The History of Iraq’s Stargates & The Creator of All Demons #Demonology #sumerianrecords

“The History of Iraq’s Stargates & The Creator of All Demons #Demonology #sumerianrecords
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“The consensus is that the Sumerian Gods and their tales are mostly written in a metaphorical format when they are either entirely fictional or based on real historical events, places
and individuals, but expressed in highly stylized prose, within the pneuma Elish,
where Tiamat gave birth to gods and monsters.. that the process of her giving birth could be a euphemism for the .. arrival thus those gods and monsters arrived from somewhere else, somewhere far above and where and maybe still are being deposited on earth, as above, so below, so in other words Tiamat herself was never a real person or entity, but instead the transportation device like a Stargate, just one of many, according to the author and
journalists Richard Leviton, there are a total of 49 incomplete stargates…”

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