"Fukushima Fallout Will Kill Millions Of People Over The Next Five Years!"

“Uranium and Plutonium which is man-made and so everything is coming out of the uranium originally and then the uranium is able to create over 12,000 elements and that 1all of these are rejected by our body, but they are assimilated into our body..our body attacks white blood cells so every time you get an atom in you, your body attacks with white blood cells for decades and so what that does is this displaces your oxygen. Your red blood cells carrying oxygen and nutrients towards your body… it displaces that in order to accommodate white blood cells, they´re created by your spleen and your joints actually create white blood cells so, but if it attacks you for decades it creates a tumor… so you become lethargic, you become lazy, you become susceptible to change the pH of
your body become more susceptible to just normal viruses, like flus and everything else, like pneumonia. Pneumonia was a huge factor after Chernobyl… the same with the radiation, this stuff is putting out x-rays and neutrons and gamma shines and what this does it starts melting your organs we have seen that after Hiroshima, victims would squat down and excrete uteruses because they would melt… (Dana Durnford)(2016)(13.9.)
Yale or Berkeley or Stanford or MIT or Oxford. I would know if they were, do trust me, I would know, because they are the head of the snake in every sense, at the head of all the biggest corporations is Harvard and Yale and Berkeley and Stanford and quality Oxford, as you know. (Dana Durnford)(2016)(13.9.)” 

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