Morgellons Disease Is a Fungi (Paenibacillus odorifer) – Morgellons Disease The Silent Epidemic

“Because once you are going to start torture this thing it is trying to get to a safe place.”
“This fungi is not a very nice person, it will fight.”
“Everybody is infected already.”
“Lyme Disease and Shingles is Morgellon, okay!””
“Basically this fungi is what is causing all these problems and nobody wants to talk, you know, nobody basically wants to listen..every pharmaceutical is very interested, but the problem is because I don´t have a PhD, are you kidding me?
… Because this fungi is also I believe is also the same as fungal meningitis I believe this may be the same I have not gone into that just yet because I’m regards to this is wasn’t what I was looking for but I am going to basically confirmed that one way or another.
This thing is highly contagious…your floor will be alive with this stuff and a lot of people are not basically realizing what´s going on. You go to a restaurant and somebody is infected, they drop it..It´s falling from the whole body.
The issue is everybody has got it…Everybody is already infected with this damn thing…
You are infected with a fungi that can basically change at will…this thing will turn as solid as a rock… You need to force this out…because this thing what it does it turns solid and once it turns solid that’s when you are getting the pain…. Basically the neuropathy that a lot of people actually feel…basically this thing is actually digging into your nerves…
I’m not doing it for money… I’m doing this for my family. sideffects… the skin is peeling , it is not your skin that is peeling, it´s the monster, the fungi.  You will be raining for quite some time what I mean by that you’re gonna feel like drop of stuff falling off like you never believe and I recommend you basically like I said you gonna have to clean your home you’re gonna have to basically clean everything because you are drop-in right from the source you drop in right from work because in regards with this thing is actually very alive and so forth… I´m tired of trying to talk to these People. I am tired of basically trying to get these idiots because supposedly because I don´t have a damn PhD.
Excuse me, Mister Einstein didn´t have a single PhD so what is the difference..”
“Veröffentlicht am 26.12.2015
Morgellons Disease Is a Fungi (Paenibacillus odorifer) & The Cure – highly contagious
Shingles, Lyme Disease is Morgellons Disease & Morgellons Disease Is a Fungi (Paenibacillus odorifer) – highly contagious Azole antifungals Stops Fungi From Reproducing & Raptures Cell walls Killing The Fungi The cure Will take 2 to 3 Months”

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