Gang Stalking and the Evil Plot Against The Chosen

“Gang Stalking and the Evil Plot Against The Chosen
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“Prism is the code name for a program that the united states government uses to collect internet data from citizens,
it was launched in 2007 under the Bush administration with the passage of the protect america act documents indicate
that prism is the number one source of raw intelligence used for nsa analytic reports us government officials have
disputed ongoing criticism and havedefended the program by asserting it cannot be used on domestic targets
without a warrant…and that it receives independent oversight from the federal government’s executive judicial
and legislative branches, but privacy advocates are still nervous, it is proven that the government has direct access to
servers from companies like google, facebook and microsoft and this is why google, microsoft,
they know exactly what you’re searching, they study your search engine they trace your ip address,
it’s all about data collection.”

“ when we talk about gang stalking, we’re talking about a system that’s trying to play god, right, it’s not just isolated events in third-party companies, we’re talking about the entire system, we’re talking
about satan, this is all luciferian, it’s all demonic, just like the most high god has the
whole world in his hands and he can count the numbers of hair on your heads and see everything
that’s what these people are trying to dom be intrusive enough, where they can know your very thoughts, they can know
what’s going on in your home, they can know what’s going on in your environment in general and they can locate you using
global positioning networks or global positioning systems..”

“Now some of us we’ve been experiencing gang stalking for a number of years now, so this is nothing new to us, to show you
the most high god was preparing us to deal with the surveillance state, the lord was preparing all us targeted
individuals, those who were chosen to break the matrix and wake up the whole entire time we were bein tried like go through a furnace to be prepared for this very moment…”

“It’s worldwide and this is why i need a lot of um quote-unquote targeted individuals,
really i hate to use that terminology, because in actuality we’re empowered individuals
and there’s even government filesthat say that let’s watch these empowered individuals, because we’re not targeted, we’re really empowered and as we go into the scriptures you’re gonna find that out, but i recommend that you start looking at this on a global scale, it’s bigger than just you as an individual um i see a lot of people
who experience community harassment on a certain level, but when you begin to brighten your horizon and see how
spiritual this actually is the paranoia, the fear tactics, the isolation, the depression that you
feel, it’ll begin to alleviate, because you’ll understand that this is a battle between good and evil..”

“Let’s go to psalms 37 and 32, psalms 37 and 32 reads, the wickedwatcheth the righteous
and seeketh to slay himthe wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him,
so when they’re watching when they’re spying, when they’re looking at you with despitefulness,
they’re actually plotting that they have deep prayers they have dark intentions
and they’re deep they’re thinking in their minds how they can slay you and
this is how cowards move, cowards will sit there and clock and watch and monitor you and in hopes that
they can catch you slipping, in hopes that they can see a weakness, so they can get the courage and the
audacity to actually make a move and see here’s the thing there are spiritual laws put in place,
this is the understanding you have to know, they do want to kill you, satan always have been trying to kill you,
from the beginning of your inception, since you were born, since you were formulated satan,
he was trying to destroy, he was trying to slay you, so it’s only natural, that his minions
…that his goons will try to do the same thing, demons operate through people and here’s the thing
unless they have a point of access there’s no way they could do anything to you you have to be the one who’s
slipping you have to be the one who’s doing something outside the confines of god’s word,
you have to be doing something where they can actually set you up for failure and there’s there’s agents, these agents
exist, they’re constantly maneuvering in societyl, some of the agents are sleeping right next to you and you don’t even know you, dealing with an agent and this is why the most high god tells you…”

“Women will always be the spoils of war, women will always be the spoils of war
and in case you don’t know ladies and gentlemen we are on a pending war,
we are in war times… they’re looking at a lot of you sisters as
treasures and you don’t even know it, so be careful. I’m telling you be careful
and I and I say this all the time, third-party companies…”

“They’re seen as unprotected, therefore they’ll use these agencies to watch them,
gang stalkers are demons and cowards, let’s get that clear.”

“these are happening around us every day, a recent study from northeastern
monitored more than 17 000 apps on android phones and concluded that many
were actively sending and receiving photos and videos from users phones even
while the app was not in use for the most part this data is simply turned
into valuable market data but in the wrong hands it could be deadly,
a reconnaissance satellite or intelligent satellite is an earth
observation satellite deployed for military or intelligence applications,
they’ve been in common use for many decades, but most information exists up
until the 1970s afterwards.. and have some of that spyware to watch the people,
of course you are, but here’s the crazy part he made a real valid point and i’ma rewind that a little bit…the satellites let’s go right,
back a little bit mission satellite deployed for military or intelligence
applications, they’ve been in common use for many decades, but most information
exists up until the 1970s after which they were classified in response to the
cold war….now ladies and gentlemen they have been instituting these satellites for a long time, they got satellites in space right now that can zoom down
and see a penny on the ground, it’s that serious, satellites such as uh digital angel
and the technology surrounded with that, now notice they use digital angel here’s..”

“so it was never designed for terrorism…”

ConspiracyRevelation: 15.2.2022: ..only for digital totalitarism and surveillance, harassment and sabotage of unwitting innocent “civilians” who are empowered and/or independent of slavery..

“psalms 37 verse 12 the wicked plotteth against the just
and gnashing upon him with his teeth the lord shall laugh at him for he seeketh
that his day is coming…. they’re watching with this like,
it’s like secret admiration, it’s like envy, they watch you with this scoffing…”

“these people, you realize, they’re really not that intelligent,
these are demons, they go to fallen angel technology and they’re just really
weak people, I´ma show you how to recruit these people
.. “most secretive employers at the central intelligence agency”… this is what they do,
they recruit these people at colleges, at colleges, i’m gonna tell you right now i went to an hbcu allen university for approximately a year or so
and i don’t know about y’all but i did not feel safe in the education ward
i didn’t feel safe in the 12 grades of learning and i didn’t feel safe in college, they recruit cia agents in colleges and they do it via fraternity, it’s the fraternities ladies and gentlemen and they will put pressure on a lot of brothers and sisters to join these fraternities, they put a lot of pressure on them and i and listen a lot of people who are intelligent, a lot of people who are on a deen a lot of people who are actually book smart and they’re spiritually aware they do their best to suppress those people from
actually graduating with master’s degrees .. i’m not saying it’s impossible for an
individual to get their master master degree, knowing the truth and being book smart,
but i’ll tell you this now they’ll always throw a stumbling block you’ll be
doing good they’ll throw some kind of credit in the way…
they won’t let you get through certain doors they don’t let you excel like you
were supposed to if you do not if you do not join a fraternal order … cia actually they strolled through college campuses all the time …”

“economic interdependence, economic interdependence,
oh, so, that means that these people will spy on people
who promote economic interdependence, meaning they want people to work for
corporations and conglomerates, they don’t want people who are business savvy
and want to start their own businesses, they don’t want people who don’t want to
outsource, they don’t want people listen they want they watch people like
this, they watch people like, anybody who is trying to stop
anybody who’s trying to get other people, out of debt… don’t rely on this system you get it how you get it get out of debt uh get your listen get you a home front get you a
homestead uh, he promotes community living those things they the cia watch those things,
the cia watch those type of things, so and they actually are recruiting people who pay attention to economic interdependence, they want you to rely on the system then that they just told you, what they’re looking for, yeah if you don’t fit the new world
order, they watch it, but the most high goddess, she got a wedge of protection around us..”

“so they kind of have an idea of your thought process when you was taking
tests filling out the bubbles on these sheets the way you answered questions
your mind was being studied your mind was being studied to see
where you at psychologically how close are you to breaking the matrix how close
are you to finding out that the education system is utter nonsense
how close are you is the question, so they study you and so when you get to
college they will even choose your roommate, you don’t even know this but your but your
roommate can be an agent, i’m telling you am i going too deep for
you am i going to is the rabbit hole getting too deep for you
they will literally hire a narc to watch you to see what you’re into
and they’ll be getting paid being recruited because that information
can only come through human interaction and they’re actually reporting to these
to these guidance counselors to these uh uh government officials about you it
goes down like this trust and believe it really goes down in the colleges
that’s where the cia recruits theirpeople
and they start practicing in the college.. working for the cia is not what you see
in hollywood movies why it says and it’s not for everyone when you combine what
we’re looking for that is interest in public service not needing public…
they’re looking for narcissists that can betray people very easily..
good actors..”

“…yep somebody said it it’s like the truman show with jim carrey
that movie spoke volumes you don’t even understand everybody set
up in your life is actually part of this organized mobbing program
and your life has a narrative to it and they basically are trying to promote and
push the trajectory and you’re being watched the whole time,
they’re creating theater right before your eyes,
not even understanding your whole life is like a damn movie and these devils are being choreographed…”

“Let’s hit a couple more scriptures here,
let’s see what the lord how he wants our spirits to be during all of this
psalms 122-7: peace be within thy walls and prosperity
within thy palaces, he wants you to be in peace
within the confines of your home,
he wants you to be in peace…
peace inside your homes, inside your palaces
and they hate to see us still smiling,
having a good time eating, good living,
good living, healthy doing what it is we supposed to do is,
god’s people, oh they hate to see us in peace in our palaces,
this is the spirit we are supposed to have during this program,
autumn devils hate to see you smiling, they hate to see you doing good,
they hate to see you thinking clearly, the whole gang stalking program is about
psychological extraction, it’s about psychologically extracting your powers,
see, they hate you so much, they want to be you, they want to walk in your shoes,
they want to wear your drawers, they admire your valor, they admire your
courage, they admire your strength, they admire the fact that you are able to be
in peace with all hell breaking loose, your various talents and gifts, they want
to exploit those talents and gifts, they want to take them,
they want to actually download your conscience into their minds they want to,
be you, monitoring your spirit, mimicking spirits,
it goes back to those organic portals that are jumping through people those,
same demons i talked about earlier that just jump in people,
they want to be you because you’re going to be judging them,
they want to be in your position, they want to be in a position of those
who have fought the good fight, but instead of fighting the good fight,
they want to steal your light, instead of going through the good fight
of being isolated from people that you once love instead of letting your ego
perish, instead of allowing the most high god to break you down,
to build you up, they rather try to steal your light, they rather keep on testing your
patience, telling you, how much i want our spirits to be
through all of this because the bible is the only thing that expresses exactly
how you deal with gang stalking, jeremiah 33 and 6 says behold i will
bring in health and cure, i will cure them i will reveal unto them
the abundance of peace and truth the most high god will cure us from anything
physically, mentally and spiritually he’s the cure i will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth some people will never know what it feels like to be an
abundance of peace … send your agent, send the reptiles,
send the gang stalkers cinema, I shall not be moved.
That’s what the bible say, we ain’t scared, we are god’s chosen…”

“..get back into these scriptures the holy spirit is in the room man…but perfect love cast without fear, because fear hath torment, he that feareth is not made perfect in love oh he that feareth is not made perfect in love, absolute love,
it takes out all that fear that’s the strongest most powerful force
of nature is love you can hate all you… the most high god chosen this is for
life, don’t you understand because it’s love in this,
it’s love in it when you love the most high .. let’s get back into it
this is the spirit the most high god want us to have going through
gang stalking and organized mobbing ephesians chapter 1 verse 13.
in whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth,
the gospel of your salvation in whom also after that ye believed
ye were sealed with that holy spirit promise
see because you actually trusted the most high,
he sealed you with the holy spirit of promise he
promised he promised us many mansion
he promised us eternallife partly, he promised us,
longevity he promised his righteous that we would live to the end of our days
that we would live to our full capacity, that we would not leave this earth early,
that generational curses would be blessed, if we trust in him,
he promised us you have to hold the most high go…”

“..understand that some of you sisters need to know is something else operating
in the cosmos that’s bigger than yourself, he’ll take care of you when you do the
right thing because he can see your sacrifices, he can see your sacrifices. he might
might let you go through it, but he’ll secure you..”

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