Simon Parkes Multi Dimensional Beings are Real


12.01.2016: Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo’s, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures.
“My mom… and she worked for another British security called MI5…although my Grand Father was working for the MI6, he was really working for the CIA, my mother who was for MI5, was really working for the National Security Agency, NSA…And I thing that is something the British People just don’t understand, that the american secret system covers nearly the entire globe.

I did have a few visits from Greys..much smaller Greys.
A soul inhabits my body..inhabited the first viable human body and it doesn´t mean higher earth beings, like Pleiadians..but after the fall of Atlantis.. then the reptiles had done a lot of genetic engineering to human kind.. so a lot of humans abilities were taken away by the reptiles, a sort of dumbing down process…reptile mantids had been involved in they should impart their own signature to that creatures… this was the first
male and female that had been successfully created after a lot of experimentation…these are human bodies…but…they used many different humans souls….you can´t put just a mantid or reptilian in it, because it would break the Universes rules.. So the soul in my body goes rampant… It goes back 1000 of years, it´s about your bloodlines, your genetics, it´s about your souls, it´s just what´s inside of you that counts.
“The souls are meant for specific containers. The soul is connected to the species.”
Because what happens is that the soul can be begin to take on the genetic signature of the body around it, just as the body takes on the signature of the soul and if you create a body that´s not capable of taking a soul that vibrates at a higher frequency then the body will ultimately reject that soul and will fall apart, so if you have a soul from the 4th or 5th or 6th Dimension it cannot put that into a normal standard body… it wasn´t designed for
that, it was designed for standard 3-D Earth, Human, Soul.. so when the child is ready it will take a soul that is compatible with his body…but it is as Jesus said…Yes, bodies are vessels, can´t put new wine into an old winesack, because an old winesack is used to ferment an aged wine, if you put a brand new strong wine into it…the sack will split..

It depends on the individual soul that comes into that child… My family is a magical family, so magic was the key mover, my Grand Father was a Satanist, but my mother was not…both practiced magic, my mother was for white magic, my grand father was for the dense magic.

I am so connected to what I call extradimensional entities, I don´t call them ETs, the ones I see comes from the 4th Dimension.
The Aliens basically were in charge of those people..”

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