Anglo-American Corporate Crime Syndicate and DEWs Warfare…against Russia.

“…or I should say the Anglo-American permanent war crimes racketeering syndicate. ..
This is a very exciting time. …  is to have meetings with the head of Microsoft..Bill Gates.. and he has an agreement with Bill Gates now to bring his vaccines into Ukraine and to sterilize the entire population. … the military might..and they put them in the battlefields, without any food, a lot of them didn´t have any weapons, no military clothing…it was all planned in Kiev by the top levels of government…they were destroying their own future…to make sure that there were no young men that would be active in an
army that would protect the people…so this is how criminals act, this is what the mafia and the oligarchs do and just the worst example you can think of is the Ukraine, it´s very very corrupt now, but there are brilliant people..all kinds of intellectual, powerful and beautiful participants to humanity and they now in 1 year went from being the richest satellites state in Soviet Union to even lower salaries.. than Ghana..and Ghana is
almost at the bottom of poor countries in the world… To create a victim population…to take all that land, also Monsanto want it, they have decided to create a victim population…Monsanto wants to grow GMO food to force on European countries and Russia as well…and the GMO food is depopulation. It´s a genocidal material, it´s a genocidal´s engineered for genocide. …They..get genocided or forcibly relocated…. The purpose was absolutely to start world war 3. …
That plane was moved up traveling 6000 feet in a couple of seconds up and down and up and down and 8000 miles an hour, that plane was not built to withstand 8000 miles an hour speed..It went quantum, this is Tesla Technology or something that is a new phenomenon, it´s exotic science or an exotic weapon, it´s electromagnetic weapon, but a flash was recorded…in Russia at the time the plane went down and I know from the downing of the space ship columbia, the space shuttle, that a similar flash was actually fotografed over San Francisco Bay hitting the space shuttle…to where it was going to
land. (Leuren Moret)”
“Moret & Battis: US Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) downed Russian Metrojet 9268 over Sinai. False flag like MH370 & MH17 – NewsInsideOut”

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