Guy McPherson – Human Extinction within 10 years


“Guy McPherson – Human Extinction within 10 years”

“satyagraha a 3 years ago:
an educated scientist telling the truth that nobody wants to hear. This is just too much for people to handle, but it is coming, the exponential function will doom humanity and the current system is unstoppable.” 
“raythespian 2 years ago:
When we go, the world’s 447 nuclear plants melt down.It will take 10 million years for Earth to recover.That’s a long time between”
incarnations. ”
“pantheist spinoza 2 years ago:
I agree to an extent Mr Toobad. We have many extreme denialists and therefore it doesn’t hurt in some ways to have people like Guy McPherson and Beckwith at the other end of the spectrum. Shock tactics are needed to promulgate concrete action.
There are so many distressing events and chains of events which are occurring. Species extinction, obviously extreme weather events, potentially permanent climactic shifts. The list goes on and on.
I am probably a similar age to Guy McPherson- I am fifty-nine this year. I worked for many years in natural resource management and have seen many changes over my lifetime.
No doubt like he did, although I know he would have more letters after his name than myself, I had the privilege of a stable upbringing and a good education (including free University education).”
“M KKrupp 2 years ago:
The vast majority of people can not and will not face the truth. Human extinction in only 30 years, and there’s only 78 comments….. ”
“David Foster 1 year ago:
Fate never strikes as quickly as the pessimists tell us, or as slowly as the optimists say. So I’m thinking more like 2075-2150 AD. But, yeah.. We’re toast!”
“max bootstrap 10 months ago (edited):
This guy is nuts… and a liar. This is yet another instance of someone (a supposed scientist) quoting totally bogus claims by totally bogus people… and NOTHING from anyone else that refutes or tends to refute them. The truth is, anyone can find liars and crazy people to quote… that’s easy, and not science.”
“HistoryBuff97: 3 months ago: Couldn’t we spray aerosols into the air as a last ditch effort to stave off temperatures?
“BTW, although it seems he is a bit alarmist, it does seem that the evidence points to a very dire situation. But it’s ridiculous statements like this which erode his credibility further for me.”
“SonyStory 4 months ago: Stop eating meat, Vampires.”

“My primary message is that we get to live so let’s get on with it another message remain calm remain calm nothing is under control
we can exhibit behaviors that will influence if not control a few people in our lives so you know if we have a
partner we have children we have co-workers we can ruin their day of course we can do that but beyond that
you don’t have much control right so we have a choice we have a choice with every person we need we can be
compassionate and can be gentle with this person or we can be like, like I was
most of my life, the exact opposite of those sort of behaviors. Pursue excellence and this is another piece of
advice I give to people frequently, pursue excellence and almost everybody says well what does that mean and and I
say I don’t know what it means for you but I do know that if you pursue excellence in a culture of mediocrity, it
will come with no external rewards, you will be punished, you will be disparaged, you will be insulted .. it is not
fun pursuing excellence in any form in a culture of mediocrity unless your pursuit of excellence involves the
pursuit of money and then the rewards are ample otherwise forget about it even finally and perhaps most importantly
pursue love and here again people ask me what that means and so for me that means that that pursuit of love dictates where
I love and with whom I spend my time and how I spend my time, so I love having this conversation with you guys
therefore I’m doing this I don’t like conversing with a whole lot of people, fortunately most of those people are no longer in
my life, because they didn’t like the conversation either … right we do have these decisions we make we can
interact when people we actually appreciate, we can do the things we love at some level we might have to
sacrifice other things like monetary compensation to do what we love or maybe not, but if your time is short and time
is always short then why don’t you at least pursue what you’re really good at and do it well and pursue what you love
in whatever form, in including individuals in the activities of which you partake, but let’s appreciate the moments we have, is
that too much to ask?…let’s sort of let go of us being in charge of anything except our own responses to the
situation how we respond to individuals who are mean and nasty to us and let’s
instead act like mature adults who a…are coming to other human beings it’s a lot to ask, but
a whole bunch of this other stuff, this is an expression of my life that comes into play here: let go or be dragged. (Guy McPherson)”
“I don’t have children grandchildren and that was a choice to because I could see what coming in 1979 when I was 19 years old and so that was a choice but admittedly there are people who didn’t know yeah it we’re all ignorant about different things and most
people are ignorant about all those things that culture whispers into our ear, we can’t have infinite growth on a
finite planet, of course we can´t when we say it out loud like that it seems ridiculous that we could but that’s what
culture tells us, that’s what it whispers in our ear every day just keep going doing the things you’re doing, continue
consuming, continue producing children,they give you joy.. they look a lot like you, it must be a good
thing on and on, so you’re right some people are not in the same situation I bet. (Guy McPherson)”
“David Henderson: 5 months ago (edited):
Holy Fuck… Guy McPherson is still around… haven’t heard from him in awhile!! Good to see the prophet of doom still active. These interviewers were fucking great… some really good questions asked. Great work ! Guy is one of the only brave Motherfuckers who has connected the dots and is not afraid to speak out on what our future holds. Most people haven’t got the balls to risk the ridicule associated in speaking out on these subjects. ”
“Abend Stille 5 months ago: this is so beautiful!! so real and from the heart!!so inspiring!! thank you for sharing! ”
“Seabound 5 months ago: Really great interview!”

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