Kerry Cassidy Alien Races and Black Projects
“And They are having to work harder and harder to keep you down, they are becoming more and more totalitarian as a it is certainly a war.
.. Naturally, without interference…they know that if they leave you to your own devices, you will outcreate them very very soon, that´s what happened to the Annunaki and that´s why they put the frequency fence… I mean nothing can stop growth.
..You are part of the Galactic Community..they communicate with us… There is a lot of non-verbal communication going on on all levels… Humanity 2.0. … Some of us are Humanity 3.0 already …Some of the Super-Soldiers are 3.0.. They do want to eliminate population. They are Terraforming the Planet… There is an AI that is running this Planet right now, not in the future, it´s here and They had Grey Computers..20 years ago, Underground, in Colorado..That were way beyond anything you can imagine…follow the trail of former software…that software has become the AI of today…I get the information from at least 3 unrelated ressources.  Countries are pretty much an illusion to this point..Its Corporations.
From our whistleblowers we have been told..We are 10000 years behind this rogue civilization. We are dealing with a civilization.
And it´s worth noting that there are members of your families who may be working in secret projects, who may be coming at home everyday to a civilization that´s basically 10000 years..behind the one that they are going to work for to everyday, so you can imagine the schizophrenic kind of nature of what goes on in those peoples minds… and you are in Las Vegas Nevada and you are in Pinegap in 1 hour or less.. or if you get into a jump room or jump gate …and you Teleport to Mars back and forth everyday…and you have lunch and meetings with humans and ETs and then you come back to Earth and you take your family to Disneyland…this is what we are dealing with. We are dealing with a civilization that is inhabiting us just as a parasite does..and meanwhile you are going about your everyday life you are driving these ridiculous old fashioned cars with gas engines etc and they are living on free energy everyday, there is even evidence in fact that electrical companies right now have started to use free energy devices to operate your electricity and are not telling you, so they are even making more profit…it´s amazing to think about that, it´s actually legitimate whistleblower testimony..Once they realized that not all ETs were friendly, they had a dilemma, they have to deal with the situation..they can
appreciate the secrecy,..there was no way to share the Technology…they didn´t want you to get out of their grasp..If you know that there are races out there that are technologically so advanced.. You are not going to respect your own so-called rulers anymore..You are learning from these other beings..Very quickly the visiting ETs realized that they could contact you individually and so they began to do so and they stayed away from contacting
the military directly, so what the military did in response is they started to surveil you, especially the contactees very closely… you were their feelers…this is why they watch you so closely when you are having contact and they will never stop watching you…Not only do they have a space fleet that goes interstellar…that controls the solar sytems… they watch all the incoming crafts…they can determine whether they are human, non-human..
This is whistleblower testimony.. The game is much deeper than people realize. In order for them to compete they needed to create a superhuman, humans where they are like now are just not advanced enough, you are growing to slowly, they want everything bigger, faster and better, so their answer to that is the robotic superhamn, it´s to enhance your humanity, it´s to speed you up…They don´t want to wait. They like to be God, but they are not God.. and they simply can´t invent this humanoid being, this incredible invention, this vehicle, that you are, that you occupy, they can´t even touch your soul, but they can mimic this, they can make an android and they do…the armies.. have androids and robots hidden in bases by the chinese, in U.S., they are there, they are standing there under the ground, ready to be deployed and they will eventually be deployed…this is from multiple
whistleblower..because this Planet may become uninhabitable…Underground human bases… also ET bases.
They are all being infected by raditation, again, this human vehicle can superssed that… You are basically the X-Man.. they want to create mutations, that´s why they are also changing this Planet, they want that, they want a new better version of you, they want you to have special powers, so the X-Men story is basically a reality, they want to create mutants…The autistic children that are coming onto Planet…it´s a huge rise…Exposed to
Radiation…they can see the future, that is a very valuable ressource to the secret space program..Remote Viewing deals only with one level..they need to have psychic abilities.
These Lockheed-Martin scientists who are building this array of nano-satellites that are now over your heads surrounding a mothership called mother..So..these Lockheed-Martin scientists..building nano-satellite grids…did a surveil…the chances, the possibilities, that the nano-satellite, that were AI… self-replacting and self-generating would turn against humans.. there was a 60% chance that they turn against
humans.. These nano-satellites are basically operated by this thing called mother, are a threat to you, a potential threat to you.. these are robots..we are in a surveillance society… That´s what Skynet is all about.
.. and we are right at the verge of where Atlantis was before it fell and many of you are reincarnated from Atlantis… human and non and it was of all over using Technology to control and the group that was rebelling against that and we are back at the same place now… ..AI…it´s all about predicting your behavior…they can triangulate…it´s all about studying you, day in and day out… you know you are being surveilled night and day in multiple ways…they are trying to predict your behavior.”

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