “grays” have blood. Ok, I have stopped laughing now.
Ichigo Daifuku, Great Wide Open, Singapore, 19 hours ago: At least the gray’s limbs look pretty skinny, easy for the katana to slice through.

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