Super Soldier Talk – Tony Rodrigues – Slave in the SSP

“Super Soldier Talk – Tony Rodrigues – Slave in the SSP”

“Tony Rodigues spent 20 years in the ssp. He was taken at the age of 10 and taken to a China Lake Naval Base and then Vashion Island under CIA’s Project Grillflame MKULTRA training program. From there he was taken to the moon, Mars, and then the Ceres.”

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“Kenji Miyamoto
Date Written: November 11, 2018
STARGATE is a code name for the aggregation of various programs to develop the remote viewing capability. It was originally assumed to be the paranormal phenomenon, though attracting academic interests in the early 1970s. The Stanford Research Institute, SRI, obtained the cooperation from several psychics and started the serious research on this capability, which was eventually subsidized by the US Defense outlets. Their main program was called “GRILL FLAME” purposed to train the soldier to possess the remote viewing capability… and ceased until the early 1990s. It was declassified with their earlier experiments supported partly by the CIA as well, though the majority was conducted under the US Defense involvement. …due to their focus on the remote viewing rather than on the overall phenomenon that the brain is affected by the external electromagnetic stimuli. This extrasensory function was confirmed through the various studies in the early 1970s and there were several implications that the CIA realized the overall phenomenon could be deployed to their information gathering rather than focusing on the remote viewing.

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