WAR WITH GREYS – more battles with Greys

“WAR WITH GREYS: -more battles with greys” – 2.12.2015 – Update 9.12.2015
“The only time that I have ever seen the Greys was when they were trying to do something bad and so I was in the process of fighting with them…They don´t speak to me, they don´t use Telepathy, they don´t do anything, they just do bad things to animals, they do bad things to people and I mean..they are just little assholes.”
“It´s kinda like a runaway horror show.”
“I never wanted to be part of this phenomena, okay, I feel like I have been..kidnapped against my will..I feel like this whole thing has been done to me…they are invading my space, they have no business of being here. ”
“I hate the fact that my name is associated with all of this..I am ashamed of it…I mean I am
Psychiatric Counselor, I am Therapist, the worst thing you could possible be and have to talk about Aliens being around your house..this is the best way to lose your credibility professionally… (John Edmonds)”
“This is gonna change in the future.” “Humanity has been messed with.”
“There is no reason for us to live in this antiquated, violent world, ruled over by tyrants, that are raping everything about this Planet and destroying it and..that´s what I really want to do..I wanna meet People like me that want to do those things together and let´s form some kind of a Institute or let´s form some kind of project together and let´s make it happen. (John Edmonds)”
Real Wicked Grey1
Grey Beam Artefact
“They are what people commonly refer to as the small Greys…
Unfortunately in our case they have been quite aggressive. They have literally killed several horses…3 Rottweilers that attacked at one point one of the Greys and literally pretty much torned apart, all 3 of them died in a week…there literally was nothing that I could do for them and they passed. (John Edmonds)”
“There are Underground Bases that are very well known in that area, well, at least in the community that I am part of. (Kerry Cassidy)”
“This is pretty much the best story in the UFO community that hasn´t been told..both my wife and I both have some PTSD associated with it, it has been very difficult for us to really do a lot of talking about it…Your show, this particular moment is the first time that I really ever gone on the air and spoke about it. (John Edmonds)”
“This is of great concern obviously to Humanity and it´s a Reality that they don´t want out there so much…sometimes the encounters are positive, we know that there are positive E.T.s out there and there are some Grey races that are not necessarily negative and they are not into abducting either, but there are some that are definitely known as Rogues and they are out there and they are stil abducting and killing animals and taking fluids and children as well. Now there are also what we call biological programmable entities that are grey, look like Greys, but are not actually alive per se.  (Kerry Cassidy)”
“I don´t see as being what people being refered to as being Robots or being..sort of antiquated computers, they seem to be sentient and they seem to be relatively intelligent, ..they are very reactive, they seem to be predatory, ..I mean I have had my hands physically on these creatures, they almost feel like the texture of a snake and they have a cool temperature…it´s not like ..touching human skin.. We have also seen not only the short ones, but also the taller and the taller ones seemed to be more aware and reactive. …
There have been other people on the property but in every single case anybody that´s come to stay here with us at some point has been frankly just to fearful to stay. I mean we have had people from UFO communities that have come here and they didn´t even make it through all night, they literally got up to the middle of the night, screamed and ran out, got in a truck and drove away, never to be seen or heard again.
Implants.. I mean this story is a story that has many dimensions…
We have had encounters with other Alien Races here in Arizona… We have had some help which was quite a blessing from at least to different individuals that were from different races and part of what they did was they did scan and..they healed injuries that I had and my injuries were so severe  that I was diagnosed with ms about 15 years ago from it..literally I was at the point where I was going into disability because I was having seizures anywhere from 5 or 10 times a day and after meeting with this individual and his using the technology that was available to him he completely healed me in two short episodes… This was a Pleiadian.
At least one very close interaction with a black triangle that was a 100 feet over the ranch and another one that literally ended up sixty feet..apparently the radiation that came off of that craft poisoned me. (John Edmonds)”

I don’t even want to get into a native thing that total war between government and people… (Tommy Hawksblood)


“I was just in with the top exorcist in the United States Geoffrey Steelman an incredible guy, he can talk to Aliens and different races… and eliminate all the programs that have been inside his mind right now. I have given him some techniques to try to work with, but he’s blocked at every level and there’s a reason…they don’t want him to know what and who he his, he has got more incredible stories that he would bring up today because they go ten times further than what we’re talking about right now. I don’t wanna say things John, cause I don’t know how far you would even want to go with somebody, just so incredible, nobody else I know, I know not one person…and this black truck followed him around everywhere and things like that..spiritual levels that most people don’t understand and wanna understand …hypnosis…especially with somebody that’s been abducted… or even possessed, just saying “in the name of Jesus be gone” doesn’t cut it, no Alien race that’s working on a person … I feel that I’m one of the few people that really can help John, block out the programs or eliminate them and then make him 100% aware of all the things that he knows that he can’t release in a way that he understands them himself. (Tommy Hawksblood)”


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