TRUTH: Allah is a pagan moon false god / Vatican Deception

“The Muslim Allah ≠ The Christian God Yahweh * * * Christians/Jews worship Yahweh. Yahweh in Hebrew means He exists. Yahweh is Self-existent. Allah. TRUTH Allah is pagan moon false god Satan.”
“What I am asserting in this video is to show that is radical Islam the ones that promote Sharia law and the destruction of anyone
who does not believe in Allah has been fabricated and is not a very old religion …it has been fabricated by the Vatican and other powers and principalities which are of the fallen angel, the fallen angelic race who are in charge of this world still until Jesus
Christ returns as king of King and Lord of lords at the end of the seven year Tribulation Period which is coming very very soon,
many many Muslims are turning to Jesus Christ because they understand the false worship of the deceiver Allah. Allah is Satan period, end of subject. Allah is Satan it even says it, it lists it in his 99 names that describe him, calls himself the deceiver the greatest of all deceivers and you can find that in the Quran if you want to have more information about where to find that you
can go find my video on my channel and I just produced it today its end time news updates and it’s from March 12 2012 and
it’s part 1 and you’ll find it at the end of the video proof that the Quran does say that Allah is the deceiver which you know he’s Satan okay there’s nothing else to talk …”
just as Eve was in the garden by Satan the serpent..many many of their souls are going to be lost to hell because of
Satan’s treachery. Satan doesn’t give a damn about religion he doesn’t give a damn about Christianity he doesn’t give
a damn about Islam and he’s gonna take as many souls as he can to his demand he’ll be forewarned how the Vatican created Islam by Alberto Rivera this information came from Alberto Rivera former Jesuit priest after his conversion to Protestant Christianity …the prophet published.. address since its publication after several unsuccessful attempts of his life he died suddenly from food poisoning his testimony should not be silenced Dr. Rivera speaks to us still what I am going to tell you is what I learned in secret briefings in the Vatican when I was a Jesuit priest under oath and an
induction the Jesuit Cardinal named Augustine Bey or be however we say that showed us how desperately the Roman
Catholics wanted Jerusalem at the end of the third century because of its religious history and its strategic location the holy city was considered a priceless treasure, a scheme had to be developed to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic City, the great untapped source of manpower that could do this job was the children of Ishmael, the poor Arab fell victim to one of the most clever
plans ever devised by the powers of darkness.

the only way Satan could stop this thrust was to create a counterfeit Christian religion to destroy the work of God the solution was
in Rome their religion had come from ancient Babylon and all it needed was a facelift this didn’t happen overnight
but began in the writings of the early church fathers it was through their writings that a new religion would take
shape the statue of Jupiter in Rome was eventually .. St. Peter and the statue of Venus was changed to the
Virgin Mary the site chosen for its headquarters was one of the seven hills called Vaticanus the place of the diving
serpent where the Satanic temple of Janus stood the great counterfeit religion was Roman Catholicism called
Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth. Revelation 17 and five: she was raised up to block the gospel, slaughter the believers in Christ, established religions create wars and make the nations drunk with the wine of
her fornication as we will see three major religions have one thing in common each has a holy place where they look
for guidance. Roman Catholicism looks to the Vatican as the holy city ,the Jews look to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and the
Muslims look to Mecca as their holy city each group believes that they will receive certain types of blessing for
the rest of their lives for visiting their holy place, in the beginning Arab visitors would bring gifts to the house of God and the keepers of the cub were gracious to all who came some brought their idols and not wanting to offend those people their idols were placed inside the sanctuary it is said that the Jews looked upon the Kaaba as an outlining Tabernacle of the Lord with veneration until it became polluted with idols in a tribal contention over well.”

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