Mantids and The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity
“Mantids and The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity”
Mantids and the Locust People
The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity”

“one of these realms, so what did he come back, he came back and said they create communism
and they’re trying to enter into people, so, well that’s true, they have entered into people and communism is created by group soul consciousness, in other words a devolution
back into group soul consciousness, instead of individual free consciousness and
certainly communism is in a war against the free human individuality
who wish to take away their free will well.”

“there’s the operative word because what we are aspiring for is conscious clairvoyance which requires you to be fully accessed in your ego to be able to see beyond this world and to others, but you have to be connected to your own ego and what we see around us is people who
have given up their ego and that’s what happens in communism, you give up your ego
to the group soul which may or may not be leading you to good and in case of
communism it never leads to good it leads to mass extermination because the elites can
only control the planet if thinking and conscious human beings are no longer around now
one of the things that you point out is a quote from steiner that many of us
who’ve studied anthroposophy have seen that maybe those of you who
haven’t don’t know this and it could be an eye-opener and that is that there are people
walking around on earth who do not have developed egos, they have a physical body an affair can an astral body so they look human, they speak human, but when you really
penetrate them there’s nothing there, some of you may have noticed that you talk to people and it just doesn’t seem to be a light on well what’s going on is their pineal gland is
just dimmed, there’s nothing there.”

“Who are these entities stuck between dimensions that are wreaking havoc upon humanity? Clif High calls them the “mantids” but Rudolf Steiner described them as the “locust people.” Tyla and Douglas explain.”


“Douglas Gabriel: 324 Abonnenten:
Who are these entities stuck between dimensions that are wreaking havoc upon humanity? Clif High calls them the “mantids” but Rudolf Steiner described them as the “locust people.” Tyla and Douglas explain. To read the article that the Gabriels refer to, click:

“Rudolf Steiner on the Locust People

It is hard to imagine how “humans” could arrive at the depopulation agenda we see happening everywhere in our times. Consciously created evil that intends to exterminate the majority of humanity is spelled out in the writings and actions of different groups of eugenicists like the Pilgrims Society, imperialistic British white supremacist, communists, fascists, Planned Parenthood, the WHO/CDC/NIH, and many others. In America alone, 63 million have been murdered by Planned Parenthood eugenicists, while Big Pharma kills untold millions with iatrogenesism – doctor induced death – and medical practices that induce illness instead of create health. Currently, over 700,000 pneumonia deaths have been caused in one year in America directly caused by the mandated use of face masks. Untold deaths are being induced by synthetic, laboratory created bioweapons called “viruses” and their fake vaccines. The stated plans were for 30 million Americans to die due to Covid.

What could cause “humans” to commit such crimes against humanity with seemingly no morality and apparent evil intentions? The answer to this question perplexes and evades many who try to understand how any “human” could consciously act against the existence of their own kind. The answer is clear but the mechanism is little understood. Essentially, elite eugenicists are not quite “human” and their crimes are done with no moral compunction or spiritual foundation. These murderers are attempting to kill billions of humans because they believe overpopulation is the number one problem on Earth.

They wish to annihilate the lower classes of people who do not share their evil twisted view of what humanity is, and will become. They see the greater part of humanity as a killing virus that is destroying the Earth and disturbing their heartless intentions for global hegemony.

Rudolf Steiner is one of the few who predicted the onslaught of these “soulless” humans who resemble insects more than they resemble human beings with soul and spirit. It is because of these “locust people” that our modern age is filled with apocalyptic scenarios that are unable to be understood by a human with a loving heart and a spiritually inspired soul. The locust people have neither a soul nor a spirit and are more similar to locusts that destroy everything in their path.

These insects, in human form, care nothing for the lives of humans. Humans are simply the food they eat on their path of destruction.

We have written extensively about these evil sub-humans and their global plan for killing seven billion humans as fast as they can. They are behind the creation of many of the plagues of our time: AIDS-HIV, the Spanish Flu, Ebola, the Swine Flu, the Asia Flu, the Bird Flu, vaccines that subsequently create cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many other maladies that have simply become illnesses we all must accept as common. The depopulation plans of the locust people are becoming the number one influencing factor world-wide. Their efforts are killing millions, but they desire to kill billions so that the insect people are the only survivors, much like cockroaches that survive nuclear blasts. Their plans and man-made illnesses have not been as effective as they had hoped, so they have doubled the efforts with synthetic corona viruses and fake vaccines that are supposed to stop these lab-made human culling plagues.”

“It is hard for the common person to imagine such diabolic plans and the sub-humans behind the curtain that are gleefully wiping out great swaths of humanity. Only people who have faced this evil head-on can actually wrap their minds around this war of the sub-humans against the spirit-filled humans whose souls are striving to reach a higher level of development. Sub-humans are attempting to devolve humanity into the animal kingdom, specifically the spirit-less, soul-less insect kingdom. Only by awakening to this battle plan can the war be won.

It takes a great stride of humanity to see this evil because humans do not “think” this way and generally cannot conceive of such evil being created by other humans. But it is not humans who have created and implemented this de-evolution, it is the semblance of human-like beings who wage this war.

Once humanity awakens to the evil and confronts it directly, the true human soul can ferret out the sub-humans and undermine their plans for human extinction. The time is now to wake up and understand the nature of these locust people and stop their plans by recognizing the inhuman battle of the apocalypse that is all around us.”

“Below, we have presented remarks by Rudolf Steiner that illuminate the nature of locust people who are not fully human and their lack of a soul or spirit. One could say that these locust people are insects who feed on human illness and death. Becoming aware of these gruesome realities is part of our age when we must see the battle between good and evil. We hope that by bringing these facts to higher consciousness, the recognition of these intentions and the antidote to their evil may come to birth as we fully engage in this war. We can stop this devolution and annihilation of humanity before it is too late if we recognize the evil and call it out for what it is.

We can stop the ever constant dehumanizing and destruction of humanity through disempowering these sub-human locust people and spoiling their plans with the ever present help of the spiritual world and the beings who have created us and wish for our continued spiritual development.

From: The Apocalypse, Rudolf Steiner, 18 Lectures, Dornach, September 5-22, 1924
Lecture 13, September 17, 1924

For instance, when Copernicanism takes hold and when materialism sets in, one third of the human beings are killed, that is, they stop developing their full spirituality. And the plague of locusts which is described in the Apocalypse is really very shocking.

Here one comes to something which one does not like to talk about, although of course it belongs to the things that priests must deal with. This plague of locusts is with us in a very prominent way from a purely consciousness standpoint. Of course such things should not be discussed when we speak in a theoretical way or when we speak to humanity in general, where cures for sick conditions can always occur. But if it is a question of priestly activities, then of course one must know with whom one is dealing, just as one has to know this for normal humanity.

Now first of all this is not quite correct, because the statistics are based on errors; people usually look at one part of the earth and they do not realize that the other parts of the earth were more densely populated in previous times than they are today. It is not quite correct; however, on the whole it is correct in the sense that there is a kind of a surplus of human beings who are already appearing in our time who have no egos, who are not really human. This is a terrible truth. They walk around and are not incarnations of an ego; they enter into the physical line of heredity and receive an etheric body and an astral body. In a certain way, they are equipped with an Ahrimanic consciousness, and they look human if one does not look too closely, but they are not human beings in the full sense of the word.

This is a terrible truth, which is present, it is a truth, and when the apocalypticer speaks about the plague of locusts during the trumpets epoch he is referring directly to human beings. Here again one can see how good the apocalypticer’s vision is, for such men in their astral body look exactly the way the apocalypticer describes them – like etheric locusts with human faces. One definitely has to think about such supersensible things in this way, and priests must know about such things. For a priest is a minister. Hence he must also be able to find words for everything that happens in such a soul. They are not always bad souls; they can just be souls who get to the soul stage but are lacking an ego.

One will certainly realize this when one runs into these human beings. A priest has to know this, for after all there is fellowship among men with regard to such matters. People with normal souls suffer through their association with such persons who really go through the world like human locusts.

It is often very difficult to relate to such people because they feel things deeply, they can feel things very deeply, but one notices that there is no real individuality in them. However, one must of course take care to keep the fact that they have no individualities in them, otherwise insanity will necessarily result. But even though one has to conceal this from them, it is a question of arranging things for such souls – after all they are souls, even though they are not spirits – in such a way that these people can develop in the company of others, that they can make connections with others and go along with them, as it were. These human beings display the nature and essence of human beings fairly closely until their 20th year. The intellectual or mind soul only emerges around age 20, and this makes it possible for the ego to live out its life on earth.

Anyone who says that one should not act in a sympathetic way to such ego-less, individuality-less people, since they will not incarnate again and because they have no individuality – is very much mistaken. He would also have to say that one should not behave in a sympathetic way towards children. One must decide what is really inside such men in each individual case. Sometimes such men contain posthumous souls, that is, posthumous with respect to the actual or normal human souls that arose at a particular time in evolution and which incarnate repeatedly as humans. These are souls which remained behind, or they are souls which returned belatedly from other planets, to which almost all human beings went during a certain age. Such souls may be present in such human bodies. Thus we must consciously educate such people like permanent children.

All of this is really secreted in the Apocalypse. And if one takes these ideas in the Apocalypse that are given as Imaginations, they sometimes cut into one’s heart in a terrible way. It is really horrible the way he talks about all kinds of suffering that will befall mankind on earth. With regard to our age, we can only say that a great deal of this is already here as far as the spiritual aspects go.

A great many people should be aware of this trumpet period, since we are living at the time of the 6th trumpet, and you know what the most important effects and characteristics of this trumpet are. We are told that a third part of the people are killed, as I mentioned. Of course this does not happen all at once. But this killing refers to the absence of an ego in those men who had already been prepared previously through their locust forms.

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