China has used Covid-19 testing kits to collect the DNA of a large amount of people from all around the world

“Dismantling The Cabal, [25.07.21 14:40]
China has used Covid-19 testing kits to collect the DNA of a large amount of people from all around the world‼️

Now China can more easily create diseases that target their enemies specifically while minimizing the effect on their own citizens.

I am guessing this is the same reason why Gates and Soros bought testing facilities‼️


“February 2021:

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center
February 2021
Would you want your DNA or other healthcare data going to an authoritarian regime with a record of exploiting
DNA for repression and surveillance? For years, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has collected large healthcare
data sets from the U.S. and nations around the globe, through both legal and illegal means, for purposes only it
can control. While no one begrudges a nation conducting research to improve medical treatments, the PRC’s
mass collection of DNA at home has helped it carry out human rights abuses against domestic minority groups
and support state surveillance
. The PRC’s collection of healthcare data from America poses equally serious
risks, not only to the privacy of Americans, but also to the economic and national security of the U.S.
The Value of Your DNA
Your DNA is the most valuable thing you own. It holds the most intimate details of your past, present and
potential future—whether you are prone to addiction or high-risk for cancer. It is your unique genetic
and can enable tailored healthcare delivery to you.
Losing your DNA is not like losing a credit card. You can order a new credit card, but you cannot replace your
DNA. The loss of your DNA not only affects you, but your relatives and, potentially, generations to come.

China Prioritizes the Collection of Healthcare Data
• The PRC views bulk personal data, including healthcare and genomic data, as a strategic commodity to be
collected and used for its economic and national security priorities. (Genomic data is a broad term referring
to your entire genetic sequence—all your DNA).
• The PRC is investing heavily in the “biotech revolution” and has enacted national policies prioritizing the
collection of healthcare data both at home and abroad to achieve its goal of becoming a global biotech leader.
It has designated biotech as a “strategic emerging industry” and prioritized state support for its biotech
industry in national plans like the Made in China 2025 plan.1

• The PRC understands the collection and analysis of large genomic data sets from diverse populations helps
foster new medical discoveries and cures that can have substantial commercial value and advance its
Artificial Intelligence and precision medicine industries.

• In 2016, the PRC announced a $9 billion, 15-year project to collect, analyze, and sequence genomic
data to become a global leader in precision medicine—a process designed to provide tailored
treatments based on the genetic makeup and environment and lifestyle of individual patients

“• With the COVID-19 pandemic, the PRC aggressively marketed Chinese COVID-19 testing kits around the
world, along with laboratories to support COVID-19 testing. By August 2020, China’s leading genomics
company, BGI, said it had sold test kits to 180 countries and established labs in 18 countries in the past six

• According to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, these COVID-19 labs have been
providing Chinese researchers with access to healthcare data from around the globe.
Despite their
aggressive pitches to U.S. states, there is no evidence Chinese companies have been able to establish
such COVID-19 labs in the U.S.
China’s Access to U.S. Healthcare Data
• Nevertheless, the PRC has for years been able to gain access to U.S. healthcare data, including genomic
data, through a variety of channels, both legal and illegal.
• U.S. healthcare data may be particularly attractive and valuable to China because of the ethnic diversity of
the U.S. population.
And compared to other nations, the U.S. has fewer safeguards on medical and healthcare
data, including data for research purposes.
U.S. safeguards focus primarily on privacy, not national security,
which creates a vulnerability for foreign actors to gain access to data on U.S. persons.
• Over the years, Chinese companies have taken advantage of this environment by investing in U.S. firms that
handle sensitive healthcare and other types of personal data, providing them entry to the U.S. market and
access to this data.
• For instance, China’s BGI purchased U.S. genomic sequencing firm Complete Genomics
in 2013. In 2015, China’s WuXi Pharma Tech acquired U.S. firm NextCODE Health to
later form WuXi NextCODE Genomics.
• Chinese companies have also gained access to U.S. healthcare data by partnering with hospitals, universities,
and other research organizations
in America. These U.S. entities routinely seek low-cost genomic sequencing services for their facilities, which Chinese biotech firms can often provide due to Chinese government
subsidies. (In February 2020, BGI said it could sequence a human genome for just $100.8
) These partnerships
allow U.S. entities to expand their research capabilities, while Chinese firms gain access to more genetic
data on more diverse sets of people, which they can use for new medical products and services.
• A 2019 report found at least 15 Chinese companies that were either headquartered in China
with a U.S. presence, or wholly located in China, were licensed to perform genetic testing or
whole genomic sequencing on patients in the U.S. healthcare system, giving them direct access
to the genetic data of patients in the U.S.9
Page 3
• Finally, the PRC has gained access to U.S. healthcare data through illicit means, including theft of research
and cyberattacks.
• Among the most notorious examples was the 2015 hack of U.S.-based health insurer Anthem,
Inc., in which data on some 78.8 million persons was stolen from Anthem’s computer networks,
including health identification numbers, names, Social Security numbers, employment and income
data and other information. A U.S. Justice Department indictment in 2019 charged two individuals
based in China for the hack of Anthem and three other U.S. companies.
China’s History of DNA Exploitation
• Concerns over the exploitation of healthcare and genomic data by the PRC are not hypothetical.
The PRC has a documented history of exploiting DNA for genetic surveillance and societal control of
minority populations in Xinjiang, China.
• Specifically, the PRC government has established a high-tech surveillance system across Xinjiang, as part of
a province-wide apparatus of oppression aimed primarily against traditionally Muslim minority groups. An
initiative launched by the PRC government in 2014 has been used to justify the collection of biometric data
from all Xinjiang residents ages 12 to 65.
Authorities have collected DNA samples, fingerprints, iris scans,
and blood types. The biometric data is linked to individuals’ identification numbers and centralized in a
searchable database used by PRC authorities.

Specific abuses by the PRC government as part of this effort include mass arbitrary detentions, severe physical and psychological abuse, forced labor, oppressive surveillance used arbitrarily or unlawfully, religious
persecution, political indoctrination, and forced sterilization of members of minority groups in Xinjiang.

All told, the PRC government in Xinjiang has detained more than 1 million members of Muslim minority
groups in internment camps for Communist Party indoctrination since 2017.
• In July 2020, the U.S. Department of Commerce sanctioned two subsidiaries of China’s BGI for their role in
conducting genetic analysis used to further the PRC government’s repression of Uyghurs and other Muslim
minority groups in Xinjiang.
• Over the past decade, China’s BGI has partnered with many research and healthcare entities
in America to provide them with genomic sequencing services, while also gaining access to
health records and genetic data on people in the U.S.
Implications for Privacy and U.S. National Security
• China’s access to U.S. healthcare and genomic data poses serious privacy and national security risks to the U.S.
• Through its cyber intrusions in recent years, the PRC has already obtained the Personal Identifying
Information (PII) of much of the U.S. population.

• Recent breaches attributed to the PRC government or to cyber actors based in China include the
theft of personnel records of roughly 21 million individuals from the U.S. Office of Personnel
Management; the theft from Marriott hotels of roughly 400 million records; the theft of data from
Equifax on roughly 145 million people; and the theft of data from Anthem on roughly 78 million
• Furthermore, under the PRC’s national security laws, Chinese companies are compelled to share data they
have collected with the PRC government. Article 7 of China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law, for instance,
mandates that all Chinese companies and citizens shall support, assist, and cooperate with Chinese national
intelligence efforts, and guard the secrecy of any national intelligence work that they are aware of. There is
no mechanism for Chinese companies to refuse their government’s requests for data.
• The combination of stolen PII, personal health information, and large genomic data sets collected from
abroad affords the PRC vast opportunities to precisely target individuals in foreign governments, private
industries, or other sectors for potential surveillance, manipulation, or extortion.
For instance, vulnerabilities in specific individuals revealed by genomic data or health records
could be used to help target these individuals

(Conspiracy Revelation: 25.7.2021: Not could, the NWO GoG ZoG and its Alphabet Intelligence Agencies did it since 2005 in Germany…proven via microscopic analysis (by myself in 2013) and scalar-dna biofeedback resonance scan (proven by myself in 2020 via most modern dna-biofeedback-scan in the world) and it is called Morgellons and it is direct DNA-Targeting via binary advanced biogenetic nano weapons dispersed and inhaled via Chemtrails.)

Data associated with an embarrassing addiction or
mental illness could be leveraged for blackmail. Combine this information with stolen credit data
indicating bankruptcy or major debt and the tools for exerting leverage increase. Such data sets
could help the PRC not only recruit individuals abroad, but also act against foreign dissidents.
Economic Implications for the United States
• Aside from these immediate privacy risks, China’s access to U.S. health and genomic data poses
long-term economic challenges for the United States.
• The PRC’s acquisition of U.S. healthcare data is helping to fuel China’s Artificial Intelligence and precision
medicine industries, while the PRC severely restricts U.S. and other foreign access to such data from China,
putting America’s roughly $100 billion biotech industry at a disadvantage.
• Over time, this dynamic could allow China to outpace U.S. biotech firms with important new drugs and
health treatments and potentially displace American firms as global biotech leaders.
• Although new medicines coming out of China could benefit U.S. patients, America could be left more
dependent on Chinese innovation and drug development for its cures, leading to a transfer of wealth,
co-opting of new businesses and greater job opportunities in China.”

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