Stranger than Fiction News – Humanity held hostage by the NWO – Pfizer Criminals

Stranger than Fiction News – Humanity held hostage by the NWO – Pfizer Criminals

“In fact it tells us:…The Vaccine makes it worse…
Vaccine Nightmare. It makes the epidemic worse and it kills people, they are doing it on purpose.”

“Australia..: That form of Tyranny is coming to your location…People have to organize…”

“Government has become the enemy from within, a threat to us all and when Government becomes tyrannical, self-defense becomes duty. Either that or you are going to be wiped out.”

“There is no surrending your way out of tyranny.., you can´t appease tyrants or dictators, they want to kill you, they want to torture you…unless people stand up and right now the best way to resist is through non-compliance.”

“We are going to be part of history one way or the other. The Generation that got wiped out by Big Pharma or the Generation that took out the New World Order.”

“Endless news reports about the injured, now making it to the local news.”

“People understand that this a Eugenics program, this is like people walking into Gas Chambers.”

“The Matrix, The Metaverse…These people are all about torturing you…It´s a cult of death, it´s like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

“They want to lobotomize you and then rape you.”

“There is an active targeting program, designed to kill dissidents and opposition, this is a very real program, they are always making it look like natural causes or an accident or COVID, but it is happening, not only through poison, but also through EMF-Attacks. They are weaponizing electronics of Targeted Individuals.. Be mindful of cell towers they have been weaponized as well.. Government is a very real threat…but they are treating this like a war and they are going after targets that may make their mission more difficult.”

“The animals know what´s going on.”

“Science confirms that the Vaccine causes a type of HIV, people don´t understand the significance of that, but that´s a big deal, it wipes out your immune system that not only ups your chances of dying from covid and the flu and other infections that will cause cancers to skyrocking, it looks like natural causes, it looks like it is normal, but it´s not normal, it´s designer death, designer hiv, designer homicide. Overeducated, overmedicated and undereducated, that´s how they want their sex slaves.”

“Obviously they don´t want competition.”

“The U.S. has a history of testing biological weapons on the public, a long history, they love treating people like guinea pigs…history repeats. They just can´t help themselves and now it´s at a whole different scale. We are not just talking about a few prisoners or mental patients or just one city, now it´s the whole world.”

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