Techno Crime Fighters Forum 3 & 1 (Targeted Individuals)

“This targeting has to stop..this is a death camp program, the idea is to, step by step, disintegrate human beings and demolish their life and destroy everything they have. Their family, their social life, their…well-being…in the case of women their looks, their beauty…everything..pointlessly, needlessly…it starts with internal destabilization… this is like Nazi-Germany on steroid…our ecosystems are collapsing…we cannot just exterminate 2/3 of the population as the “elites” or ..known as the cartels, are planning in their psychopathology. …
That is just idiotic it just doesn´t work..we want to save humanity. We want to save every person.. We believe every person is important and we need to save them. (Katherine Horton) (2017)(1.4.)
We are looking for action…we begged for help and nobody has responded…
to this huge issue that is really affecting millions and ultimately is really affecting everybody on the Planet, because we are talking about electromagnetic radiation weapons. Nobody knows if and when they are being targeted. .. You just have to get sick and if you keep getting you may or may not know that you may actually being targeted.
So this is a worldwide issue, currently and so the intent to notify people is huge, to sort of renotify them…and globally and together, it´s almost as if we are holding hands across oceans, because I imagine really activists from every continent participating in this…and throw in your own experience, your own words are going to be so powerful, your own voice…send into the inboxes of these officials. This definitely are going to be a shake up…will inevitably create a ripple effect. ..the idea that just peoples intention can have an effect…Rupert Sheldrake, the morphogenetic field and so forth..we are sending a message through our consciousness. (Ramola D)(2017)(1.4.)
They got away with setting up genocide…and I think you put as always elegantly and nicely, I am much rougher by now, maybe because it´s because I am mutilated all day…this is opening shot in a war from now our side. We all received the message now that they have sent to us. We all have understood now that they want to genocide most of
us. (Katherine Horton) (2017)(1.4.) ”
What they are staging is an asymmetric war against humanity.. it was all sponsored by the global dark deep state…We are humanity against the deep state or humanity against the
oligarchs. ..this is against.. all the inhumane things they stand for…we are victims of this. We should as humanity unite against and not against one another. This is a brilliant because we are using their structure. (Dr. Paul Marko)(2017)(1.4.)”

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