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We want to be more proactive in this thing, we want to really doing something about it. … Since we all are, sure enough, everybody that is awakening this New World Order is in the program. … Everybody that´s awakening, everybody that doesn´t want to go into the hive mind, everybody that´s fighting the New World Order is a candidate for this program and will be picked up at some point. (Dr. Paul Marko)(2017)(31.3.)
“These weapons don´t just exist, they have been around for at least 40 years and have been perfected throuugh that time… This has been built up to an indredibly large weapon system that´s very advanced or highly functional, it can control you in the most minute details and can cause very precise calculated damage and this weapon, I think, the most powerful weapon system ever developed and is now active and shooting. …
And now this weapon system became ever more advanced, the population became ever more ignorant and we have got now this huge abyss between reality and what people know and essentially this abyss is being used by the military intelligence cartel to not just systematically murder people, they have built it up to such a sophisticated take down system..I mean I have heard rumors that they essentially have computer simulations and databases where they keep tabs on absolutely everybody and I think by now they can decide what sort of illnesses we get and when we die and I think that´s exactly the point…we are now at the cutting edge of this..and it´s integrated with surveillance network and so on…we are seeing that this war is going on…it´s a nonlinear process. … 100s of thousands and millions of people are being attacked with this, there is an open war on the population,if people care to look, we are in this war, we are being mutilated to death by this weapons and at the time we live literally 50 meters to a parallel society where people areperfectly oblivious. (Katherine Horton) (2017)(31.3.)”
It´s the voice of the CIA, it´s the voice of the Governments, it´s the voice of all these dark intelligence agencies.. Their special weapon, itts stelath weapon…They totally take this entire weapon system under the ground. (Ramola D) (2017)(31.3.)
I can explain the background as I see it and under that light.. I think society should wake up that the intelligence agencies were the one part of government no one was allowed to talk about. We were allowed to talk about malpractice of the police…I don´t remember a single case of a horrific crimes of intelligence agencies being openly discussed.
..There is just silence for decades…So by now we can already tell that the biggest problem in our world…are the intelligence agencies…they do research into every type of killing people…The intelligence agencies are ancient….It should be obvious to everybody that all intelligence agencies in the world are by now merged. You all this cross-infiltration intermarrying and so on… and at some point you.. have just one organisation, it´s
just a naturals system tendency…somewhere in the world there will be a HQ…the most dominant military harbour in history… The KGB and MI6 and also Chinese Intelligence, there are just branch offices of the same entity by now, they must be, because there was never ever in the history of these systems any mechanism to prevent it from
happening, much the opposite, they encouraged intermarrying, they encouraged cross infiltration, they are all one.So what we have now is essentially these intelligence agencies just being one happy club, partially a happy family, because they are intermarried and they all have, you know, their sex parties together and there is the rest of mankind who is actually doing productive work and this system is now out and attacking us. (Katherine Horton) (2017)(31.3.)
There is a connection between the intelligence agencies and the bankers. (Ramola D) (2017)(31.3.)
To buy the spies.. so by now I think it´s pretty obvious that all the intelligence agencies are merged and by now  they are owned full by the banks… (Katherine Horton) (2017)(31.3.)
This is an existential threat on not only the level of continually exposing us to these devices that destroy our dna, but it also is an existential threat to the survival of our country in the immediate future…So this is something People have got to realise..well..and we gonna hope that it bypasses us, let them take out the people who have the big mouths and causing trouble, but no, they are coming for you next, because this is a societal control
mechanism as well as an select assassination program, so you have two threats that are mounting. (Karen Stewart) (2017)(31.3.) 
We are being seen as threats only because you have this huge elite cartel striving to wipe out dissent, as they role in their new idea of what humanity should be…They decided that humanity is destined to be enslaved and they need to
run the show…sort of keeping us in a continuous consumer cycle, but also a slave cycle…The Master-Slave Dominance…Our Military Industrial Complex has merged with the Powers that Be. Everything has become a business, everything has a cash value..and we are the cash cow….you needs someone, something to exploit in order to create wealth for these people..who imagine that this is going to be an endless cycle and that this is going on forever… The Earth is not building ressources forever, but these people imagine it
I think it´s a complete take-over. The intelligence agencies currently belong the multi-nationals and to the central bankers, they are in fact the face of the elite.
It´s a cycle of deception that keeps repeating and repeating. So People who question the system, who question the status quo, become problematic and dangerous. (Ramola D) (2017)(31.3.)
And now with technology the killing has accelarated, the torture, the subjugation and.. it just gets faster and faster and evermore psychopathic, but when you have this system that´s essentially a fast rotating blade.. operating under its own inertia, it´s going out of control, because there is not enough people at the core who could even stop
that, even if they want to…there is this huge killing machine that is out of control.(Katherine Horton) (2017)(31.3.)#
There is this political repression that is directed at certain targeted people.
That involves the whole of Humanity.. We are all being subjected to these horrific Aerosols, these horrific Chemtrails and along witht them.. the Haarp.. and the ELFs that go along with it.. which carries with it Mind Control possibilities.. The dumbing down of peoples brains and minds, the removal of their short term memories, the ability to induce Parkinson, Alzheimers and Dementia in large squads of selected populations. (Ramola D) (2017)(31.3.)
To build up an entire arsenal of stealth weaponry, they already merged, they are one Big Corporation…it´s to apply it against us, because it is this internal criminal cartel that BTW isn´t productive in the least, because they are not in actual productive jobs. I am sorry Banking isn´t productive, they are generating money out of thin air, they
didn´t produce anything. Intelligence isn´t productive per se, unless you really try to analyze and protect your country..and they got rid of everybody who actually did, like Karen…We have now the real face of the intelligence agencies which is about destruction…and we have also the Military which is by definition about destruction, so we
have got this huge system which is entirely.. based around destruction, that´s the only business that they are in and they are using the stealth weaponry to continue to make money out of destruction…They are destroying everybody. (Katherine Horton) (2017)(31.3.)
It´s war with cowards. It´s a war with absolute absolute cowards. (Karen Stewart) (2017)(31.3.)
Yes, the Triangle NWO nuts are now in OUR program. We definitely are being attacked by our own government and even
radiated to be destroyed mentally and physically. It is Spy vs. Spy. The cell phone is tracked and quit often the
car. Our home, if we still have one is a another place to be terorrized. I was radiated while eating lunch at a
restaurant. A fat lady with a large purse aimed at me. I left but with burning eyes, back pain and a headache. It’s
very hard to work now. They have declared war against the good people of this earth. If we fight back it gets worse.
It make get worse regardless. No logic, just stupid, ignorant, overpaid murder’s having fun torturing people. I
enjoy making YouTube videos and comments as a defense and offense. What an insane world.
I thank-you all for this exposing program and Orwell 1984 for his prophecy. Right, I am not a TI. I am a human being. The attack is similar to Cambodia and
ElSalvador. Radiation Guns are the weapons of choice used by the UN intelligent agencies… Torture, electronic monitoring, stalking, sting operations, and murder is all part of the fun. Well, we can have
some fun too. Enjoy.
Si Slatervor 1 Tag: Dr Katherine Horton, amazing work getting to the bottom of this real issue ? ? ? ? great team.
Selwyn Greenfrithvor 1 Tag: Don´t get me wrong Doctor k I was really hoping you weren´t a wastefrau. Nevermind, wastefrau until proven otherwise.
Stop electronic harassmentvor 1 Tag
Very well done video. I been attacked for so many years with the most painful attacks you can´t imagine including tendons, eyes, front teeth, head and internal organs. From all the information videos I
seen these Dr. Katherine video forums are one that explain better these horrible crimes, as group descriptions of the actual attacks rather than interpretation of the perpetrators nature. I´ll help in any way I can to inform people about this.
Stop electronic harassment
Stop electronic harassmentvor 21 Stunden
Ok. Emails aren´t enough… We need planned events on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, so we can focus on government associated sites or other popular accounts to obtain visibility. We need to
spread the information the best we can, and the more people the better.
Selwyn Greenfrithvor 1 Tag
Something untoward about you Doctor Katherine Horstein. After knocking
out so manylongwindedvideos on Gang-Stalking featuring (HELPLESS DR.
KATHERINE HORTON V PSYCHOPATHS) how have you managed never ever to mention the Jewish supremacists – they´re the ´harrowhead´ behind Gang Stalking – and the ´international psychopathry´ behind so much evil
throughout history. It is impossible for one to talk so much about the
evils of psychopaths yet somehow not be aware of the ´international
psychopathry´ that is Jewish supremacism. There is nought excuse. You are not an honest person. Bytheway, Dr. K most ´truthers´ acknowledge Jewish supremacism was behind the evils of 9/11 – do you?
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007vor 1 Tag
I don´t do that because it´s much bigger than that. There is a large non-Jewish Italian contingent as well at the top. So by focusing on just one ethnicity or religion I would create blind-spots that I don´t
want to do.
uclamottevor 1 Tag (bearbeitet)
Selwyn Greenfrith –Why don´t you be nice and highlight the militant homosexuals and pedophile who have infiltrated the intelligence community to take over communication, the medical profession, law
enforcement, media, etc., to mask this agenda against humanity, all in the name of social engineering and mind control!
Noware Manvor 1 Tag
Selwyn Greenfrith There is no riddle to her reply! The Satanic So called Jews don´t do the evil alone! Corporatocracy and Funny Money currency are the weapons of mass destruction that have permitted
the topic that they are addressing here! Pay Attention. sincerely! Do a search on Silent weapons for silent wars!
Selwyn Greenfrithvor 1 Tag (bearbeitet):
@Noware Man
Yes the Jewish supremacist sadists (Jewish SS) infiltrate and corrupt.
ja stenvor 2 Tagen: ” my country” “our country”
we got to stop talking about something that does not exist
there are no countries there are only corporations
and they are definitely not ours
and ultimately there is only one corporation :
the Crown corporation, City of London”

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