Super Soldier Talk censored and/or removed?

Conspiracy Revelation: 16.2.2022: Super Soldier Talk censored and/or removed? It was one of the most entertaining and deep diving multi-dimensional perspective channels… and especially picking out the important topics the MIC and EMIC and NWO Shadow Gov and Exopolitical-Industrial Complex want to hide at all costs. So few players and content creators in the exopolitical field.

“”Super Soldier Talk Moving to Rumble
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Video explains the loss of content on this channel and where to find all the old and or deleted content from 2020-2021 and all the new Super Soldier Talk interviews.

Super Soldier Talk
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Super Soldier Talk
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Because of all the big tech censorship against SSP trafficking victims YouTube is targeting my channel again to prevent new content from being released. Recently Youtube deleted two videos, one was a three year old interview with Brooks Agnew about the Hollow Earth which they claimed was violent. The second strike was a recent video livestream with Nusken in which Youtube also claimed was promoting violence. As a result, I decided to pull all the new content to Rumble. I am sorry about this, but this channel is being censored, attacked, and shadow banned by people who don’t want humanity to awaken to the activity of the Secret Space Program. Also, there are certain psychotic individuals who have claimed to have exposed this channel, they are organic portals of demonic entities who successfully for a short period of time, gained my trust so that they could use my kindness against me. The only thing exposed was that they and their followers are agents of the matrix. Be careful who you follow because the truth does not require deception to stand on its own.”

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